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Katherine Skaggs White Eagle
Ascended Master White Eagle

Ascended Master White Eagle

Ascended Master White Eagle is a wise, gentle Ascended Master of the Brotherhood of Light (also known as the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters who are here to guide humanity in its evolution and ascension.) He has come to support you in all your processes of ascension, and of living your life in alignment πwith your higher frequencies.

When I sat to paint White Eagle, I asked him to open a portal to his wisdom, his love and his message to you. It was apparent this energy and wisdom was universal and beyond the personal. When I asked White Eagle to tell me more about the “12 Rivers of Light” he first told me “12 Tribes of Israel”.

Most of mankind has misunderstood this reference. More accurately the 12 tribes of Israel are the 12 Angelic Human Tribes. Each one carries a strand of the 12 strands of DNA of the whole or illuminated human, what I like to refer to as homo-luminous.

White Eagle first showed me twelve white feathers coming from his crown, each being the activated star code or harmonic of the DNA and Angelic Human Tribe. These feathers are activating the quantum field for the unification of the DNA.

When I was on my shamanic retreat I called upon White Eagle for guidance and he came in to show me how to work with the feathers. He told me they are antennae, and to work with them as such. I had three eagle feathers I used while on retreat in ceremony. I put one feather in my headband, with the quill pointing into my third eye. The other two feathers I used on various spots on my body and in my chakra system, with the quill toward the spot I wanted energy to flow. The feathery part would act as the receiver and flow the light frequencies through the quill into the energy body or physical body. Very cool!

During the painting process, he then showed me rivers of rainbow light flowing from White Eagle’s mouth. As I brought White Eagle into form on the canvas, the vision shifted from rivers of light into strands of light undulated as DNA strands.

Each stroke of the paintbrush engaged the quantum field and not only brought forth imagery, but a vibrational frequency engaging the star codes. The entire composition of the painting is a portal to allow the downloading of the energies that return humanity to harmony.

As the painting unfolded, the golden light came in behind the head of White Eagle, much like the halos of a Jesus or Mary image. Yet, it was elongated rather than circular. When the painting was finished it was apparent that this was not just an auric field of a great master of light, but a keyhole, and a portal opening to cosmic wisdom and the harmonics of the star code DNA activation to flood forth into this dimension.

The gentleness of White Eagle came forth reminding me of many keys to awakening, to being in unity. Purity of the heart, of thought, of intention, of word, and of action; innocence, kindness, forgiveness, love and unification are all words that identify qualities or octaves of these activating harmonics. Each octave assists us in releasing all unconsciousness and darkness.

As we activate the harmonics of each strand of DNA, the illusion of separation disappear, and we RE-MEMBER our true essence and light. This is the process we are in now, a RE-MEMBERING who we are.

To consciously engage our remembering is to focus our attention in our hearts. There we will find the soul song, or vibration of our true divinity.

White Eagle has come to work with you to engage these frequencies in your field in an expanded way, and open to receive the healing, and the activation of these energies into your consciousness. There are no limitations except in your personality. Your work is all about opening this ascension energy into every strand of fiber of your physicality. You know this, and you are going through another initiation into the higher strands of light, cleansing yet again your DNA and life force in this dimension.

You have many helpers in the unseen world and are beckoning them forth in new ways. Continue to look for their support and receive the star coding you have already asked for long ago. It is. The spiral of light continues to illuminate your existence.

Ascended Master White Eagle

Ascended Master White Eagle Altar Card

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