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April 2021 Overview with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Guidance with the Mythical Goddess Tarot for April 2021 with Katherine Skaggs, Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Take a look at the energies in the upcoming month of April 2021 with the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Katherine Skaggs brings a 5 card spread with a bonus card to assist us in working with April's energies so we may create new ways of being as we continue to let go of conflict and depletion from the challenges of the last cycles.

Six of Fire - Forgiveness

Who are You Now as You Enter April?

6 of Fire - Forgiveness shows us we have done a great deal of work with our hearts already, and have forgiven much of our challenges. It is our strength, bringing the power of the Leo light and energy of courage to bring to our daily life, and the unfolding month of April. Ground yourself into the fire medicine within your own heart to shine light upon your hopes, dreams, and even challenges, that you may create with heart.

Nine of Earth - Community

What is the Big Picture/Overview for April 2021?

9 of Earth - Community guides us into greater community, a time of exploring how to return into Sacred Circle with our tribe. We need contact and community. Look to April as a time to find your way in reconnecting through the heart, restoring your relationships, and your sense of belonging. Call upon the medicine of the Earth to show you the way.

What are the Challenges and Lessons of April 2021 energies?

0 - The Fool - Uzume

Goddess Uzume - 0 the Fool shows us our greatest challenge is to stop taking ourselves and everything in our lives so seriously. Not easy when there have been so many root chakra challenges, life-threatening viruses, and financial challenges ... just to name a few things. She wants you to know that Spirit has a plan and that even when life is difficult, there is always a greater plan for the soul, and that what you need is right here, if you can let go and surrender the difficult to Spirit. Look to the light. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Play. Find your way to the lightness within yourself that you may light your world once again.

Five of Fire - Conflict

Action to Take

5 of Fire - Conflict. This card does not mean to make conflict. In this position it means you will need to meet the conflict in your outer world, as well as what is within you. Aries energy of April is fiery and can stimulate new beginnings, but also anger if out of balance. Be clear to meet all anger with the sacred heart's compassion. Use fire to purify yourself, and to purify your circumstances. Be clear of judgment. You can do this. Take ownership of any conflict that arises within your reactions to life, and then use fire to cleanse fear that is connected to the reactions. Do your best to surrender these conflicts to the fire of Spirit, that you may be purified, and that your life brings you new energy healed of conflict. The world around you will also reflect this. Do not engage in the larger wounds of humanity. Instead, focus your energy through pure intentions and compassion.


The 8 of Seas Depletion shows up on the outcome. It is a warning card to tread consciously during the month of April. Emotional and physical healing is upon us as we enter these fires that are here to purify us of conflict. If you drop into the conflict know that it will wipe you out. However, if you heed the guidance given, you may well heal deep emotional issues you have carried for a good while. Know that what you give focus and energy to expands. Focus on your heart and the healing energies of Spring, and of Spirit, and of fire. Set your intentions for harmony as you release conflict, and you will find the opportunity for restoration, rather than depletion.

Eight of Wind - Confusion

Additional Guidance

8 of Wind - Confusion comes to remind us to follow the heart and not the fear projected from the mind. The wind represents the mind, and has many challenges, though it carries many blessings when focused in the higher vibrations. If you find yourself confused with your challenges and tasks this month, do your best to stop your 'doing-ness', take a walk, meditate, take a shamanic journey. Reset your focus. Calm your mind and your nervous system. Breathe. Use your tools. The mind is up for a re-wiring focused on higher mind and the blessings of consciousness, of Spirit. Be mindful as you embark into this expansive energy, connecting to the heart of your true essence and that of the Divine.

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