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Soul Star Ka

Soul Star Ka Spirit Guide Essence Painting

Spirit Guide Painting

Long distance

with Katherine Skaggs

Regardless of where you live in the world, you can receive a channeled Spirit Guide Painting.

Spirit Guides and Spirit Guide teams are with you for support and guidance. They may come in many forms, angelic, human, ancestral, alien, animal, bird, even plant. They may shape shift from one form to another to get your attention and to help you know you are not alone, but have support in the unseen world as well as in the physical world.

You will receive a professional acrylic painting on canvas, along with intuitive guidance, interpretation of colors, symbols and messages that come during the channeled session.

Pay for your session here then contact Katherine by email with any questions you would like to ask your guide, and for guidance you would ask your guide or guide team.

Katherine has shipped paintings across the United States, into Canada and as far as Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Croatia and South Africa. There is no place too far.

You pay for the soul portrait and calculated shipping internationally ONLY. You are responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

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