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Co-Creative Soul Sister, Author of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Pocket-full of Goddesses Blessing Oracle, Mythical Goddess Altar Cards

Sage Holloways’ Life on Earth
January 29th, 1953 – November 18th, 2015

Sage Holloway has been a dear friend since I first met her in 1991. I’ve known her in many ways, but had the great pleasure of not only sharing friendship, but also sharing our heart’s work together. Sage visioned the Mythical Goddess Tarot, or a Divine Feminine tarot deck since she began reading tarot cards at age 14. She had the knowing that there needed to be an honoring and restoration of the Divine Feminine since early on in her life.

When we met in 1991 she saw some of my art work not long after we met and let me know about her deck she had been working on most of her life, and that she thought I was the artist for it. I said “Great!” And yet, our lives went on and years past before we revisited the time to co-create.

We ran into one another in 2003 and immediately Sage said, “We need to do that deck!”

Well, it took a few more years, and some travels on my part for things to finally come together. I went on a trip with Lydia Ruyle, a crone, mystic artist (age 70 at the time) to see Rome through the eyes of the Goddess, pre-christian, and I finally got the memo! One of the things Lydia said that impacted me at the end of the amazing trip was, “We have heard His-story, now we need to tell HerStory. Just do it!”

And with that I came home and immediately got in touch with Sage, and said “Let’s do this!”

That was mid-2006. In October 2008 we launched a release party with all 78 paintings and our new Mythical Goddess Tarot to the public. I am so honored to be part of one of Sage Holloway’s life works.

Our collaboration led to c0-creating the Pocket-full of Blessings Pocket Oracle, as well as more than 40 Altar Cards, mostly inspired by the goddesses and the cards from the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

Sage Holloway was also an incredible Intuitive Tarot Reader and Counselor, a Holographic Realignment Practitioner, a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, an Akashic Record Reader, a Sound Healer, an Animal Intuitive, a Teacher and of course and author.

Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine, published by Blue Dolphin press, is Sage Holloway’s first book, and is a resource and reference guide for over 1,000 energetic remedies and how to administer them to animals.

by Sage Holloway
ISBN: 978-1-57733-078-3, 232 pp., 6×9, paper, US $14.29

This can be purchased at

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