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Teachings, Practices, and Rituals to Set Sacred Space

Intentionally bring in the spiritual medicine of Sacred Space to transform all areas of your life. The energy we live in is either medicine that helps us thrive or can be toxic and deadening. Learning how to set and keep high-vibrational energy in our outer environment helps us more greatly keep it in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. We are spiritual energies moving through time, space, and a world of duality. Staying grounded and centered in our heart and soul spaces in our modern world can be challenging to say the least. Keeping our home and work environments clean and beautiful is a physical and spiritual adventure.

Join award-winning artist and author Katherine Skaggs to learn more about the spiritual medicine of creating sacred space in all areas of your life. This 33 minute video guides you through clearing with smoke and smudge; how to work with smokeless options of flower waters and essential oils to clear energy and to raise the vibration; how to set and work with an altar to bring in energy and connect to spirit guides and helpers; how to work with prayer and intention to set your space and to invoke positive energy; how to honor your spirit guides and helpers and get them to assist you in intentional ways to heal and to bless; how to bring in crystals to ground, clear, and expand energy; the importance of flowers to invoke higher-dimensional spirit helpers, and set a high-frequency energy; and the importance of having spiritual, sacred art and beauty in your space to create reverence, sacredness, and power through love and wisdom. If you love this video make sure to get Katherine Skaggs' award-winning book Artist Shaman Healer Sage; Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. 

Divine Guidance for October 2023 - A reading from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle with Katherine Skaggs

As we enter October 2023, what do we need to know, and who are here to help us individually and collectively? What is the guidance to bring us into harmony personally, as well as in our collective reality?

Here's a summary of the Divine Guidance for October 2023:

Our Lady of the Blue Light - Oracle

Trust your intuition! You know the way. Trust your self and your relationship with the divine. When you go within you always know the way. It is within you if you will stop and be still, observe. Put your focus on synchronicity, magic, and messages coming from within and all around you. Remember that whatever you focus on will expand. If you are looking for the next step, be curious and open to synchronicity, signs, and symbols in your physical reality that align with your inner knowing.

Archangel Metatron - Awakening

As we examine Divine Guidance for October 2023, Archangel Metatron shows up to help. Archangel Metatron, both an Archangel and Ascended Master, is here to help you awaken to yourself as a soul dreaming your life. He brings sudden inspiration, spiritual downloads, increased intuition, and expanded awareness. Another message in sync with Our Lady of the Blue Light, reminding you to trust your spiritual perception and knowing. Make your choices based on your feedback system as you ask for help and guidance.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Miracles

As we move forward into October, it is going to be important for us to look for the magic and miracles all around us. Our Lady of Guadalupe not only reminds us that our prayers are being answered, she is reminding us that she has our back and is our Divine Mother watching over us. Have faith and know that Divine intercession is in process, even when we can't see it physically, it is in motion. Look for a miraculous return for what we have put into the world, that the Divine is bringing it back beyond anything we can imagine.


What do we need to over come fear? Who is here to help us with opening our lives to greater love?

Archangel Gabriel - Messages

Pay attention to your visions, your reams, an the signs and symbols all around. The Divine is speaking. Archangel Gabriel is here to help you understand your inner communication and your outer communication that are synchronistic to what you desire to create, and what you desire to leave behind. Gabriel is here to guide you to greater love so you an overcome fear in all ways. Know as you move your attention to healing all fear and trauma that you are being guided through both outer and inner symbols. The signs and symbols are all around you.

Ascended Master St. Germain - Transmutation

St. Germain is here to help us transmute the lower frequencies of fear, fright, and trauma through the high frequency light and energy of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a powerful light that helps to clear past errors, mistakes, and low vibrations. Step into this Violet Flame to be restored as you are able to transmute what keeps you in suffering. Visualize and imagine the Violet Flame energy in your hands until you can sense it, feel it. Then place into your heart space and expand through your body, and your energy bodies. Bathe in its energy to clean you and to raise your frequency. Then as needed, place difficult situations, fears, hurts, etc. into the flame to transform and transmute the fear into love.

Divine Guidance for October 2023 with Mayan Master Akbal Sanctuary from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Katherine Skaggs

Mayan Master Akbal - Sanctuary

Mayan Master Akbal is here to remind us to go within to find the truth, to find love, to find peace. Look within to find love and to let go of the external fear and how it is impacting you. Be still and step out of linear time. Notice your inner reality. Still your mind. Still your body. Still your breath. It is time to awaken within the dream. You are are a soul dreaming this reality. Being in stillness allows you to step away from the finite reality and its duality. The inner spaces return you to your soul awareness, to your awareness of how your thoughts and feelings create. To regularly still yourself will get you off the hamster wheel of life into a calm place, helping your body to calm. Use your breath to still yourself as possible as you look within.

Who is here to help us move forward in creating our lives as we desire? How are here to help us with our creativity, to align with our heart spaces, and to actually manifest greater joy in our experiences?

Mother Shakti Kundalini - Sacred Union

Mother Shakti Kundalini is here to remind you of the importance of being aligned to your inner self, to be passionate, to be on fire with your creative flow, and your life force. Our sacred expression is expanded through our sacred sensuality, and passion that resides within our very being. When our kundalini life force is awakened we feel our sensual nature, our passionate selves, and our healing, creative forces. Sacred Union with our inner Divine is the marriage of our inner soul self, our subconscious, and our outer conscious waking self. We are in sync with our true desires and let the energy flow to create. If you are stuck, it is time to get in touch with the fire at the base of your spine. Be quiet and focus on your root at the base of your spine. Breathe deep with your attention on your base, imagining a flow of energy (like heat waves off hot pavement) rising up your spine as you breathe in and out. Image in front of you what you desire to create. Breathe this life force up your spine and out your third eye into the vision of your desires. Feed this vision with this energy as you breathe. Feel/sense its power. After you feel you have fed your vision and desires with this life-force, allow the energy to drop back down to the base of your spine, locking it in place until you desire to use it again for creation and healing. Honor yourself and what you love.

Divine Guidance from Lord Gautama the Buddha Enlightenment Card from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by Katherine Skaggs

Lord Gautama the Buddha - Enlightenment

Lord Gautama the Buddha is here to remind you that your thoughts and words create and destroy. Notice what you seed into your world through your voice, and through the way you think and believe. You are constantly creating through thought, through word, and through your reactions and responses to your world. Be mindful and speak with words of loving kindness to create peace. Speak these words for yourself, as well as for others. This will cultivate compassion and assist you in creating what you truly desire through love.

Who and what is our final guidance and message?

Mama Gaia - Nurture

It is time to nurture your body and all of your life. Your life is a sacred garden. Give it light, water it with love, give it focus with care. Compost the shit and all you want to let go of. Give it over to Mother Earth. Put beautiful, loving, caring energy into your body, and into all of your life, and you will have an abundant harvest in all you are creating.

Today is a new day. How shall we show up to create in greater love and harmony? Be present and follow the guidance of the Divine. Anything is possible. Why not create in love and experience it returned beyond anything we can imagine? What if... it only got better? Ponder that and see what happens as you incorporate your Divine Guidance for October 2023.

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Ascended Master St. Germain Altar Card

Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

Mythical Goddess Tarot Anniversary Edition

The Luminous One comes to bathe us in the light, bringing illumination to our spiritual and our physical selves, assisting us in vibing up! She reminds us it is time to move more greatly into the light through our intentions, riding the waves of high frequency light codes coming into our world through the astronomical alignments and spiritual cycles that are here now.

We are moving into a new cycle and a new age, bringing the light of illumination to our souls, that we may embody this light on earth in our human journey. Look upon the Luminous One for assistance in raising your light quotient. Catch the joy, the harmony, and the song of the light singing from this one unto you!

The Luminous One was called in to bring balance between the male and female, the yin and the yang, the human and the spiritual. I say 'she', but must say too this is the ultimate embodiment of male and female, truly not one or the other, though possibly more feminine in many ways. This radiant solar light is all heart and soul, bringing you what you may need to open your heart in greater ways than before.

Bathe in these energies by open eyed meditation upon the Luminous One to receive the energies of enlightenment and the alignment with the galactic center that is now activating our next spiritual evolution into greater light. The Luminous One carries the light codes to purify the lower vibrations through the energy of fire and light, to open the sight of your heart and soul, and to awaken your third eye that you may see more clearly from the soul's perspective.

This activation is also of your soul codes, your galactic multi-dimensional awareness that transcends your earthly linear perspective. Imagine if you can, that you are much bigger as a soul than you are as your human personality. You are HUGE. You are LIGHT, and you are consciousness. Receive the joyous, light from the Luminous One and catch the remembering of your sacred soul essence.

The Luminous One's third-eye is a portal to your inner knowing, to the Akasha, and to the Great Mystery of Creation. Gaze upon this portal to travel deeper within to know. The same is true of the throat chakra 'eye' symbol. It is also a doorway within, to the many dimensions of your very soul essence. Travel through this door to discover your ability to fly through the dimensions, to your power and ability to express these higher consciousness waves of energy. Each time you sit with this image and gaze upon it, you will move more deeply into how you work with the power of light within, and all around.

The Luminous One reminds you that you are a beautiful being of Light, and that you are here to flow this light through you into your world. You are a blessing. It is time to embrace and beholden this within yourself, that you may channel it into your life. Use your intention to flow this light and joy into every aspect of your life, and you will continue to fill up into higher states of joy and consciousness.

Luminous One

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