Co-Creative Heather Elizabeth Neary

Heather Elizabeth NearyHeather Elizabeth Neary is a dear sister and friend who I am in the process of creating an exciting new divination tool. We haven’t released the full info yet, as it is still incubating and not ready for birthing. It is however time you know who Heather is, and that you get to enjoy her wisdom.


Heather Elizabeth is a life-long Seeker of the greater purpose and meaning of existence. Since she was a young girl, she has been a champion for unity consciousness and now recognizes it to be the next evolutionary step for humanity. She has a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in a variety of settings including hospice, long-term care facilities for aging adults and adults with special needs, and the admissions department of a psychiatric hospital. In 2006, a challenging life transition catapulted Heather into her own evolutionary leap in consciousness. Heather’s yearning for Spiritual growth led her to be initiated in to the ancient healing arts of shamanism, energy medicine, and the life-changing experience of attending Nine Gates Mystery School.  Through her own awakening process, Heather heeded the call to unite her background as a Social Worker with the spiritual lineages she holds to be of service as a guide and ally for others’ awakening journeys.

Her Work in the World

SHINE: Supporting Humanity in Navigating Evolution!

Learn more about your true self and how to navigate these evolutionary times through her deep understanding with the archetypal 13 Moon Dreamspell lineage. To learn more her Shine Program, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Heather Elizabeth and all her offerings.

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