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Join Katherine Skaggs in the months of May and June 2013 to learn the Intutive Painting process. You have the opportunity to spend a day with Katherine in her playshop, Painting the Soul: The Art of Soul Retrieval and Remembering Saturday, May 18th from 11 to 4pm. You can read more about this below. Monday, May 27th begins a series of three evening intuitive painting classes, with the focus on WAKING UP! as you move to your inner vision through the intuitive painting process and shamanic drum journey.

Each of these classes teach you to better trust your intuitive and inner vision, as well the process of opening a portal to your higher soul self. Retreat into your wise soul self and wipe away any disbelief that you are an artist. Each of us are artists in our own rights, more than we are lead to believe. Getting in touch with your creative soul essence is the key to courageously, authentically painting the canvas of your life.

Painting the Soul:
The Art of Soul Retrieval & Soul Remembering
Saturday, May 18th
11am - 4 pm

held at Katherine's Home & Studio Casa Templo de Luz de Oro
3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins

Enter into sacred soul space through prayer, ritual, intention, shamanic journey and invocation to access your intuition, and ability to connect to the multi-dimensional soul self. This process opens your higher guidance system and can be applied to retrieve aspects of Self, past life memories, spiritual guidance for life issues, and soul remembering.
Katherine will take you through the bones of channeling a soul portrait:

  • Learn how to set the space for opening the portal of a soul portrait and sacred art creation.
  • Build trust through practice for channeling symbol, color/frequency, healing energy and messages for self and other.
  • Work with essence of the energy and go beyond the form of faces in portrait... this is not about the face, it is about the essence.
  • Work with drum journey to vision, and practice bringing the visioning into the intuitive painting process for the soul portrait.
  • Paint a personal self soul portrait as a soul retrieval and healing process.
  • Paint a personal self soul portrait calling in a past life, future life or awareness of self as Christed Being.

Paint, Brushes and 16x20" Paint Boards will be supplied.

Wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on.
Bring a sack lunch or snacks. We'll have a late lunch on site at 1:30ish.
Bring an old towel as a paint rag.

Click here to learn more and to register - Cost $125

Intuitive Painting: WAKING UP!
Mondays, 6:30 – 9:30pm
May 27, June 3 & 10

held at Katherine's Home & Studio Casa Templo de Luz de Oro
3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins

Join Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs to awaken and explore your creativity through paint, and the process of WAKING UP, becoming conscious to your Inner Light. Learn to heal through the creative process of Intuitive Painting, which awakens your core essence and intuitive soul self.

Release the bonds of the ego as you ascend into the color and light of your own divine energies. Discover an awakening of consciousness through a living process that engages your not only your creative self, but your Christ/Buddha/I Am consciousness.

Guided meditation, shamanic journey and intuitive painting are the foundational tools of the course.

Each week we will use invocations to wake up the Christ Consciousness/I AM presence to support our meditation journey process.

All supplies provided.

Register Here - $115 tuition

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