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Written by Patricia Liles. Reach her at

The Sun sits in an auspicious position exactly between the one degree that separates Neptune and Chiron. At the last degree of Aquarius, the Sun lights up the bridge between our inspired, intuitive mind that reaches into the quantum field for direct knowledge and Chiron, the Centaur/Wounded Healer, who teaches us to use our relationship to nature and our inner knowing. Chiron has just changed signs from airy Aquarius to watery Pisces and will remain in this sign of compassionate spirituality for seven years dissolving the boundaries between us and bringing the wounds and scars of our experiences to the surface to be revealed for the separation they create between our selves and others and ourselves and the enfolding love of Great Spirit.

Neptune is soon to join Chiron in Pisces in April to continue their extended conjunction. Out in the planetary world, Chiron resides between the practical, earthy energy of Saturn and the first of the transpersonal planets, Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, leading us to a less personal and more universal view of life. Chiron is transformer energy showing us how to bridge the higher frequency influx of electro-magnetic energies we are now receiving from the Earth and the Sun. Neptune and Chiron together in Pisces will lead us to surrender to and be lead by our heart energies, dissolve our limited personal ego orientation, and expand compassion to our selves and every living spirit. We need the balance of this combination to off set the collective, fiery, action-demanding potentials of the stressful/stress-releasing square relationship forming between Uranus and Pluto and being acted out collectively. We’re already feeling the heat of this combination in the Middle East where the path of the last eclipse gave us a signal as to where these energies might be focused. Like last summer when the energies were so intensified, Jupiter will again be squaring Pluto in Capricorn at 7º on Feb. 25 clearing the path that Uranus will follow in June, 2011. 
Just as the Saturn return marks the years of 28-30 and astrological adulthood in the physical world, and the Uranus opposition of the 40-42nd years marks the psychological midlife crisis, the Chiron return of 50 years marks your becoming whole in consciousness as you gain mastery of your vulnerabilities. 
In this Full Moon chart, Chiron newly moved into the feminine sign of Pisces, leads that split pack of planets I spoke of at the New Moon. * Five heavenly messengers reside in Aquarius: Sun, Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Ceres and an additional five in Capricorn: Pallas Athena, Venus, Vesta, Pluto and North Node. It’s as if they only made two gowns for the Grammy Awards red carpet and all the country/western folks are in one style and all the rappers and R & B groovers are in the other! We are caught between the archetypes of Capricorn and Aquarius …
         *We are poised between the Saturn-ruled, authority-driven, security-oriented structures of the past and the liberating freedom of spiritual evolution and focus on the interconnectedness, equality and diversity of the human family on a living planet. We are being asked to metamorphize from earth crawlers into spirit flyers.
In the four days following the Full Moon, Feb. 20-22, both Mercury and Mars will meet the degrees where Neptune and Chiron reside activating and extending the influences of the Full Moon. Ideas and energy will continue to flow through these two planetary portals. 
The Leo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Aquarius along with the North and South Nodes form a pattern in the sacred geometry of astrology called a Mystic Rectangle. Actually more practical than its name implies, it allows us to bring the new energies available on the planet into practical and applied manifestation in our daily lives. With the Nodes involved, we need to gather our resources from our past, call on our ancestors and stretch into and grow towards what we want to create and stand for in the next spiral of evolution. We need to be vigilant against what distracts us from living at our highest intention. 
Venus squares Saturn at this Full Moon. Venus in Capricorn is in Saturn’s natural sign, while Saturn is in Libra, Venus’ natural home. They are ‘walking in the others’ shoes’. Saturn is softened in Libra to promote justice and fairness and respect for the other. Venus learns to curb her sensual and financial indulgences and be more organized and responsible as an act of love. 
Leo Full Moon brings us into our hearts, the center of our bodies. The warmth of sun-ruled Leo fills us with our life purpose, creativity, and self expression. We may need to curb our pride, vanity or desire to be the center of attention, but Leo so loves to be appreciated by others that it can bring great generosity, fabulous performances, inspired leadership, and playful romance. Let your inner lion have sway. May we all be entertained and expanded by the warm-hearted, magnanimous energy of the yearly Leo Full Moon.
02-18 Sun enters Pisces. 4:25 PM PST
03-04 Pisces New Moon. 12:47 PM PST
03-11 Uranus enters Aries until 2018
03-13 Daylight Savings Time begins
03-19 Virgo Full Moon. 11:10 AM PDT

Written by Patricia Liles. Reach her at

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