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2024 Tarot Reading with Katherine Skaggs, the Mythical Goddess Tarot, and the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

Summary of the 2024 Tarot Reading - What to know!

Let's take a look at the 2024 Tarot Reading to learn more about: Who are we as we enter 2024? What is the Big Picture of the year? What are the challenges and lessons to work with? How do we work with the energies of 2024 for the best experience? What outcomes are possible? Take a look with me at the energies we have to navigate and how best to do so!

Who Are We as We Enter into 2024?

Major Arcana - Gaia - The World - Connection, allies, abundance, support

Major Arcana - Mary Magdalene - Initiation - Change, growth, movement into new ways... and you may be the one who also initiates others.

8 of Fire - Expression - Able to express your own fiery nature, movement again, passion, authenticity. Be yourself as you grow and expand!

What is the Big Picture for 2024?

5 of Seas - Cleansing - Emotional healing, release of difficult patterns emotionally, and into a place of greater harmony and heart spaces.

8 of Seas - Depletion - All the hard emotional things you have been going through must be faced and let go so you can heal and replenish.

Maiden of Seas - Passion - Letting go of the hard stuff gives us the healing needed to live in passion and yumminess emotionally.

What are our lessons, challenges, and opportunities for 2024?

3 of Seas - Compassion - Look for the pearls within the challenges. With the healing it is important to look for the gold, the alchemy, and the gifts that come from the hard stuff. This returns us to compassion for ourselves and for those around us, and the world at large.

2 of Seas - Love - Our lesson is to move into the playfulness of loving ourselves, and others. This is not necessarily about a personal relationship with another person, but can be. Learn to flow emotionally and with enjoyment of an open heart.

Mother of Seas - Perception - Our lessons and challenges this year is all about healing our heart spaces. The healing invites us into deeper spaces of intuition and knowing as we clear fear, hurt, and trauma. Go within and feel, sense, know with a clear and open heart.

What Action do we take in 2024 for the best experiences?

8 of Earth - Nurturance - As we heal we must make changes that nurture our body, and all of our physical reality, supporting our emotional and soul healing. Focus on the seeds you are planting and then give them your love, nurturance, and focus.

10 of Wind - Illusion - This mental suit card reminds us as we heal do not get lost in the shadows... turn to the light. Whatever we focus on expands.

The Fool - Goddess Uzume - Lighten up! What a great card to follow the Illusion card. You are protected. Do not fear, now is a time of new beginnings with wisdom as you step into the light. Uzume brought the Sun Goddess Amaterasu out the cave and brought the light back. She did so through her irreverence and with play. Find that for yourself as you move out of the dark spaces in your life, and in the life of humanity's fears and you will know all is well, in spite of the appearances of things. Be the light!

Outcome of 2024 as we heal ourselves and focus in the light?

5 of Fire - De-Light - We are moving to a place of passion, light, and fire within ourselves as we heal.

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - The Crone of Seas has been through the gambit of the most difficult emotional depths. This card indicates great emotional healing and wisdom because you committed to that healing.

9 of Wind - Criticism - This is a negative mental suit card... but does not mean that in our healing we will become more critical. It is an indication that as we heal our heart spaces the mental critical thought forms will have to arise to heal too. There is an opportunity in our journey to heal all the hard edges within and around us. To let go of the harsh crictical thoughts.

Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Cards Overlay

Who's Helping us Who are we section - Archangel Michael - Protection -We are protected!! Stay the path of the heart.

What is the big picture section? Mayan Master Imix - Receptivity - Another card that represents the womb space of the Great Mother - purification, new life, protection, dragon medicine. Be open to the changes and know that you are taken care of.

Who is here to help with our lessons? Our Lady of Guadalupe - Miracles - in your growth cycles know that you are watched over by this great mother and that miraculous events, healings, and opportunities are coming your way!

Who is here to help us with our action? Archangel Gabriel - Messages - Pay attention to the signs, symbols, and messages on your path. As you take action you will be guided. Ask and you will receive what you need.

Who is with us in the Outcome? Lord Maitraya - Initiation - We had initiation at the beginning and now in the outcome. Another message that our growth and experiences this year offer us pure illumination in our journey. We are moving more toward our Christ light as we heal, more into our light bodies. Our sacred hearts are being opened and lit on fire. Soul Expansion!

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