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A six month course February 25th through July 28th

Join Visionary Artist and Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs in creativity and introductory shamanic practices for personal empowerment, transformation, and fun!

  • Are you ready to access your Inner Creator, Wise Person, Healer?
  • Do you want to clean up and clear patterns that are no longer useful in your life?
  • Did you know you have a powerful Artist that resides within YOU?
  • And, did you know that you also have an Inner Shaman/Healer you can call on?
  • Would you like to get in touch with your Inner Wise Sage?

The upcoming course, Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage will assist you in claiming your inner creative self, your true voice of authentic expression, your powerful inner healer and of course, your inner wise person. This is a six-month journey is mixed with intuitive art play, shamanic journeying, personal practices for increasing and trusting your intuition, simple daily shamanic tools for everyday life, and a final art project that reflects your Inner Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage Soul Portrait.

If you want tools to live your life with greater creativity, power and joy, this course will fully support you in moving from where you are to a more alive, creative, focused self.

Things you will learn and practice to become more empowered:

  • Use creativity as a way to access your inner voice and intuitive Self.
  • Learn how art and creativity heal while engaging them in your life more regularly.
  • Learn shamanic practices to gain access to your inner healer and wise person.
  • Use shamanic drum journey for revelation, inspiration and healing.
  • Use simple shamanic techniques for greater joy and peace.
  • Work with guides and allies, power animals for support.
  • Work with new moon and full moon cycles as part of your ceremony of life.
  • Use divination practices as a supportive tool to contact and see Spirit talking to YOU.
  • Learn to live your life as a sacred ceremony.

This class is designed to bring both creativity and discipline into your life to open your natural abilities as an intuitive, Creative, healing being. The practices will bring ceremony and ritual into your life, as well as giving a place for your voice to be seen and heard through the creative offerings within the course.

You are a sacred and creative, powerful being. I invite you to join me in this powerful series, where there are no limits, only possibilities!

Tuition for 6-month course = $550

Early registration discount… if paid in full by January 30th, save $50.

A deposit of $100 is required to hold your space in class… contact Katherine (970-213-0241) or mail deposits or full payments to Katherine Skaggs, 3148 Birmingham Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80526.

Balance of $450 is due on first day of class, or you can easily make payment plans of $75 a month to fulfill your tuition.

I take payments via post-dated checks, or by a credit card on file. If you want to make payments, just let me know. I will always work with you and your abundance, your worth by looking for a solution in making this possible for you.

Contact me today to register for class. Limited spaces.

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