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Join Mythical Goddess Tarot artist and intuitive tarot reader Katherine Skaggs to take a look at the energies as we come through the last full super moon of April. Has it been a challenging time navigating these intense energies that are bringing sudden change? How's your heart?

The intention of this reading is to understand how to face these energies, as well as how to move through them with greater harmony and grace, so we can be in greater alignment with our heart spaces in all areas of our life.

Who We Are Now - Our Foundation

2 of Seas - Love
No matter how challenging things have been, we truly are love, and have that in our relationships. We need to trust that this love, joy, play and harmony are here now as the true foundation for moving forward. Claim it. Own it. Return to it if you need to. It is who you truly are.

9 of Earth - Community
As we move forward we need to look around to see who our true tribe are. There is a solid foundation of tribe even as we release the old.

Mother of Seas - Perception
As we are moving through these challenges, we are looking within our emotions and our subconscious to find our way. There is no right or wrong. There is perception. This is about emotional perception, taking a look deeper within our subconscious and what is really inside that drives our creations of our lives.

The Big Picture

6 of Seas - Pleasure
We are moving toward greater emotional pleasure as we clear out all that is out of balance and not pleasurable. We need to focus on the nourishment of our emotional selves and the pleasure that comes from living life.

Crone of Seas - Resurrection
Emotional transformation to bring healing and wisdom is on our plates at this time. The challenges bring incredible opportunity for harmony and wisdom from our subconscious to our emotional well being.

Hawaiian Goddess Pele - Purifier
Pele, the Tower Card in the traditional tarot, is here to let us know we are in a deep purification process of all that is out of order or no longer in harmony. We are cleaning at the deepest levels so we can come to heart and harmony in all of our world.

Challenges or Lessons Goddess

Aditi - The Great Void
Aditi tells us we may find some challenges or lessons as we are given open opportunities to plan seeds for new life, for new beginnings. It can be scary to drop into the Cosmic Void and Mystery of the unknown. When you are clear, drop them into this potent energy and be in wonderment for how amazing the blessings will be in your new beginnings.

10 of Wind - Illusion
This lesson is all about moving beyond fear and illusion of the mind. The storm and the shadows are not big at all. The light is much larger, the good things in your life are huge in comparison to the challenges. Change your perspective, look to the light, and you will find your way.

6 of Wind - Intention
The challenge or opportunity is about being clear with your true desires and intentions and how to hold them. The homework is to take time to go within to connect to your higher focus and intentions.


Child of Earth - Design
This card lets you know that within you that you have the perfect blue print within for the bigger picture and design of your life. Focus on the seed of your desires, nourish your seeds, and give time for everything to grow.

9 of Fire - Integrity
Align with your passion, your fire of Spirit through reflection and meditation, then bring it into your physical reality by action that is reflective of your spiritual self. Be true to yourself and your higher knowing.

9 of Wind - Criticism
Weed out the harsh edges of the mental self. Clean out negative energy of the mind that is within yourself or that is coming from your outer world. As you align with that energy of the Integrity card, this energy must be cleaned and cleared away.


3 of Earth - Works
As everything evolves and your follow this guidance you will find yourself very busy bringing heaven to earth! We'll be tending the seeds of our life coming to fruition in joyful work.

Ace of Wind - Realization
This evolution brings us into greater receptivity to our Divine guidance. This is a card that is a gift from our angels, and card of heavenly blessings. Time to trust that our true spiritual desires are manifesting.

Maiden of Fire - Revolution
This original artwork is named Wild Woman of My Soul. She is a reflection of the alchemical transformation that we are in, that brings us to a purified, evolved and more enlightened state of being that causes a revolution within and all around.

So, let go, hang on, and transform with grace, love, heart, and soul.

Katherine Skaggs, Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

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