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Soul Guidance

with Katherine Skaggs

If you need soul guidance, spiritual assurance and direction, let me assist you. Your Soul has its own amazing Spiritual GPS that has brought you to this page and to me at this moment in time. There is a good chance you need support, clarity and the empowerment to simply be yourself. Do you trust your wisdom? Do you need some direction and support in following your path?

My Soul Guidance sessions help you to evaluate where you are in life, what is working and what isn't, and how to make changes so you can live in greater harmony, joy and happiness. In the Soul Guidance Sessions, I will assist you in creating and working a personalized spiritual plan based on your soul's greatest desires. This is an approach to living life powerfully, wholly and clearly as a spiritual being in a human experience.

I can assist you with everything from understanding and working with your night dreams, to learning to access deeper levels of the subconscious and soul's awareness. If you want to work with deepening meditation and shamanic journey work, then we will set up a program for you to do so. If you need to work at boundaries and cleaning away old destructive patterns from your life, then I will assist you with practices to do so.

Soul Guidance Sessions are a form of spiritual coaching to help you gain a greater understanding of Universal Laws and Truths and how to be in greater alignment with them in all aspects of your life. It is like having your own private class in ancient spiritual exercises and techniques for greater peace, empowerment, and calm. These healing practices, teachings and spiritual wisdoms span all cultures, time and space. They are tried and true, based in unconditional love, compassion and truth. It is your Divine Right to live in balance with your inner wisdom and highest guidance within a safe and sacred container.

My job is to be your Soul Guide and mentor - a spiritual teacher to assist you in all things spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am here to "SEE" and "HEAR" you at your true soul self level, and perhaps more importantly, to help you SEE and HEAR your true Self.

Both individual sessions and a series of sessions are available to support you. 

  1. Single sessions are great if you need a little boost to get some insights and make some changes.
  2. 4-pack sessions are a perfect beginning to making some changes that require greater support.
This is Mystery School for the Modern Day Mystic, born of ancient spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic practices and wisdom teachings.
Break free of the fear, choose love, and gain power to be yourself in your life!

Once you pay online, Katherine will email you to schedule your session.

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