Mythical Goddess Tarot Gallery

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is a system of divination born of archetypal imagery, fundamental symbols of the human subconscious and collective unconscious. By focusing on each image, we are given the portal to awaken to our next step of consciousness and knowing.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana Mythical Goddesses represent the Divine, and guide us to know our higher nature and essence beyond our human journey. Each Mythical Goddess painting was created as a portal to the Divine expression of the Goddess and her story, her healing, her illuminating power.

Earth Suit

The Earth Suit represents the element of Earth, as well as all aspects of the physical, third dimensional world: career, finances, home, body and health.

Seas Suit

The Seas Suit represents the element of water, the Great Mother Water from which all life originates. Seas represent feeling and emotion, the subconscious connection that unites all beings.

Wind Suit

The Wind Suit is the element of air and the mind. Wind represents thoughts, visions and the conscious link between humans and all life forms.

Fire Suit

The Fire Suit represents the element of fire or Spirit, where all other elements are contained and illuminated. Fire is will, the light of vitality, passion and expression.

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