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What do the Goddesses have to tell us in the June Tarot Reading and Forecast?

Join Mythical Goddess Tarot artist and reader Katherine Skaggs for a look at the energies of June 2024.

Who are we as we enter this month?
Earth Fruition - As we enter this month we have much to share, and to celebrate. This card shows a woman with a full basket of fruit she is taking to her tribe to share. We are abundant!

Ace of Earth - Manifestation - another card showing we are abundant and manifesters. Also, as an ace, it says we are protected and guided by many angels and spiritual helpers.

Seas - Purity - And as we enter June our hearts are open and pure. This is something we can not only be grateful for, it is some of the medicine and gifts we bring to the journey.

What is the Big Picture for June 2024?
Earth Card - Failure - Count on letting go of more in your physical reality that cannot go on the way they are. Detach from that which is dead and move to fertile ground. Release the patterns associated with the things cannot grow. Change will come.

Fire - Criticism - Another reflection of entanglement and conflict arising to deal with. Let go of what is out of harmony. Move to greater joy, harmony, and love. Stop feeding the conflicts within and all around.

Seas - Pleasure - Move to the heart of pleasure. Step into joy, pleasure, and emotional happiness. This will support letting go of what no longer serves you.

What are our Lessons and Opportunities?
Seas - Desire - It is time to focus on your true heart's desires and get all the obstacles out of the way. This is a growth opportunity. It is time to honor yourself and what is within your heart to fulfill.

Fire - Integrity - This card goes right along with the heart's desire card. Honor what your soul wants and bring it forth into your conscious mind and life.

Mother Mary - Sacrifice - Make sacred all you are letting go of, and all you are creating. Release the finite and move into an energy of infinite love to guide you.

What Actions do we need to take for the best outcomes?
Shinto Goddess Uzume - The Fool - It is time to lighten up. Be the light in the darkness. Dance in the darkness to bring the light back. Trust. You are protected and in a new beginning.

Fire - De-Light - another affirmation it is time to live in the light and be delighted. Celebrate the light in your life, within your being, and all that is possible. Let it move you forward in your dreams.

Seas - Cleansing - Time to release and clean your hearts and emotions. Let go of the heaviness and move to the light.

What is the outcome as we follow this guidance?
Earth - Nurturance - As we follow the guidance given we can expect to bring greater self love and self nurturance into our human experience.

Earth - Success - As the month ends there will be plenty of opportunity to celebrate the riches of our lives and what we have created... the value, the fun, the physical manifestations.

Earth - Beauty - Another earth card that says we will be enjoying our physical reality and its beauty and how it blesses us.

Spring Equinox Tarot Reading

Join me, Katherine Skaggs to welcome the Spring Equinox (in Northern hemisphere Tuesday, March 19 at 9:06pm MDT) energies of rebirth and reset. The equinox marks the astrological new year, the East in the medicine wheel, and the place of new beginnings. It is the perfect time to plant seeds of your intentions into the great cosmic void of possibility, as well as physically for all you desire at this time.

This Spring Equinox Mythical Goddess Tarot reading reveals more about the energy of the Spring cycle and what we need to know to proceed in greater harmony and well-being in our lives. This esoteric tarot reading also offers practical guidance and advice for clearing old, limiting patterns, as well as birthing new ways of being. Katherine will address Who We Are as we enter this Spring cycle, What is the Big Picture of this time, What are our Lessons and Opportunities, What Action to Take, and Outcomes we can expect as we follow our highest pathways. Enjoy! Much love, Katherine Skaggs

Who are We as We Enter Spring Equinox 2024

This is a reflection of who WE are — you, me, and humanity, and what we are working through as we enter this new cycle:

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - This is a card of wisdom and endings of cycles, signally a massive emotional rebirth from the Dark Night of the Soul. She signals both heart and soul transformation and resurrection from death into new form. This Crone Mama is the pure feminine expression of rebirth from the underworld. Know that no matter who beat up you may feel from your journey that you are here, transformed and wiser. Know that you have all it takes to move into Spring with emotional healing and capacity to love more deeply.

7 of wind mythical goddess tarot7 of Wind - Pessimism - And though we have come through it all with deep emotional challenges and healing, we still have some lack of clarity mentally in how to move forward in a positive way mentally. Old patterns of limitation are up for us to heal as we enter Spring. It is good to expose them now so we can do our work to let go of any boxes we have put ourselves into, or that others have put us into. Time to break out into new ways of being! Get honest and you can move forward.

materasu-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayThe Sun - Amaterasu - The Shinto Sun Goddess - Though our mind may want to hold us back, our soul says WE ARE THE LIGHT! YOU ARE THE LIGHT. On a deep level we are emerging with greater light no matter what our lower ego false personality wants to say. With the return of the light on Earth, there is also a deeper emergence of the light within.

What is the Big Picture of the 2024 Spring Equinox Cycle?

3 of wind - isolation3 of Wind - Isolation - This card is about balance and perception of the mind. Don't let your mind skew your perception as you watch others off playing in a world without you. Now is the time to go within, to be with yourself in deep spaces. You are loved and you belong. Take your space to be with your own processes, your time to practice your skills, and to enjoy yourself in your world. You are the love you seek in your life, and you are the source of all happiness. There is a time to be with community and you will know when that is. Don't let your mind make you envious or feeling alone. Reconnect at the deepest levels with your Self and you will be in flow with your tribe.

5-of-wind-fear-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway5 of Wind - Fear - In the  Big Picture our Spring Cycle is exposing the fear we have mentally so we can overcome it. It is time to move to the heart and soul of life and what we truly desire. If you have fear arising still your mind and sit in your heart. Watch your thoughts. Feel them in your body. Then cast them out with your intentions and healing practices. Take them to the fire and ceremonially release them so they no longer have control over your future. Work with the medicine of going within with the 3 of Wind. Be honest about what you are afraid of so you can refocus through love as best as possible. Ask what it may be like to choose based on love and joy rather than fear.

child-of-fire-creative-spark-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayChild of Fire - Creative Spark - This card is the energy we need to engage within our very beings to overcome the lower mental energies of fear and isolation. What might it be like to be focused on creating what you love? Your creativity is your super power when focused on a new way of being, a future of possibility, and a life lived in joy and love.

What are our Lessons and Opportunities

isis-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayThe High Priestess - Egyptian Goddess Isis  - You are the High Priestess of your own life. You are the one to give birth to your new life through intuitive knowing, inner reflective spaces, ceremony, ritual, magic, and intention. Pay attention to your inner knowing, your inner voice. It is time to receive nourishment from the Divine. It is also important to know your rebirth is supported by this Divine Mother energy. Call Isis to awaken your inner knowing and ability to make your life a sacred ceremony where you are the knower.

09_nine-of-earth-community-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway9 of Earth - Community - Your lesson and challenge, and opportunity is calling you to sacred community of like-minded, like-hearted souls who learn and expand. It is time to find your tribe! Since this card sites in the Lessons and Opportunities section of the reading you may need to review who you are hanging out with. Are they heart and soul tribe? Do you need an upgrade? Perhaps you are having a hard time finding community where you live? Ground yourself and know the Universe is calling you to an expanded or new tribe. Stay open and curious and they shall appear.

04_four-of-seas-desire-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-holloway4 of Seas - Desire - This card of the heart is calling you to greater depth and awareness of your true heart's desires. It is time to trust and go deep into your heart spaces to open your destiny and soul's calling. Opportunity waits for you to connect to your heart and have the courage to ask for what you really want. No matter the past emotional upheaval you have gone through, your heart is calling you to align with its true desires.

What Action to Take

13_mother-of-earth-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowayMother of Earth - Birth - It is indeed time to give birth to your creations born of the seeds you planted this last cycle. Be prepared to nourish what you have already set into motion. Is the baby room ready for your new life? Prepare to go forward with your dreams and trust you are guided in all you need to take care of your new life with great love.

III - Empress - Kuan YinThe Empress - Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion and Mercy  - Kuan Yin is the heart centered Mother of Compassion and Healing. She is here to bring relief to any suffering you have been experiencing. Engage your heart into this love to heal anything you have been holding onto emotionally. You are being offered the healing waters of life through compassion, love, and wisdom. Give this pure stream of love and compassion first of all to yourself. Yield to your heart fully. In doing so you will receive her full blessings and in turn bless all you meet. Be receptive. Offer this gentleness and mercy to others as yourself.

1 - Sorceress - Morgan le FayThe Sourceress - Morgan le Fey Queen of the Fairies - This great Queen Goddess ruler of Avalon knows magic in all its forms. She heals and creates through alchemical powers of shape shifting form. She brings rebirth and transformation from the old. She is here to teach you that you have the ability to shape shift your circumstances into whatever you choose. You are the creator of your life by each choice you make. Your future awaits you based on how you choose each moment. What do you choose to create and to experience? Know that whatever you release opens the door to a new life? It is time to heal and transform into greater love, greater life, and greater joy.


5 of Fire - Conflict - Having a negative card is a warning as to what you really need to do in this next cycle. It is time to resolve conflict within and all around you so you do not need to carry it forward in your life. Know also that as you follow your soul path there may be others that are not happy about it. This card asks you to become free of whatever circumstances have kept you enslaved in old ways of being and pain. If you follow your soul's yearnings you will be uprooting the sources of conflict within yourself so you can uproot them out of your life.

ace of fire illumination mythical goddess tarotAce of Fire - Illumination - Rest assured that as you move into your new life you will shine! This is a card of new beginnings and support. All aces represent both spiritual and physical support on board. Clarity and light is upon you in your life. The time is now to move forward with brilliant consciousness and creative power.

Six of Earth - Success6 of Earth - Success - This overflowing pot of gold is a symbol of successful reward as you end the cycle of Spring. All you have been working for is coming to fruition in tangible, physical ways. This is a time of great accomplishment and the success you deserve. Be prepared to receive!

Join Katherine Skaggs, artist and original publisher of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, for a Mythical Goddess Full Moon Tarot reading for the February Full Moon in Virgo.

How do we navigate the new moon energies in Aquarius Feb. 9th, 2024?

Join Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot to look at these energies and how to work with them for the best experiences for the next 28 day cycle.

With this tarot reading you will get a look at:

  • Who are you as you enter into this new moon cycle?
  • What is the big picture and meaning of this next 28 day cycle?
  • What are the challenges, lessons, and opportunities to work with?
  • What actions should I take to get the most out of this time?
  • What outcomes might I expect as I work consciously with this energy?

New Moon in Aquarius, Feb. 9th, 2024

In astrology, new moons bring beginnings and change. They’re a time to lay the groundwork for the goals you wish to accomplish in the next several weeks. February’s new moon rises in innovative Aquarius, urging you to question your values and how you fit in the world. This zodiac sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with rebellion and progressive change, which can translate into abrupt endings and plot twists that shake you to your core.

There is a great Humanitarian vibe that comes with Aquarius, so grab this energy and know your changes are part of the leveling up process we are in on a global level. “It has the potential to liberate you in ways that are hard to even imagine right now. A new pathway is unfolding before you, which can come with a healthy dose of uncertainty about where it leads or if you’ll be capable of handling it,” he says. With the support of Aquarius by your side, those who luck out during this new moon will be empowered by the fixed sign’s unwavering ethic." says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “

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New Moon Women's Wisdom Circle Feb. 9th

The Mythical Goddess Tarot

Mythical Goddess Tarot by Sage Holloway, and Katherine Skaggs

2024 Tarot Reading with Katherine Skaggs, the Mythical Goddess Tarot, and the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

Summary of the 2024 Tarot Reading - What to know!

Let's take a look at the 2024 Tarot Reading to learn more about: Who are we as we enter 2024? What is the Big Picture of the year? What are the challenges and lessons to work with? How do we work with the energies of 2024 for the best experience? What outcomes are possible? Take a look with me at the energies we have to navigate and how best to do so!

Who Are We as We Enter into 2024?

Major Arcana - Gaia - The World - Connection, allies, abundance, support

Major Arcana - Mary Magdalene - Initiation - Change, growth, movement into new ways... and you may be the one who also initiates others.

8 of Fire - Expression - Able to express your own fiery nature, movement again, passion, authenticity. Be yourself as you grow and expand!

What is the Big Picture for 2024?

5 of Seas - Cleansing - Emotional healing, release of difficult patterns emotionally, and into a place of greater harmony and heart spaces.

8 of Seas - Depletion - All the hard emotional things you have been going through must be faced and let go so you can heal and replenish.

Maiden of Seas - Passion - Letting go of the hard stuff gives us the healing needed to live in passion and yumminess emotionally.

What are our lessons, challenges, and opportunities for 2024?

3 of Seas - Compassion - Look for the pearls within the challenges. With the healing it is important to look for the gold, the alchemy, and the gifts that come from the hard stuff. This returns us to compassion for ourselves and for those around us, and the world at large.

2 of Seas - Love - Our lesson is to move into the playfulness of loving ourselves, and others. This is not necessarily about a personal relationship with another person, but can be. Learn to flow emotionally and with enjoyment of an open heart.

Mother of Seas - Perception - Our lessons and challenges this year is all about healing our heart spaces. The healing invites us into deeper spaces of intuition and knowing as we clear fear, hurt, and trauma. Go within and feel, sense, know with a clear and open heart.

What Action do we take in 2024 for the best experiences?

8 of Earth - Nurturance - As we heal we must make changes that nurture our body, and all of our physical reality, supporting our emotional and soul healing. Focus on the seeds you are planting and then give them your love, nurturance, and focus.

10 of Wind - Illusion - This mental suit card reminds us as we heal do not get lost in the shadows... turn to the light. Whatever we focus on expands.

The Fool - Goddess Uzume - Lighten up! What a great card to follow the Illusion card. You are protected. Do not fear, now is a time of new beginnings with wisdom as you step into the light. Uzume brought the Sun Goddess Amaterasu out the cave and brought the light back. She did so through her irreverence and with play. Find that for yourself as you move out of the dark spaces in your life, and in the life of humanity's fears and you will know all is well, in spite of the appearances of things. Be the light!

Outcome of 2024 as we heal ourselves and focus in the light?

5 of Fire - De-Light - We are moving to a place of passion, light, and fire within ourselves as we heal.

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - The Crone of Seas has been through the gambit of the most difficult emotional depths. This card indicates great emotional healing and wisdom because you committed to that healing.

9 of Wind - Criticism - This is a negative mental suit card... but does not mean that in our healing we will become more critical. It is an indication that as we heal our heart spaces the mental critical thought forms will have to arise to heal too. There is an opportunity in our journey to heal all the hard edges within and around us. To let go of the harsh crictical thoughts.

Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Cards Overlay

Who's Helping us Who are we section - Archangel Michael - Protection -We are protected!! Stay the path of the heart.

What is the big picture section? Mayan Master Imix - Receptivity - Another card that represents the womb space of the Great Mother - purification, new life, protection, dragon medicine. Be open to the changes and know that you are taken care of.

Who is here to help with our lessons? Our Lady of Guadalupe - Miracles - in your growth cycles know that you are watched over by this great mother and that miraculous events, healings, and opportunities are coming your way!

Who is here to help us with our action? Archangel Gabriel - Messages - Pay attention to the signs, symbols, and messages on your path. As you take action you will be guided. Ask and you will receive what you need.

Who is with us in the Outcome? Lord Maitraya - Initiation - We had initiation at the beginning and now in the outcome. Another message that our growth and experiences this year offer us pure illumination in our journey. We are moving more toward our Christ light as we heal, more into our light bodies. Our sacred hearts are being opened and lit on fire. Soul Expansion!

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Mythical Goddess Tarot by Author Sage Holloway and Artist Katherine Skaggs used for 2024 Tarot ReadingMythical Goddess Tarot

Author Sage Holloway

Artist Katherine Skaggs

Award-winning best-seller


Masters of Light Wisdom OracleMasters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Author and Artist Katherine Skaggs giving insights to the 2024 Tarot Reading by Katherine Skaggs.

Solstice Tarot Reading with the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Katherine Skaggs

Enjoy a Mythical Goddess Solstice Tarot Reading with Katherine Skaggs for Solstice Thursday, Dec. 21st at 8:27pm MST.

This is a 15-Card spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot and an esoteric look at the Solstice Cycle. It is practical too as to what is important as we end one cycle and begin a new one, both from a spiritual perspective, and what serves us as souls on Earth. Katherine will help you look at Who are We as we enter into this changing cycle, What is the Big Picture, What Lessons and Opportunities are at this time, What Action to Take, and What Outcome will follow as we act on what is best for us. In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year before the return of the light.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Summer Solstice, being the brightest day of the year. Solstice is the still place of pause, where the Sun's daily path as seen from Earth reverses direction seasonally. Spiritually and symbolically, this is a time of ‘pause.' It is a good time to access the Void, and the place of possibility and potentiation. The void is the place between past and future, the place of all possible futures.

Master Akbal signals a time to go within. A perfect reminder for a Solstice ceremony. Master Akbal painting is by artist Katherine Skaggs and is feathered in the award-winning Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by artist/author Katherine Skaggs.REFLECT AND LET GO

Now is a time to reflect upon what you truly desire to create and to experience as you let go of what has been. It is a great time to write down what you are letting go of onto a sheet of paper, with all the ferve and emotion you can draw forth as you place words and energy onto paper. In reflection what wisdom and gratitude can you draw forth from your journey in life? Even in the hardest of times there are lessons and teachings that offer wisdom from your experiences.


On another sheet of paper admit your blessings that have come across the last 6 months to year or more. What wisdom has come? What are you grateful for in the journey? What healing and awareness have you received along the way?


On a third sheet of paper take time to dream anew. What hopes, dreams, and desires do you wish to put your attention on now? What new seeds of life do you wish to plant and fertilize with your attention at this potent time? Pour forth your desires to create and to receive.

Solstice Fire Ceremony with Katherine SkaggsALCHEMIZE WITH FIRE CEREMONY

To alchemize your words and your experiences, take your writings to the fire and ceremonially release them. The fire is the symbol of the Sun on Earth, tangible, bright, and alchemical. Move close to the fire and release these papers, and any other offerings you would like, such as seeds for new beginnings, leaves of what has been shed, holly, twigs, etc. Place organic items into the fire to let go and to call forth anew. Then stand close enough to the fire for its energy to purify your field with its warmth and life force. With everything you release into the fire you will receive an expansion of chi, prana, and life force to revitalize your energy and all of your life.

May this Solstice bring you many blessings! May the Holidays bring great joy, and the New Year be fertile with great love, abundance, adventures, and heart. Love, Katherine

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New Moon in Sagittarius December 12, 2023 - A Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading

Learn more about working with the New Moon in Sagittarius December 12, 2023 energies with an esoteric Mythical Goddess Tarot reading from Katherine Skaggs. It is time to move forward and let the past go... and this New Moon in Sagittarius is a great, refreshing energy to help with that. It is a great time to let go of old ways and begin anew.

15-Card Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Sagittarius

Who are We Now?

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - Who are We - 6 of Earth Success

6 of Earth - Success - Recognize all you have, from the mental, emotional, and physical to the spiritual. Count your blessings as you are rich in more ways than you can imagine. Recognize this as you move forward into new ways of being and it will support your shift up.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - Who are We - Child of WindChild of Wind - Consciousness - This is a card of mental freedom, newness, and magic. Honor this within yourself to help you vision and live new ways of life.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - Who are We - 7 of Fire Courage7 of Fire - Courage - You are ready for change. You have the courage to be different, to open up new ways of living life in greater joy and harmony. Work with this inner fire as you focus on what you desire to experience.

What is the Big Picture?

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What is the Big Picture? Goddess Amaterasu The SunGoddess Amaterasu - The Sun - This expansion is supportive of you being your greater soul self. You are moving into a more luminous state of being as you let go of the old dense ways of being.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What is the Big Picture? 10 of Fire - Self-destruction - time to let go of all ways you sabotage yourself

10 of Fire - Self-destruction - In the big picture it is time to let go of all ways that you are hard on yourself or are self-destructive.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What is the Big Picture? Ace of Wind - Realization

Ace of Wind - Your angels are all around to help you. You are being opened at the top, to download your intuitive knowing and awareness to come from higher consciousness. What are the challenges, lessons, and opportunities of this cycle?

What are the Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities?

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What are the Lessons and Opportunities - 9 of Fire - Integrity9 of Fire - Integrity - You are being called to a higher integrity in how you are in the world. As you let go of the old ways of being it is time to be honest and completely true to yourself in the most loving ways. Have good boundaries and let go of what takes you out of harmony and happiness.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What are the Lessons and Opportunities - 7 of Seas - Denial - time to stop denying your emotional happiness

7 of Seas - Denial - To be in integrity this card puts you on notice to let go of all ways where you deny yourself emotionally. Time to clean out stuffed and suppressed emotions and ways of being so you can come into a greater sense of Self and harmony in life.

New Moon in Sagittarius reading with Katherine Skaggs - What are the Lessons and Opportunities - Kuan Yin - Empress - time for compassion and mercy

Goddess Kuan Yin - Empress - Great Mother Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion and Mercy says your growth requires greater compassion for yourself and the world around you. It may be challenging at times to embody. Yet, this is very important that you work with the healing of your heart spaces so you can find what is necessary for greater compassion for self and other.

What Action do I need to take with this cycle?

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - What Action to take? 5 of Seas - Cleansing5 of Seas - Cleansing - This card is supportive of the emotional healing necessary for the change desired. It is time for a sea salt bath to cleanse your etheric bodies. It is time to get a healing from a great practitioner who can help. What can you do that supports your emotional healing? Somatic work, breath work, shamanic healing, etc? Just do it.

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - What Action to take? Child of Seas - Innocence

Child of Seas - Innocence - This child card indicates you will have the new beginnings you desire as you heal your child like self and return to innocence and purity. Within the state of innocence lies the answer. Clean away hurt and cynicism, that you may find your most loving precious innocent and pure way of being. This is a high-frequency energy that shifts your reality.

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - What Action to take? Hindu Goddess Kali - Death - change!Hindu Goddess Kali - Death - Mother Kali is here to help purify us that we let go of the old, unloving ways of being, that we may be rebirth anew in our purity. Ask Kali to protect you and help you to die to the past that no longer serves you.

Outcome if we follow this path

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - Outcome? 8 of Seas - Depletion - an indication to take care of yourself so you don't go down during this holiday time. 8 of Seas - Depletion - Finding this negative card in the outcome tells me that if we consciously work with the energies we'll heal emotionally and resolve the emotional exhaustion and depletion we are experiencing at this time. If however we don't work on healing emotionally know that you will find yourself exhausted and sick during this holiday season. So heed this advice best as you can.

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - Outcome? Ace of Earth - Manifestation

Ace of Earth - Manifestation - This is a great outcome card, indicating you have lots of help with the angels supporting you to bring a new way of life into your reality. Plan on good things coming your way.

New Moon in Sagittarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs - Outcome? Goddess Mary Magdalene - InitiationsGoddess Mary Magdalene - Initiation - This new moon cycle is an initiation into a more illuminated and enlightened perspective and way of being. Stay the course with this new moon energy and its recommendations and you will find greater happiness and wholeness in your way of being.


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Mythical Goddess Tarot Anniversary EditionMythical Goddess Tarot by author Sage Holloway and artist Katherine Skaggs

How do we engage the frequency of love this Valentine's day, as well as in every day life? Love is the frequency of 528HZ that heals, creates miracles, gives life force, and transforms dense, discordant, difficult energies. 

Enjoy a Mythical Goddess Tarot reading by Katherine Skaggs for Valentine's day and accessing the Frequency of Love. 

Who are we as we enter Valentine's Day and the Frequency of Love: 

III - Empress - Kuan Yin

The Empress Card - Kuan Yin the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy speaks to us of the power of Divine love that lives within our very being. We are naturally spiritual beings of love. 

Mother of Earth - Birth - We are fertile beings ready to give birth to new life. 

2 of Wind - Balance - There is mental balance between our inner state of being, our subconscious, and our outer conscious mind. (If for any reason you don't feel these energies, it is time to step more deeply into the frequency of 528HZ of love to restore your true essence.) 

Big Picture: 

The Moon Card - Ix Chel Mayan Moon Goddess In the big picture we are urged to go within to the power inside our heart spaces and the subconscious to find the healing vibes and new life energy of love. This is the vital force that creates new life. 

Child of Fire - Creative Spark - This card is the epitome of the love frequency that gives new life and creates. Restoring your heart space through this frequency gives birth to more of this energy creating your life in like vibration. 

10 of Fire - Self-Destruction - The 10 of Fire’s a warning card that tells me as we move into greater states of love we clear out and heal the lower vibes of fear, anger, hatred, and all habits where we self-destruct. This energy is up to heal this holiday - and all days to come where we are healing that which is NOT love. 

Our Lessons and Challenges to Overcome Bring Opportunities: 

Crow Woman - Sacred Law Card - Crow Woman tells us we will learn more about the laws of the Universe and receive our karmic brownies as we lean into love. As you give so you receive. As you love, love is returned. The vibration of love is calling us to embody more and more - which in and of itself is a challenge in a dualistic world with dissonant frequencies. Heed Crow Woman and know that as you focus on love, you will create in love. 

Uzume - The Fool Card - Uzume in the challenges tells me that it may be a bit of a lesson to be present in love, in a new beginning, where we are the ones to bring the light back into its fullness. A profound figure to have in the lessons. Uzume is the goddess known to bring the Sun Goddess out of the cave so the world was full of light once again. You may want to sit with Uzume and ask her to help you 'lighten up.' 

8 of Wind - Confusion - The negative wind card of confusion in the lessons encourages us to clear our minds as we seek to live in love. The challenge is to get out of your head and into your heart. 

Action to Take: 

5 of Wind - Isolation - An interesting card to pull when inquiring about love and Valentine's day. It may be time to exam your beliefs around being alone or out and about with the crowd this Valentine's day. This is a card of balance of knowing when to step away and take care of yourself and do what is right for you. Be clear when you make a 'date' this Valentine's day that you really want to be with another, or with others. Self-nurture and take care of you and your attitudes and beliefs. Align them in these loving vibrations, then choose where you want to be and with whom you can to be. 

Sacred Fire Card - White Buffalo Calf Woman - This fiery goddess wants you to purify your heart and greet all life as sacred. Life is a ceremony. How can you bring that purity and sacred space to your day's experience? 

Crone of Seas - Resurrection - Today is a new day, where you can bring the past emotional hurts to a place of healing and wisdom. Be present now. Today is a great day to acknowledge how far you have come in your ability to love and be loved. 


Maiden of Wind - Clarity - As you immerse yourself in the frequency of love you will find clarity of mind and ability to focus on what you truly want. 

6 of Earth - Success - With the immersion into the 528HZ/LOVE your physical reality will reflect the abundance, harmony, joy, and prosperity of this energy. This will create only more love and its vital, life-giving energy. 

Mother of Seas - Perception - You will also have an expanded perception as a result of these love vibes. When your heart expands in this love, everything in your world is transformed. You are able to 'see' through your heart space, where you can also perceive the love in others as well as yourself. .

15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, and additional guidance from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle to guide and support on this Scorpio New Moon October 25, 2022.

Who are We as


Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13th, 2022 Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

What does this super full moon cycle have to tell us? How can it support us to bring positive change and help us bring our dreams to earth?

A 15-card spread to reveal guidance, challenges, gifts and possibilities.

Who are we entering into this full moon cycle?

Child of Fire - Creative Spark We need to own our creative spark as our greatest gift to create our world. This is a card of new beginnings that reveals what is supportive at all times. Trust your inner creative self to guide you.

8 of Seas - Depletion We are exhausted from the emotional challenges and energies that have been going on. Make sure to take time to rest in this cycle. Pay attention to your emotional, tender self, and your physical body. Balance.

Crone of Earth - Ascension This is a card of wisdom born of our earthly experiences. As we move into this cycle this is one of our gifts that helps us navigate our world. Draw upon the wisdom from your earthly experiences and the wisdom of your very lineage.

What is the Big Picture?

Goddess Lilith - Power Everything is up about authenticity, equality, and personal power. It is time to own who we are in our differences, with full sovereignty, to honor and respect ourselves and others. This is a time of coming into greater freedom and power.

Goddess Yemaya - Oracle It is time to honor the inner self and knowing that you have. It is a time of intuition and knowing yourself rather than looking outside. Trust your inner compass.

4 of Wind - Patience Be fully present to this experience as we prepare to birth a new reality. All is in order. Everything is in perfect timing.

What are the challenges and lessons?

Goddess Ix Chel - The Moon The challenge and lesson is to take time to go within to dreamtime, to sleep, to rest and reset, to go within and be true to your inner self and inner guidance. Go outside of linear time.

Child of Seas - Innocence Within the storms of life you may feel challenged to remain innocent and in your heart spaces. Again, go within and work with your precious, innocent, curious heart-centered child self, as this part of your knows the way beyond the fear.

9 of Earth - Works The lesson and challenge is to bring your inner dreamtime guidance into your world through joyful action.


9 of Wind - Fear Face the fear and mental struggles that keep you from living the life you want to live. Get honest and come back to your heart. Your heart knows the way, not your mind.

9 of Fire - Integrity Align your spirit, your higher mind, your heart, and your actions now. Be in integrity as a divine being living an earthly life. Practice. This will offset the fear and brig you back to heart and joy.

Goddess Isis - High Priestess Use ceremony and ritual to focus your true heart's desires into your life to assist you in living your best life. Work with moon ceremony and daily ceremonies to bring higher spiritual light into this world.


Goddess Uzume - The Fool Staying on this path will bring you to a new cycle with greater levity and lightness, knowing that all is well.

10 of Earth - Fruition Everything is provided and given for all the hard work that has happened. There is enough for self and for sharing with tribe.

7 of Earth - Failure Change is at hand. All ways of life that are not sustainable are falling away. Accept that the old ways that are not working are dying, and this is a good thing, as new life comes with this change.

Coming out of the Full Moon Energy, Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this past weekend we are being encouraged to shed the skins of the past, to honor the experiences and the wisdom given through their lessons, to bring the blessings and teachings into our human experience. It is time to ground our spiritual wisdom through the physical reality. It is time to see more clearly, to be more clear, to unite our essence into the physical.

One-card inspiration with the Mythical Goddess Tarot to help us move into a new way of being, to support us embodying a new way of being. How do we marry our polar opposites? How do we come into greater oneness marrying our yin and yang, our shadow and light, our human and our spirit? What is the support and message that will help us at this time that brings healing and blessings for our new life.

The Earth Element 

Earth is the element of the physical, the human experience, career, finances, relationships, home, the body, and health. It represents all aspects of our earth reality. It is our foundation for being in a body in this world, and the opportunity for great soul growth through earth school. 

The Crone of Earth

The Crone is the Wise Woman, the one who has traversed many cycles to become the elder and the knower. The Crone of Earth in particular represents the awakening of the soul through the human experiences and bringing it all the way into your phsyical conscious reality. It is the acceptance of our Divinity in our physical reality. Through this we heal and transmute the very cells of your physical self, and your ancestral DNA, and your spiritual DNA. She is the warrior Goddess who breaks old patterns and shifts behaviors. She brings new opportunities of new consciousness, heart, mind, and body. Imagine, your very DNA is ready to be illuminated and brought to new life!

This is the wisdom Crone Mama who is here to remind us to that the earth walk is a world of duality and polarity, a world of cycles, that is filled with opportunities and lessons for the soul's adventure. It is time to reflect upon our earthly experiences, that we may squeeze all the juice of love and gold out of them, and to compost the feelings and beliefs that separate us from love. It is time for wisdom to come all the way into our human consciousness that brings us to our divinity. Join wise woman and artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Katherine Skaggs, to look at the deeper teachings that are here for us now to heal through the challenges in our earthly world at this time, and what we are being called to illuminate and to heal, that we may awaken.

As you call forth the Crone within your Earth experiences, the wisdom in your experiences and within your very being, know that you are stepping into what is needed to change and begin anew in an expanded version of yourself.  Old identities are composting as you transmute pain into awareness through love, forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom. Your world is ready to ascend into an awakened experience. 

Blessings and love

Katherine Skaggs

HAPPY Feb. 1st - Imbolc, the New Moon, AND the Lunar New Year!!

Imbolc is the Celtic celebration of the Irish Goddess Brigid, corresponding to the Gaelic Fire Festivals to celebrate the coming of Spring (the day falling halfway between the Spring equinox and Winter solstice.)

This year Imbolc falls on the New Moon AND the Lunar New Year! It is the perfect time to set intentions for new, and expansive ways of being, new life! What projects do you want to bring to life? What energies do you desire to give light to?

As Imbolc traditionally signals the end of the worst of winter and the beginning of spring, it is a wonderful time to relax, let go, and focus love and excitement for the potent new life coming to you now.

Call upon the goddess Brigid today, the great Irish goddess of the hearth, healing, poetry, artistry, and blacksmithing. In the Mythical Goddess Tarot Brigid is the 14th Major Arcana Card, Alchemy (inspired by the ART card in the Thoth tarot deck.) Here Brigid inspires you to find your own creative spark of inspiration, letting it blend with the alchemical powers of the Divine Creative Force to manifest the power of beauty in your life.

Welcome the Goddess Brigid to assist you/all of us in transforming our world through your Divine creative spark. May she bring the illumination of her fire and artistry to support each of us as we leave the challenges of winter behind and welcome the promise of spring, and the light returning into our lives.

With the combined energies of Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year know that change is upon us. The light is returning and we are budding into a new time. Join me in the light with love.

#Brigid, #MythicalGoddessTarot, #imbolc2022, #lunarnewyear2022, #NewMoon2022

Blessings and Inspiration from the upcoming
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid-2022.

As part of my offering for February 1st, Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year — BIG ENERGY—from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid 2022, I invite the medicine of Alchemy and Archangel Uriel to work with Brigid. Let us light the fires of our hearts, that we may purify and make sacred the life we have lived so far. Let this sacred fire break open the seeds of the new that we may be abundant in our new cycles unfolding. Abundant in love, in community, in joy, in good health, in all our relations, and in all we create.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom, Divine light, and fire that purifies. Expect life to be fully transformed as Uriel brings the alchemical, purifying powers of the Phoenix Rising into every part of your being.

Be not afraid, for Archangel Uriel brings light into the darkness, the mystery, and the unknown. It is time to put your fears, and old ways of life into the fire that purifies and transforms. It is time to let go.

Uriel’s fire and light are born from the highest, most Divine energies of unconditional love. Let this intense light and love clean and purify your heart from sorrow and distress. This will restore the peace within yourself as you are then able to reconnect to your own Divinity.

Out of the ashes of old dreams comes new life. Trust in the process. Connect to the Light and be reassured in your healing process.

It is time for great change. What is in need of purification in your life? What is dull, lacking light, mundane, and void of magic?
Archangel Uriel offers all you need to shapeshift and alchemize your life. Call upon him now to assist you in bringing new life through the release of the old.

Refocus in this fiery light and you will find the wisdom and love needed to bring new life. As your heart let’s this purifying light in, you will discover the most beautiful blessings that come from the ashes of the greatest disappointments.You are on the spiritual path to enlightenment as you move out of the darkness into the light.

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Fire Ceremony

With Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year coinciding, it is a great time for a fire ceremony. Call upon Brigid and Archangel Uriel to assist you in bringing the light into all areas of your life, birthing new realities as you transform and release what has been. With this there is a great expansion of Divine, creative energy, that purifies and gives birth to new realities.

#ArtistShamanHealerSage book

With much love, Katherine Skaggs

What are you creating this year of 2022?

Are you excited? Ready for a new pattern? Expansion? Transformation and Change? Or are you afraid, weary, and watching the news to see what will happen to you?

We are all co-creators of our Universe... whether you like it or not, there is a good chance you have everything to do with whether you are happy or not, in harmony or in despair. How do you take your next step to get beyond the chaos of COVID, scary world views, politics, and inflation in times that are unpredictable?

Join me, Katherine Skaggs, and take a look at the energies of 2022, so you can get beyond the fears of the mass consciousness and the pessimism of the media. In my world, I understand according to Universal Laws and Truths, and the teachings of the ancient ones who have done this many times, I am the creator of my reality. Does that mean I have control of it all. Well, no, I have not mastered that. Yet, I am the one who can imagine differently, face my fears, and choose again to make life more harmonious as I learn and grow. You can do that too.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is a great wisdom tool to show us the patterns and energies we are coming into and how to work with them for creating a more joyful life.

Today I pulled a 15-card spread to look at 1. Who we are coming into 2022? 2. What is the Big Picture of 2022. 3. What are our lessons/obstacles and opportunities for 2022? 4. What Action should we take for 2022? 5. The Outcome if we pay attention and heed our guidance.

I hope you will enjoy and find this guidance of great value that gives you the courage to be yourself and to follow your heart's dreams.

Blessings, Katherine Skaggs

The full moon in Aquarius Sunday, August 22nd is a rare Blue Moon, conjunct with Jupiter. This is an excellent moon to connect to the energy of optimism, good fortune, luck, generosity, success... from the physical material world, to your personal relationships, to your spiritual growth. With the fullness of this moon look for an expansive energy in beautiful ways that bring happiness and contentment. Do be aware at the same time how the Sun is opposite Jupiter, potentially lighting up any patterns of greed, arrogance, lust, and being ungrounded. Stay in gratitude for all the blessings that come your way, and be present to what you have and what is given. This will help you avoid disappointment keep you present to the blessings that are abundantly yours

Join Katherine Skaggs, intuitive, artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, to gain awareness of the energies in this cycle of the Full Moon and how to best take advantage of it for growth, blessings, and greater harmony in how you navigate the chaos of our times and this particular cycle.

WHO AM I/WE as we enter this cycle

3 of Seas - Compassion

Trust the wisdom of your heart. Your heart knows the medicine of Compassion, no matter how polarized and strange the world is. You have this medicine. It is within you now, and most likely has been cultivated from your current life's journey. This is a foundational energy for you to navigate this moon cycle. It is one of your blessings.

Goddess Pele - Purification

Another blessing that you have within your very being now is the medicine of the Goddess Pele. She is here to remind you that you have what you need to clean away anything within yourself and in your world that is not respectful to your being. Do a fire ceremony to burn away the old patterns that are not loving or harmonious.

Sophia - Wise Woman

Another medicine or blessing that you have as you enter this cycle is Divine Wisdom. Every experience brings the opportunity for wisdom. Go within and trust the higher wisdom that brings peace and balance, that brings abundance and expansion.


8 of Wind - Confusion

Know that this gemini mental energy reminds us that we are going to be challenged with knowing the way if we rely on our mental acumen. Polarization, right and wrong, "do I do this or that?" are all up for us now as we move through this expansive jupiter energy. The mental energy can be confusing so make sure to go to your spiritual self, your heart spaces, and your intuitive knowing to enjoy the blessings of this moon and jupiter conjunction.

9 of Earth - Community

Even in the confusion, we are being encouraged to gather in circles with the light, or spiritual truth, as your focus. Come together in person to illuminate your physical and spiritual selves. Unite in common heart and soul purpose. It is time, even in our challenges, to unite with a higher purpose that pleases us in all ways. This is an earth card, so it does encourage gathering in our physical world.

Mother Mary - Sacrifice

We are in a time of releasing old, finite ways of being so we can enjoy the expansive energies that offer us a more beautiful and harmonious way of being. Mother Mary reminds us that we are eternal and this is the place of learning through experience. She also offers us the highest frequencies of Unconditional Love to assist us in our growth with greater ease and grace.


6 of Wind - Intention

This card tells me that it may be challenging in this cycle to stop and go within to reflect, to re-imagine, and to dream a new reality with clarity of mind, prayerfulness, and clear intention. It is our homework, and probably our challenge to actually make space to do so.

3 of Fire - De-Light

No matter the challenges, you are being called to practice focusing on the light and being De-Lighted... full of light, no matter how dark or grey life may be. Connect to your inner light, be present, and you will be more illuminated no matter the world around you.

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

The lesson is that Life is Sacred, all is sacred — all people, all experiences, everything. White Buffalo Calf Woman calls you into sacred ceremony every day, every breath. How can you be the one who carries the peace pipe? How can you purify your thoughts, your emotions, your body? Now is a time to become more masterful as a spirit in a Divine Play as Human. It is time to grow spiritually through your earth experiences.


7 of Earth - Failure

This warning card says to cut loose of all things in your world that does not give life. This is an Earth card, so this is about what is in your physical world. What is dead in your life? What doesn't give life? Compost that which is not giving you life. Choose life and what is creating life. Move on.

8 of Seas - Depletion

Another warning card representing emotional depletion. The action is to acknowledge all places where you have overextended yourself emotionally, or where you are out of balance and depleted emotional. Tend to yourself here, as well as your physical reality so you don't go down. If you are already emotional exhausted, take a break. Stop! Give yourself a massage, a spa day, a day in silence and self care. Otherwise you may find yourself sick and completely out of balance.

Goddess Yemaya - Oracle

Go within - Trust your intuition! Trust your inner, subconscious knowing. Take time to go within. Go to the higher octaves of the Divine within and around, to your spiritual knowing. Breathe. Feel. Sense. Go to the higher intuitive sense of knowing through love.


Lilith - Power

The ancient Sumerian Goddess Lilith represents the return to our empowered self, on all levels, born of the same Divine substance as all beings. Follow the guidance to return to freedom. These times are here to assist us in clearing the old so we can return to the Divine power within us in all of our lives.

6 of Seas - Pleasure

We are on the path to return to our emotional pleasure. How yummy can life be? As you return to your power you are also returning to your emotional yumminess. It is the embodiment and enjoyment of the Divine!

Child of Wind - Consciousness

We are waking up! Returning to our Divine Child, who imagines possibility and new ways of being. A beautiful part of our true nature is awaiting us in our journey as we are being activated through this full moon cycle.

As we move into the New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies, we are in a time of opportunity for new life in ways that have great possibility and potential. The question that came to me as I contemplated the intention and questions for the Goddesses to guide us in the New Moon energies, is What do we need to be Happy? Life is too short not to be happy, so what support, guidance, healing and action can get us there?

WHO ARE WE as we enter this new cycle?

Our foundation of who are as we enter the New Moon is one of working hard to bring heavenly guidance to earth, that we are in a time of revolution personally and collectively, and a place of trueness to self that brings power, and empowerment. These energies are fabulous for supporting the growth we truly desire to be free, to be unified within, and to align with what makes us happy so that we honor it and live it.


It is time to nourish ourselves in all ways so we can be happy. What do you truly desire? Give it your attention, your love, your time an it will manifest. The 4 of Fire Completion card sits next to the 9 of Earth Nurturance, telling us that we are completing the old, so we can be happy again. Then the 8 of Fire - Courage is present in the overall picture, telling us it takes Courage to truly do what you love, to be happy, to let go of the things that don't fulfill you. GO FOR IT... JUST DO IT!


The 7 of Wind - Pessimism sits in the center of our lessons.It is time to clean your mind and the limiting attitudes and beliefs that contribute to unhappiness. Radical transformation requires radical change. Call upon the Courage card to clean away the pessimistic mental beliefs, as well as possibly people who reflect that to you. Pele, the Purification major arcana card (The Tower in the traditional tarot) sits next to this wind card, letting you know that massive change and purification is at hand if you truly want to live a happy life. She brings fire into the journey to burn away those mental limiting energies and beliefs, and is poised to burn down the house of your old life for you to be in a new experience of joy and happiness. I recommend participating with her and willingly letting go of all that creates pain and suffering so you can return to joy. Remember, this most of all is your inner work, to let go of mental attitudes and emotional disharmony, and possibly physical expressions of that, so you can return to a happy place within. Your happiness within will rewire your outer physical reality. Walking away from a job or relationship doesn't insure happiness unless you have made the changes within. If you make the changes within, your job and relationship may shift too... Only you can decide as you return to your internal state of happiness. And the Community card, the 9 of Earth sits with these two cards, Pessimism and Pele. It tells me that one of our lessons and opportunities for healing is to return to our Tribe, to our communities. Time to get past the limitations we have navigated with COVID, or anything else in our lives that have kept us from community, and to find our way back. What is challenging about this? You may need to overcome any fears that have arisen about being with others. Or perhaps you need to find a different community, or return to one you have not be in for a while. What is important for your happiness and what community is to you?


At the center of our Action is the Pleiadian Star Goddess, the Star card, and the card of one's Soul's Destiny! It is time for you to follow your heart to find your happiness. Everything you desire is here now, no matter the appearances. Trust your heart's desires and then take action no matter what. The 5 of Fire - the Conflict card, sitting in the action, is not about being in conflict, it is about resolving conflict. As you move on your heart's desires, there may be old patterns that conflict with what you really want. You must address them to get what you want. What limiting beliefs, feelings, and physical situations do you need to give to the fire to move forward to happiness? Call for courage to assist you, and all the allies who support you in your true happiness. The Mother of Seas - Perception accompanies the Star Goddess and the Conflict card to guide you to your intuitive knowing, to clear the emotional challenges so you can be true to your true sense of intuition to guide you.


The Crone of Fire and the Mother of Fire reflect an outcome of being release from the purification of fire into new life, with wisdom, regeneration, and evolution into happy, new ways of being. The 2 of Earth Cycles card tells us that we are moving through one cycle to the next to find our true happiness, soul's destiny, and evolution of our species to return to harmony. Big outcomes require courage and soul work. Here's to your happiness, and the blessings that are possible with these New Moon Solar Eclipse energies.

Much love for your happiness!

Katherine Skaggs

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