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Herlinda Agustin Hernandez
Herlinda Agustin Hernandez

Herlinda, the Singing Shaman

Limited Edition Offer as Fundraiser for
Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange

The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange is dedicated to supporting the preservation, exchange, dissemination and evolution of shamanic wisdom. To date they have supported projects to benefit the Shipibo of the Amazon basin in Peru, the Q'ero in the Andes of Peru, and the Huichols in Mexico. The work of the CSEE continues to expand to support indigenous people in honoring their ancient, cultural wisdom.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift of $795.00 to CSEE,  to help further our mission to empower shamanic based indigenous tribes to protect and value their ancestral wisdom and and receive one (1) of 25 LIMITED edition signed giclee' prints by artist Katherine Skaggs of Shipibo Shaman, Herlinda Agustin Fernandez.

To read more about Herlinda’s legacy go HERE:

What you will receive for your donation of $795:
  1. a 24×24″ signed/numbered/dated limited edition archival giclee’ print on canvas, gallery wrapped, of Herlinda, The Singing Shaman by artist Katherine Skaggs
  2. a detailed certificate of authenticity
  3. thank you letter from CSEE for your generous contribution and record of contribution
  4. invoice for purchase

Click here to DONATE and RECEIVE a limited edition print of Herlinda, the Singing Shaman

If you’d like to donate via check please email to make arrangements

What and who are the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition on earth; a present, reciprocal and reverent way of being with Nature. This indigenous wisdom is vital to the holistic health and sustainability of humanity and is being threatened with extinction. CSEE is dedicated to supporting the preservation, exchange, dissemination and evolution of this wisdom.


CSEE works with shamanic elders around the world to develop educational documentaries and products that preserve and share shamanic teachings.
We provide educational scholarships to future shamanic leaders of the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon basin, empowering them to bridge both the modern world and their traditional shamanic upbringing. All CSEE scholarship recipients accept educational support with the agreement that they will return to work in their home villages for at least two years once their education is complete to help protect and sustain their cultural traditions and knowledge and provide leadership and economic stability to their communities.


The Center believes in making shamanic wisdom and practices available to all. We support direct cultural exchange between shamans around the world to share unique and universal wisdom on healing, sustainable and balanced living and encourage new forms of shamanism pertinent to the modern world. We provide westerners the opportunity to engage directly with indigenous leaders and healers through educational programs and cultural presentations.

The MISSION of CSEE is to preserve the shamanic wisdom, culture, practice and traditional ways of life of indigenous people worldwide.

Our VISION is to bring shamans and healers of different cultures together to both stimulate their own practices as well as encourage new forms of shamanism to emerge.

We SUPPORT this vision with the creation of events, programs, products and documentary media that promote the continuation of indigenous song, dance, healing practices, ceremonies, arts and crafts and teachings.

Our HOPE is that by documenting, honoring and supporting indigenous people, we will re-acquaint the world with its shamanic inheritance and help indigenous people recognize the value of their unique cultures.

The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange is a 501(c) 3 non-profit # 20-8909687.

by Katherine Skaggs

It is always a good idea to connect yourself to heaven, and to earth to be able to stay centered in these fast moving times. This visualization supports you energetically connecting up to the energies of the Cosmos and the vast wisdom, guidance and support available to you there, as well as connecting deep into Mother Earth, who has her own magic, wisdom, guidance and healing energies to support you living in a this world.

The Tree of Life Visualization is just what you need to anchor these energies into your physical body, as well as all your energy bodies, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is a practice that supports the spiritual information highway sinking deep int your very core essence and recalibrating you, the soul, into her light body, all the while waking up your very spiritual DNA.


by Katherine Skaggs

Great News!!! The second edition of the Mythical Goddess Tarot has arrived back in Colorado! In the process of going back to press, Sage and I sat down with the guidebook and added some additional pages to assist you in your enjoyment of the Mythical Goddess Tarot!

We have added a new 15-card spread that will give you more in-depth information when reading. We have also added a section on the infamous "Negative" cards in the deck, as they hold great importance that we often just don’t want to embrace. You will also find we have added a bit more information about each of the suits and their elemental meanings.



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