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by Katherine Skaggs

The Divine Feminine Taurus Full Moon energy November 10th comes on the eve of an auspicious spiritual portal day of 11-11-11.  The 11-11-11 date is a day considered to be a portal to awakening for the masses of humanity, activating our very DNA. It is considered an encoded time portal that is unlocking the genetic codes that have been hidden from our conscious awareness for thousands of years. The awakening of these DNA encoding in turn is assisting us in remembering who we really are as spiritual beings having a physical experience. We really are being given an energetic assistance to "Waking Up!"

From the perspective of Numerology and Sacred Geometry, 11 is considered a Master or Power Number. Eleven represents the visionary, the intuitive, revelation, artistic and inventive genius to name just a few qualities associated with it. Eleven contains many gifts of psychic awareness and keen sensitivity. The triple power of the number 11 increase the vibratory energies of the 11 and assists in ushering in the higher dimensions of our more heavenly selves.

This experience is coming in waves of energy we have already been feeling. These higher frequency energy waves brings a process of death of the old vibration of linear reality. It is the death of all the old ways of being that can no longer serve our spiritual selves. If you have felt anxious and not knowing what the future holds for you, there is a good chance you have already been feeling the intensification of the Light within you, and around you. This heightening of vibration has initiated a change. This is natural response putting you on alert that something is shifting in your world. Though a part of you may be afraid of moving through the portal, do your best to keep your focus on your heart, compassion, forgiveness and love. For you are in a wave of energy that is transforming you into greater light and love. You are being asked to let go of the fear as the love and light floods in.

We are energetically being supported in making the quantum leap from fear to love. Expect this light to assist you in gaining new perspectives as you release the fear from your mental, emotional and physical bodies, freeing your spiritual self to experience more light and love.

11-11-11 is a day to celebrate in community, to share a ritual and to acknowledge you are part of a great whole, awakening together into our Oneness. We are born of the Divine and this is being revealed as the vibration shifts upward, helping us to experience ourselves as Beings of Light. Celebrate the truth of who you are, and that we are all being given the opportunity to shape shift into a new reality.



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