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Amabie, Mermaid Water Spirit Ally to Heal, to Protect

Amabie, Japanese Mermaid, Water Spirit to Help Heal Illness, to Heal Fear and COVID-19... as channeled by Katherine Skaggs

AMABIE, is a Water Spirit, Mermaid, who came in through my' Live Channeled Painting to Heal session on April 6, 2020, in response to healing as Humanity faces the pandemic and COVID-19.

This water spirit Amabie, is a legendary Japanese mermaid with 3 less, who is known to emerge from the sea to bring abundant harvest, as well as to help protect from illness due to epidemic.

This video brings teachings, and healing energies, from Amabie to assist us all in cleaning away the energy that makes us sick... both physically and spiritually. As I painted Amabie, I could feel her joyful nature, and wild woman spirit. She is very good at clearing fear, and bringing one back to the heart of truth and love. She helps to clean away what separates us from love, from harmony, and from beauty. She reminds us that true beauty lies within us, and that it is time to see that within all life."

Enjoy this live, channeled painting. Connect to the energy of this spirit Amabie, and her super powers to support you now, to bring you into love and to clean fear. Amabie, is the epitome of a helping spirit and shamanic ally. She invites you to call her into your life, to clean away that which makes you sick, and that which makes the world sick. Sit with her image and call her now. Thank her for her gifts and capacity to clean dense, fearful energy. Your gratitude is an offering. It is always important to thank our helping spirits, as that is what feeds their heart spaces. It is the reciprocity we all need to participate in, giving thanks, and giving love. May this bless you, inspire you, and encourage you to know you are not alone, that you have many angels, guides and spirit helpers. Call to them today to have them help you, to lift you up, and to support you in being the joyful, loving being that you already are.

Here's her image after this session. At this moment I am still working on her, as she continues to speak to me for bringing in energy for love, acceptance, transformation, and beauty. Use Amabie's image to inspire your heart opening, to stay in peace, and to know that you are safe and protected. Call to her now to lift you up. I'll add updated images once she is complete.

With love and many blessings, Katherine Skaggs

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