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What to Expect - How to work with the energies of the April 30th, 2022 Black Moon Solar Eclipse

A 15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading 

This “Black Moon” is the rare happening of a second new moon in a calendar month. It is also the first eclipse of the year, ushering into tumultuous energies of 2022’s eclipse season.

Eclipses are well known to bring rapid and unexpected shifts that by all appearances can turn our live upside down or around. The good news is that these dramatic shift can align us more clearly with our true destiny. 

The April 30th solar eclipse is in Taurus, with the focus on value - self worth, money, material possessions, and your physical environments such as home, work, property. This focus on physical environments can also bring our attention to how we live on the Earth in balance and respect, or where we need to make changes. The influences of this eclipse will refocus us on what we truly value. The Taurus energy will help us navigate in a more grounded manner through the tremendous change. Be open to sudden inflow of opportunities that bring value, money, and resources to you. 

Eclipses are not to be feared necessarily. The changes can be some of the most positive changes you can ever invite into your life. So orient your mind and emotions toward potentiation of something more beautiful coming into your life. What if the potentiation is all about healing and harmony? 

The energy of the rare April Black New Moon April 30, 2022 with the eclipse is here to assist us in aligning with new beginnings that lead us upon our soul’s path. There is great potential for a quickening, a rapid shift upwards in how you live your life aligned with your soul’s joy. Imagine opportunity is knocking and that it is time to open the door!

Make sure to pay attention to the themes in your life that unfold during this period of time. You will most likely continue to unfold the new life energies aligned on a higher axis between now and November 2022. It is time to give way to the support of the Universe toward greater love, prosperity, and value in yourself and your life path.

Many other planets are dancing in the sky with a matrix of energies that support a grand adventure of unexpected changes (Uranus). Yet there is the energy and support we need (Mars) to give us strength and resolve to come into new life as we shed the old that no longer serves us. 

With the rapid shifting there is promise too of sweet and beautiful new beginnings in love (a triple conjunction between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune). Emotions will flow with a deep, spiritual fertilization and enrichment. The grounding energy of Taurus can offer you all that you need to ground into deeper spiritual richness that opens the heart and brings the heavenly to the physical. Awakening energies are at hand that bring greater value and abundance into your personal relationships and all of your life’s experiences.

15-Card Mythical Goddess Tarot Card Reading

Who we are in this cycle of change through the April 30, 2022 Black New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus?

9 of Seas - Joy

Claim your emotional yumminess, your joy. This is one of your foundational energies to rely on. This is a very important part of yourself to value. Ground through your emotional self and joy.

3 of Wind - Isolation

Honor your time alone to reflect. Notice your attitude when you need to be inward rather than be out with others. This is about balance. You may need to meditate or practice your crafts alone and without others, rather than go to the party. Balance the personal time and your time with others.

Ace of Earth - Manifestation

This is a card of blessings from your angels, new beginnings, and bringing heaven to earth. You have all you need in the physical reality as you enter into this cycle. Give gratitudes to all you have now, and know it is expanding beyond what you know.

The Bigger Picture

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

This cycle is about coming into greater consciousness and awareness as soul in the physical reality, to be unified as sacred in all the physical earth walk. This is about returning to peace, how to be in a body as spirit. This is also a signal of purification. This cycle is about purifying all parts of the ego and experiences so you can come into greater love, peace, and sacredness. 

Morgan le Fey - Sorceress

This cycle brings magic, and connectivity of the Divine to our earthly reality. Spiritual power and magic is being offered. Look for synchronicities and blessings that come through the change. Spiritual medicine and magic is being revealed with the sudden and dramatic changes. 

9 of Fire - Integrity

In the bigger picture we are bringing Heaven to Earth, becoming more unified in our inner soul selves to our outer waking conscious state. The shifts are definitely about being in integrity in our body, in our mind/thoughts/emotions, and our physical reality with our spirit. Yes, this is about spiritual destination being unified in our experience.

The Lesson/Challenges/Opportunities

10 of Fire - Self-destruction

The opportunity and work is to clear away all the places we sabotage ourselves. The quickening is to heal, to alchemize self-doubt, self-deprecation, self-destruction. It is time to shine a light onto the shadows so you can shed the skins that create suffering. This is the opportunity to being different in a beautiful and awakened state. The support is here for complete change into integrity and wholeness.

5 of Earth - Manipulation

Time to cut the cords to all habits, beliefs, behaviors, and situations that bind you or others, that limit your growth to greater love and self-awareness. Opportunity to let go of your attachments so you are free. Choose through love and a higher way of being. Let go of the wounding that keeps you in unhealthy situations, jobs, relationships, and ways you take care of your body. Open to Spirit's guidance to harmony. Another place to let go, is to stop hanging onto a particular outcome based on a person, place, or thing. The Universe has your back as YOU shift and let go. Focus on love, value, and peace. This will help alchemize the situation.

6 of Seas - Pleasure

Clean up emotional blocks and wounds that keep you from being in pleasure emotionally, and how that comes to Earth and into your ability to receive in your body. The lesson is to return to emotional pleasure. Healing is at hand through the Cosmic alignments. 

What Action to Take with these Cosmic Alignments for the best outcomes?

Mayan Goddess Ix Chel - Moon

Go within to connect to the fertile medicine of the subconscious inner soul self. Do ceremony and ritual in reflection. Open to the blessings of your inner self that are here to bring new life. A yummy pisces spiritual energy to wake up your Divinity in your earthly life journey. Use your focus, intention and attention to move within.

Mary Magdalene - Initiation

You are in a spiritual initiation in this time period to wake you up into greater awareness of your soul self. Use this energy to move forward as a spiritual being, dropping unconsciousness. Do your spiritual work into new life that is spiritually full in your earth life. Is there a class, teacher, or healing you are called to? Or time to be the teacher? You will have opportunities to cultivate your spiritual awareness. Take the step.

3 of Earth - Works

Time to do your work, to bring your heavenly, spiritual self to earth in new and expanded ways. Focus on your highest most potent life and soul possibilities and clear away the limitations that keep you from your wholeness. 

What are the Outcomes Possible through this energy?

Mother of Seas - Perception

The possibility is to deepen your spiritual awareness, your psychic and intuitive knowing if you do your work, where you can see/sense through the illusions of the earth school born of fears, so you can be in an exalted purified state emotionally and spiritually. 

7 of Wind - Pessimism

This is a card of warning, not that we won't mentally get through this. This moon eclipse energy is one to bring up limiting, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs so we can move forward with freedom of the mind. This is the thorn or toxin that we can clean up through these powerful energies if we do our work. Put this on the altar to clean away, to break limiting boxes of mental thought born of fear. We are here to wake up and learn to focus the mind as an ally toward higher mind and Spirit.

Crone of Seas - Resurrection

We are going through an emotional healing to come into greater power and wisdom. We are here to resurrect ourselves. Potent emotional wisdom is at hand as we use the energies to restore at the deepest, loving, spiritual selves beyond anything we can imagine. 

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