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by Sage Holloway

Centering, Completion and Passion

Our minds take a big back seat this month as our hearts are flooded with love from the Divine Mother. The question is, “How can we open more deeply to receive the heart gifts from Spirit?” It is more important than ever for each of us to find our center and stay there. Tremendous bounty and gifts unaware are coming in the midst of the trials and challenges we are facing individually and globally. We must open to and honor our intuitive knowing, and act from this inner channel of wisdom.  

As the world becomes more depleted from identity and function based in fear and greed, it is essential to have our own priorities in order. What motivates us? What do we need to complete in our lives, so that we are fully present in the moment without baggage from the past? What direction and focus do each of us need to take, so that we are becoming increasingly balanced and whole in our lives?

Our hearts need our nurturance and attention. Don’t postpone fun! Intimate relationships are taking the brunt of the stress that is the current human condition on Earth. Keep things watery and juicy: bubble baths, water fountains, a swim in the ocean or river nearby. Hydrate on all levels.

Don’t stress by reaching for goals. This month is about opening to your inner female flow, content to be enriched by the opportunity of the moment. Don’t let the distractions of the news headlines and negativity in the air sway you from your center. Feed your passion. Live from your heart. This is not only wise advice from the Goddesses, but the key to our salvation.


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