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Autumnal Equinox Ritual and Ceremony

The Autumnal Equinox is fast approaching us, indicating a time of change, of leaving one season of growth, sunshine and expansion, into one of harvest, completion and compost. It is a time of equal light and equal darkness. This is a time of leaving the warmth and moving toward the cold. It is a time of gratitude for the harvest in our lives, whether it be from the summer's crops or from our life's journey... it is a good time to gather together and focus on the gratitude for the blessings we have now.

If you would like some info on a few Autumnal Equinox Rituals and Ceremonies for the Autumn Equinox here are some ideas!

Hold a Harvest Dinner

Being a time of harvest, call upon your loved ones to join you in a harvest dinner. Gather a cornucopia of food to share in community and tribe to celebrate your bounty, both in food as in relationships. When you gather, ask everyone to bring something to share at your meal, honoring the bounty for all. Also, ask each person to bring a prayer of gratitude or words of gratitude to share as you break bread together. This again focuses on your inner, personal bounties and help you anchor in the riches on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physically.

Create a Harvest Altar

Create an Altar to honor the beginning of a new cycle of Autumn with the theme of Harvest, Gratitude, Completion and Composting. Draw from Mother Nature's fruits of pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks to represent the harvest, along with any other items that represent harvest and abundance.

Place prayers of gratitude upon the altar, in written words and messages.

Letting Go - On another piece of paper, write out what you need to honor regarding endings, deaths and things you are done with and want to leave in the past. Place on the altar for Spirit to take away and to bless you with wisdom and harvest from the experience.

Burn Away the Old with a Fire Ceremony - Clean away the dead and completed

Once you have written out experiences, feelings, patterns and old ways of being that need to die, place them in an urn or cast iron skillet, or fire pit with the intention of sacrificing them through the element of fire back to Spirit. If using a cast iron skillet, place a large pile of epsom salts in the skillet and soak in grain alcohol. Then (safely away from burnable items) set on fire and place the paper and  energy of the experiences you desire to let go into the fire. As the fire burns, know your prayers are heard and the endings are being burned away. When the fire goes out, know it is complete!

 Re-flect, Re-store, Re-set, Re-Vision, and Re-Energize Your Intentions

Now is a time of going within to appreciate where you are in life, to give thanks, and to receive the blessings that are within every part of your life. As you sit in this inner place of receiving, you will more clearly know your heart's desires. You will more clearly honor the rhythms of your life, and the seasons and cycles that life takes.

After you have harvested your garden and said thanks for what you have, it is a good time for reflection of what you have grown in this past cycle, what fruits came to bear, what didn't grow, and what you composted, giving you insight and wisdom in planning your spring garden — physically and metaphorically.

After the harvest is the composting, the digging up of the old garden and letting die what must die. In doing so you can re-set and re-vision from a place of greater clarity.

What do you need to nurture and restore? What fertilizer or food is needed to grow a better garden next season? Just as the ground needs rotation of crops or to lie fallow at times, so does our life path. We need to bring in additional minerals, or energy to support new and better crops next time around.

Take time to reflect so you can gain wisdom from your past cycle, from what you did wonderfully well, and from what you need guidance on.

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