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Art as Healing is my place to tell you a little story about how I have discovered that the process of doing art and the process of viewing positive, healing imagery has the power to heal the mind, body and soul. I have been an artist since I was a child and have studied energy healing and metaphysics for 25 or so years now. I always thought that the artist in me would merge with the healer and metaphysician, but didn’t begin to fully experience of understand that consciously until the past few years when I began to work with an art therapist when dealing with some core issues that had been asked to be healed.

Using my art to heal was a conscious decision and assisted me in bringing imagery from deep within that told the stories of where the rage came from, of where the hurt came from. I became aware of how I was moving energy through all parts of me, releasing energy that caused illness in my body, allowing greater flow of energy for a whole and healthy state of being. As I could bring up the dark or angry or hurt images and stories, I was able to make peace with parts of myself that had been fragmented. From this place I began to understand the experience of soul retrieval through the use of the art.

In our subconscious and unconscious lie many stories of our journeys, our fragmentations as well as our triumphs. Where we have been hurt we will often fragment, or cut off a part of the self. By bringing this part forward through the imagery we can have a conversation more powerful than words can give from our reasoning brain. From our right brain, our creative self, our intuitive self, we can reconnect to the fragmented parts of the self and begin the healing process to our own wholeness. Once we open this conversation through the imagery, we can begin to direct the conversation with positive imagery and self love.

Some of the images that came through in my healing process that were very powerful in shifting anger and rage were Dakini Kundalini Mama and The Black Madonna. Later came Joy and Integration. Each piece brings a story from a deep, often archetypal place within, which brings a message for my own personal healing. And as I step back from my own process I see the Universal healing message that is for each of us to embrace. We are all here to share our stories, for we are all connected learning to heal and to expand our consciousness.


Katerine:  I have had the distinct honor of working with you on a regular basis. I have seen the wonders that art as healing has produced both in myself and many others. It is wonderous to see when you connect with your students and they in turn connect to something in themselves that needs healing and releasing. The Goddess Tarot deck that you and Sage have put together so far has transformed those that have been connected to it. It is so amazing to watch when their eyes are drawn to a particular goddess and their reaction when they read the text that relates to each goddess. We are making those connections daily and empowering ourselves with the messages that each contain. If anyones has not been priviledged to participate in your goddess deck or had the opportunity to take your classes, then this would be a wonderful gift to themselves to further themselves on their spiritual journey and to connect with powerful women like themselves. There is great, powerful connections that happen both with you and with each other. I am grateful for each and every experience and feel this has been life changing and made me a stronger person. I then can go out into the world and share what I have learned and support others.

Thank you!


Hello Kathrine, I am not a trained artist nor do I have an education. So for years when got these "urges" to paint or draw some image that popped into my head. I always dismissed it as some sort of flight of fancy. I have tried to draw or paint then but always feel embarrassed with results. So after a few disappointing tries I would pack everything away. Then in June I got an awakening that I couldn't brush aside as a flight of fancy. I have found myself having a call to service, Some great task is about to be under taken on this planet. I am being prepared to participate in it. So I have since then been guided to the spiritual studies of shamanism and energy healing. Once again I got the call to pick up a brush. I have had only slightly better results...Then!

I discovered if I connect with my spirit guide while I draw and paint he actually helps! I couldn't believe what I saw happening. Amazing!

I was guided to repurpose my garage into a studio and intend to honor the "call" with joyfull, hard work. I feel that I was guided to your website. Seeing your work and reading what you have to say about your process is very inspirational to me.

I can not express how much it means to have someone to speak these things to that will not laugh or judge me. I just wanted to say I admire and appreciate the work you are doing. I respect the way you openly share your process. It touches my heart and gives me courage to open up a little as well. Soon I hope to come and attend one your workshops. Good Luck with you Mythical Goddess Series. They are thrilling and gorgeous!!

Peace, Lynne

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