Soul Portrait Gallery

Soul Portraits are powerful, inspiring, personal mandalas filled with personal, spiritual guidance and stimulation to follow your soul path. Each Soul Portrait is an intuitive, channeled piece of art revealing aspects of your true spirit. These soul portraits are alive with vital, high-frequency energy of your divine, multi-dimensional soul self. They emanate powerful, vibrant light, color and energy patterns, bringing healing, awakening, remembering and often soul retrieval. They also act as portals, giving you greater access to your higher, multi-dimensional self, allowing you to work with them as meditation and consciousness tools.

Katherine’s on Sabbatical June 22 - July 18! Any purchases of Soul Portraits, Spirit Guide Paintings, Shamanic Healing and Soul Counseling Sessions will all be scheduled for after July 18th, remotely or in-person. Purchases of Shamanic Tools, Poster Prints or Original Art will also be completed AFTER July 18th. Dismiss

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