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As a mystic, shamanic practitioner, and one dedicated to my own journey of healing the wounds of the soul, and of a sensitive being who feels all the pain in this world, I find there is a journey to be acknowledged on the path of come to love, to peace, and to wholeness. This path of the mystic often involves big initiations through suffering, stepping into and through the dark night of the soul, shamanic death and dismemberment. This is a sacred journey for the wounded healer, the mystic, the shaman, and the light worker. It is not an easy path.
As I go journey this life path to another layer of letting go of pain, I realize the descent into the shadows of the underworld is very well part of the path of enlightenment. Whether you call it the wounded healer, the mystic, the shaman, or the light worker, there is no escape that we must go through the shadows in our journey inward to the light. To be full of light we must acknowledge and release the layers of fear, fight, and trauma held in our DNA, our minds, our emotions, and any events of this life or any other.
If you are anything like me, you may be asking: "Is it worth it? What the fuck did I or we sign up for?"
We came in at a time of bringing more light onto the planet. I imagine all of us here signed up for clearing and cleaning out other lifetimes of shit, family shit we incarnated into, and somehow the next level of mystic/bodhisattva dedication to our own awakening, and how that benefits the whole. WTF? Right???
I have walked through a lot this life, as I would imagine many of us have. Apparently I signed up for the journey as I was/am capable. That is what the plant teachers told me a dozen or more years ago when I asked, “What did I do wrong?” I was told, “You did nothing wrong. You chose this family, this DNA, this time, and this life to bring healing because you are capable.”
Well shit. Dang it. That changes the story but does not make it any easier on some of the days when the darkness overshadows the light… going deeper within to find the light is the soul's sacred journey to peace and love. Focus on the light and do not get caught in the fear! Not easy, but it is the task at hand.
I have been reading more of the astrology for July 2024 and how that is interfacing with some of my own personal growth opportunities (irreverently I call them FGOs - Fucking Growth Opportunities!) Seems Neptune has just gone retrograde. Half the year it is direct and half the year it is retrograde from what I have read. It is affecting all of us as we do our best to release the wounds of our wounded healer and reclaim our true essence as light. I am not an astrology but have dabbled for years with the astrological influences personally and collectively. I can attest this energy of Neptune is absolutely influencing what is taking place in our world at this time, as well as for me personally.
Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces. It is enlightenment and illusion. It can bring great light and spiritual awakening as we go through these initiations and challenges Or we can get lost in the illusion of what is going on and be in deep suffering. The dark night of the soul, the shamanic death and dismemberment is the journey through the illusions of the mind, through the wounded distortions of our experiences. This journey is one to support us in transmuting the pain, moving through the suffering, and, releasing that which is not love. It is not easy. It is fucking hard most days. And yes, it is the journey to light and to love that we are. The illusion of this world is insane. The illusions born of trauma are horrible. The healing salve is love … compassion, unconditional love, Divine love. Getting there is the journey.
Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles on the soul's path to healing and light. By Katherine Skaggs.The Divine understands the purpose of suffering is to lead us toward wisdom, strength, and ultimately empowerment. There are loving Divine Beings of great wisdom dedicated to helping us alleviate suffering without depriving the soul of growth it can bring. We can call upon them when our pain is too difficult to bear, including the anguish we feel when faced with the struggles of others. This is ultimately for the benefit of all beings, and not just the one.
As humans we can learn to  the importance of simply holding someone in love when they are suffering. Please do NOT tell them what they ’should’ do… there are no shoulds upon the path of healing. There are no perfect ways to do this. It is messy, sometimes very scary, and often confusing as we move through the mystery of the shadows into the light. If you have a friend or loved one going through the darkness and you stand in the light, then stand in the light and hold them in that light as whole. Love them unconditionally as whole and healed. Please do your best to focus on their beauty and love, rather than their pain and struggle. Judgment does not give healing, it feeds the fear and separation from the truth of this being as light and divine.
Even in our darkest moments we are never alone. It may feel like no one is there, no one understands, and an array of thoughts and feelings that are dark and hurtful. Oh believe me, being the Pisces with lots of Pisces and Neptune energy in my chart, AND being in a Neptune transit since last year into the next, I have been in the waters of dissolution. I do my best to walk in the light of love… and yes, there are challenges to undertake along the way… the onion skin continues to release layers on the spiral upwards in the light.
If you find yourself in the darkness, do your best to ask for assistance in your spiritual and physical realities. There are many beings, physical and spiritual, who will show up to hold you through the illusions of spiritual death and shamanic dismemberment. This ultimately is the deconstruction of the human ego mind that separates us from our true essence of divinity, love, and light.
If you are being initiated through a dark night of the soul, shamanic death and dismemberment, know that this is an appointment with your destiny and that you shall rise above the illusions of this world. I have great faith today that we are all exactly where we should be and there there is great love and support even in our darkest moments.
I would like to share with you some wisdom I received from working with the Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild. Number 39 of the cards is Moksha of Kali. Moksha is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘freedom’ in the sense of complete self-actualization and spiritual liberation. She urges us to be true to ourselves and our life path as that will give way to obstacles disappearing , allowing us to move forward into greater love and peace. She encourages us to not turn away, for you are destined to overcome all opposition, bringing your sacred path to fruition.
This is the journey to release involuntary suffering. She wants you to know there are many high level Divine Beings who volunteer to take on some amount of suffering to assist souls who have yet to attain freedom from involuntary suffering. They are here to help  carry the load in service and move others forward.
There are times suffering is so great that it threatens to overwhelm the soul. This can be a result of accumulated unresolved pain of generations of ancestors, resting on the shoulders of one family member who is brave enough to admit the truth when others are trapped in denial and delusion. This can also be when a soul volunteers to illuminate truth as they take on suffering for a larger group, such as for society, cultural, religious, and corporate situations.
Intensified suffering can be an initiation for a courageous and talented soul who has the potential to bring light and freedom to the world. To achieve this, that soul must learn to deal with the darkness in equal measure. That typically entails periods of intense struggle until the best methods are realized to find peace and awareness without being overcome by pain.
Many mystics report dark nights of the soul - struggling against negativity, suffering and the pain of various kinds - that last for a long time. They are NOT failing on their spiritual path. They are at an advanced level. They are willing to engage with their struggles because of their love for truth, the light, and the Divine, in whatever form resonates with their hearts. Nothing can make them turn away from that love. Higher love is the power that fuels moksha. It fuels the release from suffering. It is the spiritual juice to keep doing the inner work. Love is the the path through the darkness. It is the power that helps us refuse to give up, even if don't have any idea what the next day or moment may look like.
The Moksha of Kali teaches us that our suffering is no source for shame, but rather a badge of spiritual honor. This spiritual path acknowledges that we are deep on a soul’s pathway to healing. However, this does not mean the more we suffer the more spiritual we are. And it also does not mean that the more spiritual we are the more we suffer. This process means we have greater capacity to alchemize and process suffering as it increases; and that were are more capable of experiencing sunshine through the cloudiest of moments of life. This is the journey to liberation and peace with a higher understanding of love and the Divine. Periods of suffering can become like the toxins in our body, mind and soul that need to process and release, perhaps like digesting a meal but on multi-levels.
Pray and come to your altars often… the altars of your hearts and souls, and the altars you build in your physical reality. Call diligently and ask for the support of the Divine in cutting away the ties that have bound your soul, your mind, emotions, and your physical bodies. Call this love to you and know they are with you.

Call Kali, Ganesha, Archangel Michael, and all your Heavenly Heroes to support you. There is great transformation at hand for us in these times. May we be persistent in calling in our helpers, angels, and Heavenly Hosts of Heroes (a term my selenite sword maker friend Tom Ledder coined for the masters we call who are best to help us - Archangel Michael, St Germain, Ganesha, Jesus, Mary, Kali, Durga, etc… who is on your team?)

Know these Divine Beings and many Divine Masters are here with you to help relieve the suffering and pain you feel or are in. Let them hold you and help you process this so you are more and more full of light and peace. Freedom from difficulty is on the way.
I pray for us all that we are held in this great Divine Love for all time, through past, present, future, and all realities.
Thank you and I love you all so very much.
Katherine Skaggs

Divine Guidance for October 2023 - A reading from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle with Katherine Skaggs

As we enter October 2023, what do we need to know, and who are here to help us individually and collectively? What is the guidance to bring us into harmony personally, as well as in our collective reality?

Here's a summary of the Divine Guidance for October 2023:

Our Lady of the Blue Light - Oracle

Trust your intuition! You know the way. Trust your self and your relationship with the divine. When you go within you always know the way. It is within you if you will stop and be still, observe. Put your focus on synchronicity, magic, and messages coming from within and all around you. Remember that whatever you focus on will expand. If you are looking for the next step, be curious and open to synchronicity, signs, and symbols in your physical reality that align with your inner knowing.

Archangel Metatron - Awakening

As we examine Divine Guidance for October 2023, Archangel Metatron shows up to help. Archangel Metatron, both an Archangel and Ascended Master, is here to help you awaken to yourself as a soul dreaming your life. He brings sudden inspiration, spiritual downloads, increased intuition, and expanded awareness. Another message in sync with Our Lady of the Blue Light, reminding you to trust your spiritual perception and knowing. Make your choices based on your feedback system as you ask for help and guidance.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Miracles

As we move forward into October, it is going to be important for us to look for the magic and miracles all around us. Our Lady of Guadalupe not only reminds us that our prayers are being answered, she is reminding us that she has our back and is our Divine Mother watching over us. Have faith and know that Divine intercession is in process, even when we can't see it physically, it is in motion. Look for a miraculous return for what we have put into the world, that the Divine is bringing it back beyond anything we can imagine.


What do we need to over come fear? Who is here to help us with opening our lives to greater love?

Archangel Gabriel - Messages

Pay attention to your visions, your reams, an the signs and symbols all around. The Divine is speaking. Archangel Gabriel is here to help you understand your inner communication and your outer communication that are synchronistic to what you desire to create, and what you desire to leave behind. Gabriel is here to guide you to greater love so you an overcome fear in all ways. Know as you move your attention to healing all fear and trauma that you are being guided through both outer and inner symbols. The signs and symbols are all around you.

Ascended Master St. Germain - Transmutation

St. Germain is here to help us transmute the lower frequencies of fear, fright, and trauma through the high frequency light and energy of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a powerful light that helps to clear past errors, mistakes, and low vibrations. Step into this Violet Flame to be restored as you are able to transmute what keeps you in suffering. Visualize and imagine the Violet Flame energy in your hands until you can sense it, feel it. Then place into your heart space and expand through your body, and your energy bodies. Bathe in its energy to clean you and to raise your frequency. Then as needed, place difficult situations, fears, hurts, etc. into the flame to transform and transmute the fear into love.

Divine Guidance for October 2023 with Mayan Master Akbal Sanctuary from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Katherine Skaggs

Mayan Master Akbal - Sanctuary

Mayan Master Akbal is here to remind us to go within to find the truth, to find love, to find peace. Look within to find love and to let go of the external fear and how it is impacting you. Be still and step out of linear time. Notice your inner reality. Still your mind. Still your body. Still your breath. It is time to awaken within the dream. You are are a soul dreaming this reality. Being in stillness allows you to step away from the finite reality and its duality. The inner spaces return you to your soul awareness, to your awareness of how your thoughts and feelings create. To regularly still yourself will get you off the hamster wheel of life into a calm place, helping your body to calm. Use your breath to still yourself as possible as you look within.

Who is here to help us move forward in creating our lives as we desire? How are here to help us with our creativity, to align with our heart spaces, and to actually manifest greater joy in our experiences?

Mother Shakti Kundalini - Sacred Union

Mother Shakti Kundalini is here to remind you of the importance of being aligned to your inner self, to be passionate, to be on fire with your creative flow, and your life force. Our sacred expression is expanded through our sacred sensuality, and passion that resides within our very being. When our kundalini life force is awakened we feel our sensual nature, our passionate selves, and our healing, creative forces. Sacred Union with our inner Divine is the marriage of our inner soul self, our subconscious, and our outer conscious waking self. We are in sync with our true desires and let the energy flow to create. If you are stuck, it is time to get in touch with the fire at the base of your spine. Be quiet and focus on your root at the base of your spine. Breathe deep with your attention on your base, imagining a flow of energy (like heat waves off hot pavement) rising up your spine as you breathe in and out. Image in front of you what you desire to create. Breathe this life force up your spine and out your third eye into the vision of your desires. Feed this vision with this energy as you breathe. Feel/sense its power. After you feel you have fed your vision and desires with this life-force, allow the energy to drop back down to the base of your spine, locking it in place until you desire to use it again for creation and healing. Honor yourself and what you love.

Divine Guidance from Lord Gautama the Buddha Enlightenment Card from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Katherine Skaggs

Lord Gautama the Buddha - Enlightenment

Lord Gautama the Buddha is here to remind you that your thoughts and words create and destroy. Notice what you seed into your world through your voice, and through the way you think and believe. You are constantly creating through thought, through word, and through your reactions and responses to your world. Be mindful and speak with words of loving kindness to create peace. Speak these words for yourself, as well as for others. This will cultivate compassion and assist you in creating what you truly desire through love.

Who and what is our final guidance and message?

Mama Gaia - Nurture

It is time to nurture your body and all of your life. Your life is a sacred garden. Give it light, water it with love, give it focus with care. Compost the shit and all you want to let go of. Give it over to Mother Earth. Put beautiful, loving, caring energy into your body, and into all of your life, and you will have an abundant harvest in all you are creating.

Today is a new day. How shall we show up to create in greater love and harmony? Be present and follow the guidance of the Divine. Anything is possible. Why not create in love and experience it returned beyond anything we can imagine? What if... it only got better? Ponder that and see what happens as you incorporate your Divine Guidance for October 2023.

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Ascended Master St. Germain Altar Card

Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

Mythical Goddess Tarot Anniversary Edition

The Mayan Rabbit Spirit Medicine for Cooperation, fertility, synergy, dedication and union. He is a bit Alice in Wonderland, bringing magic and the medicine of the Moon and the Mayan day number Twelve. This Galactic Crystal tone helps us bring Renewal through cooperation and the transformation that comes as we strip away everything we know, so we can emerge new, reborn, alive, and ready to create more amazingly than ever before.

Focus on new beginnings. It is time to not only renew yourself, but to create anew in an expanded version of yourself. It is time to unite the polarities of your inner and outer selves, your yin and your yang, your shadows and your light, your spirit and your human expression and form.

Shed your old skins and break forth from the limited versions of who you have been. Open to possibility. There is something more amazing than you have been able to imagine before now. You are a brilliant creative being as you let go of the past imaginations of your self and the world you have been living in.

Draw on the wisdom and strength of your inner being, and that of the essence of Divinity that you are. You are being invited into a greater pattern of stability as you integrate what was into the awesomeness of your Divine Self uniting with your Earthly Self. Bring the two together and feel the amazing support the Universe has for you from within and all around.

If you have been in the chaos of polarity in the world around you, particularly in your relationships to others, it is time to accept the blessings, forgive the difficulties, and to come together in your own being in greater love and compassion. The magic will emerge as you unite and realize no one is really separate from you as you have been experiencing. You are united in your dance and desire to find harmony, even if it is through polarity. If there has been difficulty, reflect upon the polarity seeking to expand beyond self-limiting beliefs and constructs that have been creating the chaos and pain. Your perception must change to return to harmony. It is within your power to do so!

Then you will return to union within your very being, the cosmos, and the way you dance in relationship to others. New life, joy, and heart centered creation are assured.

Heart Centered Blessings!

Katherine Skaggs

HAPPY Feb. 1st - Imbolc, the New Moon, AND the Lunar New Year!!

Imbolc is the Celtic celebration of the Irish Goddess Brigid, corresponding to the Gaelic Fire Festivals to celebrate the coming of Spring (the day falling halfway between the Spring equinox and Winter solstice.)

This year Imbolc falls on the New Moon AND the Lunar New Year! It is the perfect time to set intentions for new, and expansive ways of being, new life! What projects do you want to bring to life? What energies do you desire to give light to?

As Imbolc traditionally signals the end of the worst of winter and the beginning of spring, it is a wonderful time to relax, let go, and focus love and excitement for the potent new life coming to you now.

Call upon the goddess Brigid today, the great Irish goddess of the hearth, healing, poetry, artistry, and blacksmithing. In the Mythical Goddess Tarot Brigid is the 14th Major Arcana Card, Alchemy (inspired by the ART card in the Thoth tarot deck.) Here Brigid inspires you to find your own creative spark of inspiration, letting it blend with the alchemical powers of the Divine Creative Force to manifest the power of beauty in your life.

Welcome the Goddess Brigid to assist you/all of us in transforming our world through your Divine creative spark. May she bring the illumination of her fire and artistry to support each of us as we leave the challenges of winter behind and welcome the promise of spring, and the light returning into our lives.

With the combined energies of Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year know that change is upon us. The light is returning and we are budding into a new time. Join me in the light with love.

#Brigid, #MythicalGoddessTarot, #imbolc2022, #lunarnewyear2022, #NewMoon2022

Blessings and Inspiration from the upcoming
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid-2022.

As part of my offering for February 1st, Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year — BIG ENERGY—from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid 2022, I invite the medicine of Alchemy and Archangel Uriel to work with Brigid. Let us light the fires of our hearts, that we may purify and make sacred the life we have lived so far. Let this sacred fire break open the seeds of the new that we may be abundant in our new cycles unfolding. Abundant in love, in community, in joy, in good health, in all our relations, and in all we create.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom, Divine light, and fire that purifies. Expect life to be fully transformed as Uriel brings the alchemical, purifying powers of the Phoenix Rising into every part of your being.

Be not afraid, for Archangel Uriel brings light into the darkness, the mystery, and the unknown. It is time to put your fears, and old ways of life into the fire that purifies and transforms. It is time to let go.

Uriel’s fire and light are born from the highest, most Divine energies of unconditional love. Let this intense light and love clean and purify your heart from sorrow and distress. This will restore the peace within yourself as you are then able to reconnect to your own Divinity.

Out of the ashes of old dreams comes new life. Trust in the process. Connect to the Light and be reassured in your healing process.

It is time for great change. What is in need of purification in your life? What is dull, lacking light, mundane, and void of magic?
Archangel Uriel offers all you need to shapeshift and alchemize your life. Call upon him now to assist you in bringing new life through the release of the old.

Refocus in this fiery light and you will find the wisdom and love needed to bring new life. As your heart let’s this purifying light in, you will discover the most beautiful blessings that come from the ashes of the greatest disappointments.You are on the spiritual path to enlightenment as you move out of the darkness into the light.

#Mastersoflightwisdomoracle, #archangeluriel, #alchemy, #imbolc, #newmoon, #lunarnewyear,#katherineskaggs, #fireceremony

Fire Ceremony

With Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year coinciding, it is a great time for a fire ceremony. Call upon Brigid and Archangel Uriel to assist you in bringing the light into all areas of your life, birthing new realities as you transform and release what has been. With this there is a great expansion of Divine, creative energy, that purifies and gives birth to new realities.

#ArtistShamanHealerSage book

With much love, Katherine Skaggs

The Luminous One comes to bathe us in the light, bringing illumination to our spiritual and our physical selves, assisting us in vibing up! She reminds us it is time to move more greatly into the light through our intentions, riding the waves of high frequency light codes coming into our world through the astronomical alignments and spiritual cycles that are here now.

We are moving into a new cycle and a new age, bringing the light of illumination to our souls, that we may embody this light on earth in our human journey. Look upon the Luminous One for assistance in raising your light quotient. Catch the joy, the harmony, and the song of the light singing from this one unto you!

The Luminous One was called in to bring balance between the male and female, the yin and the yang, the human and the spiritual. I say 'she', but must say too this is the ultimate embodiment of male and female, truly not one or the other, though possibly more feminine in many ways. This radiant solar light is all heart and soul, bringing you what you may need to open your heart in greater ways than before.

Bathe in these energies by open eyed meditation upon the Luminous One to receive the energies of enlightenment and the alignment with the galactic center that is now activating our next spiritual evolution into greater light. The Luminous One carries the light codes to purify the lower vibrations through the energy of fire and light, to open the sight of your heart and soul, and to awaken your third eye that you may see more clearly from the soul's perspective.

This activation is also of your soul codes, your galactic multi-dimensional awareness that transcends your earthly linear perspective. Imagine if you can, that you are much bigger as a soul than you are as your human personality. You are HUGE. You are LIGHT, and you are consciousness. Receive the joyous, light from the Luminous One and catch the remembering of your sacred soul essence.

The Luminous One's third-eye is a portal to your inner knowing, to the Akasha, and to the Great Mystery of Creation. Gaze upon this portal to travel deeper within to know. The same is true of the throat chakra 'eye' symbol. It is also a doorway within, to the many dimensions of your very soul essence. Travel through this door to discover your ability to fly through the dimensions, to your power and ability to express these higher consciousness waves of energy. Each time you sit with this image and gaze upon it, you will move more deeply into how you work with the power of light within, and all around.

The Luminous One reminds you that you are a beautiful being of Light, and that you are here to flow this light through you into your world. You are a blessing. It is time to embrace and beholden this within yourself, that you may channel it into your life. Use your intention to flow this light and joy into every aspect of your life, and you will continue to fill up into higher states of joy and consciousness.

Luminous One

Amabie, Japanese Mermaid, Water Spirit to Help Heal Illness, to Heal Fear and COVID-19... as channeled by Katherine Skaggs

AMABIE, is a Water Spirit, Mermaid, who came in through my' Live Channeled Painting to Heal session on April 6, 2020, in response to healing as Humanity faces the pandemic and COVID-19.

This water spirit Amabie, is a legendary Japanese mermaid with 3 less, who is known to emerge from the sea to bring abundant harvest, as well as to help protect from illness due to epidemic.

This video brings teachings, and healing energies, from Amabie to assist us all in cleaning away the energy that makes us sick... both physically and spiritually. As I painted Amabie, I could feel her joyful nature, and wild woman spirit. She is very good at clearing fear, and bringing one back to the heart of truth and love. She helps to clean away what separates us from love, from harmony, and from beauty. She reminds us that true beauty lies within us, and that it is time to see that within all life."

Enjoy this live, channeled painting. Connect to the energy of this spirit Amabie, and her super powers to support you now, to bring you into love and to clean fear. Amabie, is the epitome of a helping spirit and shamanic ally. She invites you to call her into your life, to clean away that which makes you sick, and that which makes the world sick. Sit with her image and call her now. Thank her for her gifts and capacity to clean dense, fearful energy. Your gratitude is an offering. It is always important to thank our helping spirits, as that is what feeds their heart spaces. It is the reciprocity we all need to participate in, giving thanks, and giving love. May this bless you, inspire you, and encourage you to know you are not alone, that you have many angels, guides and spirit helpers. Call to them today to have them help you, to lift you up, and to support you in being the joyful, loving being that you already are.

Here's her image after this session. At this moment I am still working on her, as she continues to speak to me for bringing in energy for love, acceptance, transformation, and beauty. Use Amabie's image to inspire your heart opening, to stay in peace, and to know that you are safe and protected. Call to her now to lift you up. I'll add updated images once she is complete.

With love and many blessings, Katherine Skaggs

By Katherine Skaggs,
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

For thousands of years, in ancient temples and every day homes, sacred art has been used to shift one’s focus upwards to the Divine, to bring healing, and to create sacred space. Priests, priestesses, shamans, medicine men and women all have invoked healing through the assistance of sacred art objects, images, written text and statuary. They understood how to use sacred imagery and word to create portals to the Divine, accessing the magic and healing vibrations.

Great artists through the past 100s of years were not only trained as artists, but were also trained in mystery schools, where they understood sacred geometry, and the power of art to open energy portals, as well as to convey high frequency light to the masses. Michelangelo and Leonardo Divinci were such mystic artists. 

These artist mystic traditions continue in our current day, where the artists are the messengers to awaken the soul. If you have ever found some visionary, spiritual art calling you, you must know it spoke deeply to your being, and not just your eyes. 

I has such an experience when I saw the art of Alex Grey, Susan Sedon Boulet and Meinrad Craighead in the early 90s. I owned a metaphysical store, had been training in a mystery school for 4 years, and had also been an artist since I could pick up a pencil. When I chose their art books and calendars to sell in my store, I became very much aware that something was calling me. I felt deeply that perhaps I too was supposed to do something visionary or spiritual with my art. Over the following 10 years, it became clear to me what that union was. It ultimately directed my path in life as a mystic, visionary artist myself, finding my way as channel of the Divine, and messenger to the soul through my art.

Along the way I would say I learned many symbol systems and the power of sacred imagery, yet that is not completely true. It is more like I “remembered” how to bring in sacred imagery, not through my eyes, but through my soul, as a channel. The journey first was to heal my own soul self. Getting still and asking for guidance married with the act of making art was the beginning of the Divine coming through me in more mystical and expansive ways. Each experience of contact with a Divine Being, such as Mother Mary, or White Eagle, or Serapis Bey, or another angel or guide who revealed themselves, was an experience of opening a portal to high frequency light waves that heal, that awaken and that transcend a 2-D piece of art. Once created in the original art, it continues to open sacred spaces, transmitting light codes of love and guidance, even in small reproductions such as an altar card or small print. 

When art is created at a soul level, with intention, symbol and meaning, it has the capacity to open doorways to the Divine. It brings vibrational healing through its holographic and physical presence. It calls the soul to recall more of their Divinity through an activation of the akasha energy field, and ultimately into the personality. It breaks the mind and the heart open to love and awareness. 

We all can’t have great pieces of art in our homes or on our altars. Yet today, we have the magic of reproduction, offering the opportunity of owning beautiful artwork in more affordable versions that we can hang in our homes and place into our sacred spaces. 

What determines Sacred Art?

Not all art falls into the category of visionary sacred art. Is the art created in love? Is it high vibrational? Does it convey messages of the divine without religious constraints, rules and judgements? Is it beautiful? Does it make you smile, feel more love, or curiosity of the invisible realm of Spirit?

I have found that the artists engaged in conveying Divine messages through their art, bring healing to others. An astrologer 30 years ago told me it would be the artisans in the New Age who would be the true Healers. For these would be the conduits dancing with the Divine, bringing expression of it's high frequency energies to Earth via inspired visual art, movies, dance, song, music, etc. 

Sacred Art and Altar Spaces

Creating beauty in your home and sanctuary spaces brings peace, calm, vision, hope and healing. The color, pattern, geometries, symbols, Divine Beings and vibration create a focused energy, both physically and spiritually. The feel good beauty of sacred art immediately begins to shift any space. When the high vibrations come into your space, your attention is moved to a higher awareness in your conscious mind, as well as on a subconscious or soul level. 

Your aura, or quantum field begins to vibrate upwards, as well as the space where the altar sits. Through prayer and meditation at your altar with your sacred imagery and objects, you begin deepening your spiritual energies and awarenesses. This is the journey of cultivating greater peace, beauty and grace, where you are less and less apt to fall into the lower energies of judgment and separation. 

These beautiful images are spiritual tools that work, even when you aren’t consciously doing anything. They hold space for you, whether you can or can’t.

The Call to Share Sacred Art as Altar Cards

Katherine Skaggs Textures of Mary

Many years ago, when I began to channel Divine Beings through my art (Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus, Archangel Michael and other angels to name a few), I became aware that I needed to share the images on a larger scale, and not just sell one painting at a time. The guidance was most strong when I was awakened one night by Mother Mary, and I had to get up to paint her. This particular experience was one of receiving a transmission of unconditional love that came into the art. At this time it was clear the importance of sharing the imagery as a way to bring light to awaken others heart and souls through compassion and love.

Soon after the images were made into small 5x7” cards, with a message on the back, to inspire and to uplift. (See all altar cards here.)

Create Altar Spaces for Inspiration and Healing

When in need of making one’s life for sacred, for healing and for being lifted up, it is a great idea of set aside a small space in your home for an altar. Altars are physical places where you focus your attention to prayer, meditation, worship, and calling forth your Divine Guides and Helpers. The space doesn’t have to be big, yet it might be. 

Personal altars are a great way to stay connected to the sacredness of all life, especially yours! They become containers that hold your prayers, intentions and desires in the most sacred ways. They help ground the higher energies of the Divine into the physical world.

Creating and working with an altar is as essential to a mystic, shaman or priestess, as brushing one’s teeth is to good oral health. 

To make your own personal altar, it is a great idea to keep out of the attention of others. Choose a private space where you can put down an altar cloth, or something beautiful as the base to hold your items and prayers. A candle is often added to represent the light, fire and illumination. If you would like to include all the elemental energies, place some item representing the Earth, Water and Air on the altar. Some dirt from a sacred or special place, water you have blessed or from a sacred well, and a feather or something clearly representing the air. Add fresh flowers to bring in beauty, and to open a portal to the Divine. (Angels and Ascended Masters LOVE the color, beauty and fragrance of flowers!) 

Add Divine Art Altar Cards to focus bringing in the guidance of any specific guides, angels, or ascended masters you would love to invoke through your altar. With time, you will become more and more clear when they are present, and that you have clear communication anytime you desire it or need it. The more you work with their imagery and essence, the more sensitive you are to their vibration energy and how it reaches you.

Other Places for Altar Cards

Altar cards are also great for your desk at work, to carry in your car or in your purse, hung near your bed, on on your bathroom mirror. They create space wherever they are! If you need a reminder of the Divine and want inspiration, incorporate this sacred imagery where you want to bring their energy and inspiration. 

Choose Your Altar Cards and Sacred Imagery

Redemption altar card by katherine skaggs

There are many images of Sacred Ones you may incorporate, who will absolutely visit you as you begin to say “hello” by honoring them through your focused attention, gratitude and physical presence through sacred art. 

To connect, what is your need for guidance, your hope or your intention?

Hold your intention, prayer, need or desire strong in your heart and mind when asking who to connect to. Cultivate reflection and stillness. Ask for your spirit helpers to come to you in any way you can recognize their energy. 

Then open to the imagery you find at a local metaphysical store card or calendar section, or art books, or online sacred art. Ask for the image and the presence of the Divine Helper to be revealed. Synchronicity will unfold and you will be directed to the energy of your helper. It may come in song, art, written word, statuary, movie references, etc. Your Divine Helper may well be a Marvel character, or an angel, ascended master, goddess or an animal. Don’t be surprised!

Notice who are you drawn to by image. If you don’t have a specific idea or knowledge of who you would like to put on your altar, peruse the images to see who attracts you. Move beyond your intellect to your intuitive senses. The image will call you. The message will follow.

Here are a few of the Divine Helpers you might want to check out: Archangel Michael for protection and guidance; Mother Mary for unconditional love; Kuan Yin for compassion; Lakshmi for abundance; Jesus for forgiveness, love and healing; Buddha for compassion and peace; White Eagle for awakening your DNA and connection to guidance from all the ascended masters, and so on and so forth. There are an infinite number of Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Illuminated Ones to work with. They may or may not be familiar. So trust who you are drawn to in the moment you choose.

(See all Katherine Skaggs altar cards here.)

How to Work with the Sacred Ones through work with the Altar Cards

Once you have chosen your altar cards, now what? 

Enjoy their beauty!

Say “hello” and “thank you”. Be specific if you can, and name the gifts and powers of that being, honoring their mastery and benevolence. Thank the Divine Being for being present to you, and assisting you in whatever manner he or she is showing up for you. Ask them to lift you up, into their awakened vibrations, that you too might align with their blessings.

Sit with the Divine Being via your altar card and gaze softly upon it. Feel into its energy. As you quiet your mind, and still your body, you will connect deeply through the image. 

Journal with the essence of the Divine One, reflecting, asking questions, feeling into the responses, opening your intuition and knowing.

Invoke through prayer and ritual. Sing praise of gratitude and blessings. 

As you sit with the sacred imagery of your Divine Beings of Light, you will know what to do. Trust your intuition and heart spaces. You may find yourself crying tears of joy, or laughing out loud. These beings are alive and well and are excited to meet you in this way.

Artist Author Katherine Skaggs
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Katherine Skaggs is an intuitive channel, visionary artist, painter of souls, author, shamanic practitioner and teacher. She is the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, as well as a series of Altar Cards born of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Divine Beings of Light. Each image is channeled and created as a portal, for your own direct experience of Light and Love, and the wisdom of these benevolent Light Beings. Katherine is dedicated to bringing in light, love and wisdom to awaken each soul through love. 

Guardians Painting by Katherine SkaggsGuardians, Angels, Guides and other spirit helpers are all around us. There are personal guides and helpers, as well as larger divine beings of light such as archangels and ascended masters, as well as other planetary ascension helpers such as the Hathors who are here to evolve. They are higher dimensional, higher frequency beings which makes it difficult for our 3D eyes and senses to perceive if we are not tuned in to our spiritual awareness. Yet, they are always doing their best to communicate, in hopes of a breakthrough in our perception.

In the early 90s I became aware of several of my main guides as I explored using my intuitive vision as an artist. "Guardians" came onto canvas, as well as into my head and heart. The painting was not just "visionary" but clearly multi-sensory and multi-dimensional. It became clear my guides were coming into form to not only greet me, but to get my attention and let me know I was not alone. I was never alone, and they always were there for me. They had my back.

Now many moons later, many paintings later, and a multitude of mystical experiences later I have come to know my helpers are always there, doing their best to not only be of service and support me in this life, but to guide me into greater levels of love and joy and higher consciousness. I hear them, feel them, see them with my inner senses, perceive them. It seems easy now, to know, trust and experience direct guidance not only from my guides, angels, totem animals, ancestors (the ones who have walked before and are on the other side), but also multi-dimensional beings I might say are alien or other planetary consciousness who desire to assist. And it is easy to tap into to to so for others in Spirit Guide Paintings, Shamanic Healing Sessions and Intuitive readings.

It wasn't always easy, and it wasn't always something I believed I was capable of. In the late 80s though, I began metaphysical training and began to dive into the invisible spiritual realm with practices that assisted me in connected to the unseen world. I didn't think I was capable or gifted. Yet, as I learned to still my mind, I was began to access the unseen worlds where our higher dimensional guardians are awaiting our connection.

Cool thing is, you can connect too!

Katherine Skaggs Trinity of Angels

Say Hello and Thank You

The best way to get to know your guardians and helpers from the invisible realms is to say "hello!" from the deepest levels of your heart. Be curious. Be kind. Be upfront and let them know you want to make contact. Any ally, guardian, angel, fairy, ancestor, ascended master and helper really like it when you will introduce yourself, say hello and let the know you want to connect. You don't have to know their names or who they are to begin.

Thank your guides for being part of your life. Honor them and their powers, and gifts. It can be a general conversation as you begin, i.e., "Dear Guides and Guardians, thank you for helping me through my life. You are powerful and wise. I appreciate how you have nudged me in the right directions when I could listen and take guidance, and for your patience and perseverance when I was unaware. I appreciate your love and commitment to me.

Give Offerings and Requests

Make a heart and soul offering, through clarity of intention and heart's desire. Offer them your time, your stillness, your willingness to meet and connect. Set an altar to hold a physical place where you honor them, honor their gifts (even if you are learning what that might be), where you give them your attention. Leave flowers, burn incense, light a candle, write prayers. Leave candy and gifts that are of the heart.

Give your guides direction and requests for contact. Ask them to make it clear! "Leave a penny or coin on the ground for you to know they are with you." Ask for the parking spot when going to the store. Ask for protection. Ask them to give you clarity of guidance for a particular subject in your life.

Once you begin to make requests of your guides, always be generous in gratitude and offerings in return. As in any relationship, it is a reciprocal situation. Bless your guides as you ask them to bless you.

Katherine Skaggs Abundance Angel

Be Attentive, Open, Patient, Curious

The more attention you give to your guides and helpers from the invisible world, the more energy will collect and expand for you to experience their reciprocity and communication back to you. Be open to how they will communicate. Become childlike in your nature, curious and questioning. This is a key to noticing their various ways in contacting you and communicating. What's it like to "imagine" their conversation? What is their demeanor? Their energy? Are they funny, stern, wise, simple, kind, animal, angel, other dimensional? Once you begin the path of curiosity, they will reveal themselves through frequency that you will identify by one or several of your senses.

Be Still

To know your guides and helpers requires developing stillness and observation. This is required to engage any of your extra sensory senses. Sit still in nature and observe in deep quietude. Sit still and meditate. Engage concentration exercises to hone your skillsets. Reflect. Journal. Ask, listen, reflect.

Signs and Synchronicities from Your Guardians, Guides, Angels and Helpers

Your guides are very happy you are reading this article right now. Whatever urged you to read this, know that very specifically YOUR guides are urging you to go deeper on the path, and this is one of the steps, or breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are the synchronicities or coincidences that get your attention. It is when you know who is calling when the phone rings. Or you were just thinking of a person and you run into them at the store. It is the sign on the back of the car in front of you, that sends a message you can't ignore. It is the clock that says 11:11 or 12:12 or 4:44 each time you look at it. There are numerous sign posts and synchronicities along the way.

Psychic Log and Guide Journal

If you are curious and want to try some of these things, get a journal and begin to write down synchronicities that begin to come once you have begun to say hello, to be still, to ask for their support, or at least their appearance.

Dedicate your journal to the communication between you and your guides. Write in it to communicate what is on your heart and mind. Follow the steps above. As you write, do so as you are communicating directly to each of your beloved helpers. It doesn't matter if you don't know who they are. They will begin to answer and speak to you in a manner through your journaling that is different than your voice, and is not in the first person "I". Instead you will begin to hear or sense the conversation being direct to you, rather from you. Write it as you experience this, with answers and guidance coming you may never have thought of, or accepted before.

Katherine Skaggs Healing Earth Angel

Record synchroniciites, such as when you look at the clock and see repeating numbers or triple digits. Write down when you have asked for help, and you get a call from a dear friend asking how you are. Your guides have reached through the energy web to activate your ground crew.

Having a log gives attention to your journey of awakening to communication with your guides. It also slows you down so you can be aware. Admitting what you sense and experience moves you from believing to knowing. You must admit your experiences and claim them to build upon your abilities of perception. It strengthens the link with you and your guides as it would any relationship where you actively work on communication, giving and receiving.

Why Now?

We are in an ever evolving spiritual journey. This 3D reality of human life is more and more chaotic, as we are in times many refer to as the Kali Yuga. It is a dark and challenging time, with a purpose that propels many of us forward in our own spiritual awakening. Our guide teams and helpers have always has a great role at assisting us through this dimensions. And I find we need them now more than ever to navigate the dense human reality, and to remember we are timeless souls, not bound by the form of a body. Our guides are some of our best helpers to assist us in remembering who we truly are, and how to align ourselves with a higher reality and experience.

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