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8 Secrets to Create the Life You LoveYou are the Artist of Your Life - 6 Secrets to Live the Life you Love with Katherine Skaggs author artist

Can you imagine that you are the ARTIST of YOUR LIFE? … the Architect? the Author, the Writer, and the Editor of your life’s play? And as the CREATOR of your life, you actually have artistic license to create it as you desire. That is right! You DO NOT have to follow anyone else’s rules, directions, or demands. You are free to create the life you love as you want. You can color inside, or outside of the lines of what is offered you. You can copy life, or you can create it entirely new without reference to what has existed before. 

The greater question is, are you consciously, intentionally creating your life? Or are you doing what you believe is required to pay the bills, to do your job, to be in a relationship, or not, and so on and so forth? Are you happy? Are you expanding and living the adventure you hoped? Or are you struggling? 

And, one thing you must know is that as you are focused on and curious about your life you desire to live with all your heart, the Universe, the Quantum Field, will conspire to help you get what you want. Whether you believe in metaphysics, quantum mechanics/physics, or Divine guidance, I can tell you that the Universe has your back. The important thing you must know is that you must find ways to give your attention and focus on your desires and NOT your fears. That is the vibrational clue to getting what you want. 

If this story moves you even a little bit keep reading what I have discovered over the years about how Creation of anything in your life works. You do have the ability for great transformation and change when you are ready and willing. The Universe has laws that support everyone in making their life what they want it to be. If you are in suffering, feel stuck, or limited in any way, you have subconscious beliefs and blocks that are born of trauma, fear, or fright. They are imprints that come from messages from your parents, your teachers, and society typically. They may be direct experiences from people you know or don’t know. Wherever you had the experience doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have the tools to shift out of that experience into a new one. It is possible. I did. And if I have done this so can you!

1 - Stop - Be Still

Before you can create something new, it is important to stop and still yourself. In shamanism this is referred to as going into the great void of possibility. This is the first step of stopping the madness. This is a time to go within. Imagine this void as a place of great energy, possibility, and even chaos. If you have been going and going it is likely you need to stop and rest before you try to begin anything new. This is the place of the North in the medicine wheel, the place of the night, and the place of winter. This is the place where we dream anew. You may also call this the subconscious mind. 

To make change it is important we get out of our conscious, thinking mind. Settling into the stillness of nature in winter, or the dark of night is a doorway to the mystery of life. This is the place where our dreams live, and also the place where we may have stored away fear patterns that hold us captive in an unhappy, unconscious life.

When you are ready to dream a new life into being, step away from the linear reality that is causing you pain. Take a break. Retreat into nature on a mindfulness walk. Breathe in the beauty of nature no matter her season. Step away from the people, the places, and the things where life is out of order. Find a time and space where you can reflect, journal, and be still. Let go of all doing. What is it like to just be? 

Drink a calming cup of tea. Light a candle. Burn a fire and gaze into its flames. Take a nap. What do you need to go within to your private inner spaces? Allow your imaginations and dreams of a better life arise. Watch them. Notice how you feel. Release any emotion that may want to flow. Invite in the guidance that is ready to drop into your awareness now. Rest. Restore yourself to the peace that is awaiting you.

2 - Observation and Honesty 

Step back and take an honest look at the canvas of your life. 

Once you have rested, set aside a time to look at your life with great honesty, observation, and objectivity. Not better or worse than what it is. 

Get real. Are you happy? How do you feel when you think about your job? Do you feel excited or do you feel drained? Are you living for a paycheck? How do you feel when you think about the people in your life? Do you want to leave the one you married but are afraid of the chaos and change? Do you enjoy your closest friends, or do they disturb you with their gossip and how they treat you? How is your health? 

Getting honest is just the beginning. If you have been putting up with people, situations, and your work, most likely you are exhausted, depressed, and not having such a great time of it all. Are you ‘bucking’ up? Do you have the motto “no pain, no gain.” You can work hard and still have a great time if only you are aligned with what you do as work, or aligned with the people around you. 

It is time to take a personal inventory of every area of your life. This gives way to the path of what you can do differently. When you begin to imagine something different you will get the support needed to change your world. 

One day at art school I was in painting class with my teacher Wilbur Niewald. He was an amazing Cezanne-like oil painter with fierce observation skills. He came up to me and the still-life oil painting I had probably been working on for 100 hours. The painting was just beginning to ‘pop’ - meaning look good! As he looked over my shoulder at the still life and the painting, he began to show me how to make the painting better. He picked up one of my brushes and dabbed it into some blue paint and proceeded to correct the painting, “Your composition will be much better if you move the still life up about an inch and a half.” Then he began to sketch into my painting where things should be moved to. I cringed with some expletives in mind, and thought, “OMG. I am going to basically begin all over on top of what I have worked on for hours and hours.” 

Though I didn’t like what he had to tell me, he was my honest, objective point of view that was guiding me to creating a more beautiful expression in this painting. I didn’t want to hear it as I knew it meant more work to get what I wanted. I had an emotional response too, feeling a bit of defeat and limitation. Yet, it was exactly the reflection and guidance I needed to create change. 

What will you do if you notice your life is an inch and a half off? Are you willing to change? Are you curious how much better it might be if you dive in and refocus? Can you imagine a better outcome?

3 -Curiosity, Imagination, and Synchronicity 

What if and Why not?

Curiosity is a key component to creating anything you desire. What adventures are you curious about living in your life? Are you curious about a better life? Have you begun to imagine what it is like to be in a different job, to be an entrepreneur, to leave your relationship, to get into a relationship, to have more money, etc? Or are you curious about how hard it is going to be? Are you defeated before you begin?  Wherever your focus lies in your curiosity is the direction you are headed. What do you really want to create?

I remember a time in my mid-20s when I was unhappy, struggling with anxiety, working a dead-end job that really wasn’t what I hoped for or wanted. I already had a degree from college, following a path to work in the ‘real world’ with a regular paycheck rather than follow my heart’s desires. I had always been a good artist, perhaps great in the eyes of some. Yet when it came to going on to getting a college degree and finding a job I was told, “You are a great artist, however, what are you REALLY going to do when you go to work?” In other words, the message was you can’t make a living being an artist. You aren’t valuable. You aren’t worthy. And of course, you are going to struggle because that isn’t a REAL job.”

Though I had graduated with a B.S. in my early 20s, I was doing something entirely different than my degree hoping to do more of my art. I was in advertising and I was miserable. I recall talking to my boyfriend at age 25 and said, “I would just love to go to art school for one year.” He said something that turned out to be very profound i moving toward my true desires.  “Why not?” he said. And instead of thinking of all the reasons not to go, I began to get curious as to how to go. I began to explore schools, their admissions policies, costs, grants and loans, and how to photograph and submit my portfolio. With that research I decided upon Kansas City Art Institute and submitted a portfolio. I was immediately accepted! Within 18 months I moved and began a three year adventure to getting my BFA in art and painting. 

Quantum physics proves what metaphysicians, mystics, and shamans have taught for eons. Whatever you are curious about, whatever your focus is on, is what you create. Specifically, when you focus your curiosity on something, the quantum field must answer. If you ask, “What if and how can I go to art school?” and begin to focus on this, give your attention to this and how amazing it might be, the Universe conspires to help you make it so. With your attention and curiosity you begin to stir the quantum field. On the other hand if you are curious about how hard it will be to get to school, you will stir the fear and all the reasons you can’t get what you want. Your limiting thoughts and feelings will create through the fear, rather than through the vibration of something better. 

4 - Willingness for Change - Face the Fear

With honesty and curiosity to create something new you’ll realize you have to face your fears and have willingness to make the changes required 

How willing are you to begin the process of redesigning your life? Are you willing to refocus - no matter the effort in living in greater joy, harmony, abundance, and happiness? Are you willing to ask for help? Are you willing to face the fear that has kept  you trapped?

I recall the fear and frustration I had in knowing I was going to basically repaint an entire painting because the composition needed shifting upward just an inch and a half. Sitting in the art studio with my teacher looking over my shoulder was daunting. I felt sick to my stomach. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head that were born of frustration, a bit of defeat, and wondering if I would actually make it worse rather than better. After a short while I began to refocus past the frustration and fear of screwing it up. I began to repaint the composition, redefine the color, and shift everything up an inch and a half as directed by my teacher. 

Life is a series of of choices and actions. Whatever we create, whether it be a canvas with paint, a sculpture, a book, a job, a relationship, or our own bodies is ultimately an experimental process. Fear is at the core of stopping us from writing the book we want to write, losing weight, getting the job we want, and ultimately taking the risk of a better life no matter what it might be. 

Mastery in any area of life requires the willingness to do what it takes to get what we want. When we set forth in love and excitement rather than fear, the journey is one of fulfillment of your true heart’s desires. The effort is well worth it and part of the reward.

5 - Sacred Destruction - Path to Freedom

Let Go of What Was to Create Anew

Katherine Skaggs Dakini Kundalini Mama
Dakini Kundalini Mama

Any great artist, writer, actor, architect, or director learns to let go in the process of creating their masterpiece. It is a grand experiment and adventure to create a great piece of art or a fabulous book. There’s always the process of editing, correcting, and refocusing. 

All acts of creativity are also acts of destruction. Birth is connected to death and death is connected to birth. When I paint is applied to a canvas, the blank canvas is changed to something else. It no longer exists so a painting can be born.

SACRED destruction is the process of intentionally letting go, alchemizing what was, making it sacred or an important part of creating the new life. Rather than destroy all of an old job or old relationship, it is a spiritual practice to clear out the things that were difficult, and yet find the gold within the experience. The experience is here to teach you about alchemy, wisdom, and mastery in your life. 

Let Go and Alchemize the Fear

Notice how you feel as I speak to fear. What does your body tell you when you think of moving out of your current situation into something you desire more? Do you feel exhilarated at the possibilities of your new life? Or do you have a stomach ache, feel anxiety, grief, or other pain? 

Hawaiian Goddess Pele is a great example of the power of Sacred Destruction and Creation that we can all learn from. Pele, being the Mother Goddess of Volcanoes and Lightening awakens and brings her lava flows when man has disrespected the land. Her fire and lava flow across the land burning away the impurities of man’s unconsciousness. In the process her lava flows give birth to new life as a new island. This great mother teaches us to use the power of fire to burn away the impurities in our lives so we can enjoy new life. 

Mother Nature is constant in her teachings about flow, cycles, and seasons of creation. We can apply her wisdom to our own lives to move out of stagnation, depression, lack, and unhappiness. Once we have become willing we can begin to burn away, to let go, and to correct our course to a more beautiful landscape, within and all around. 

Whatever change you are embarking on requires a time to release and let go so you can move into a new you and a new life. There are many ways you can approach your shift. I like to add ritual and ceremony to my journey of release, whether it be a fire ceremony or painting over an old painting. Both are physical acts to help me move the mental and emotional energy beyond the limited or old life experiences. 

Make a safe and sacred space to explore letting go. Set an intention that is clear for what you desire to release and what you desire to bring in. Burn sage or other herbs and incenses to clear out old dense energies. Turn off your electronic devices. Tell others to leave you alone for the period of time you need for your ceremonies. Light a candle, and/or set an altar to hold your prayers and focus. 

When I am ready for change I love both fire ceremony AND going into the studio to abstractly paint over an old canvas with the intention to release, as well as to bring in the healing and shift needed for me to move forward in my life. 

Fire Ceremony Alchemy Exercise

Before going to the fire - Set some time aside to reflect and dump out your thoughts and emotions onto paper if you like. With intention, release your negative thoughts, anger, frustrations, resentments, blames, hurts, etc. onto paper. I recommend writing and bringing that through your hands rather than on your computer. Be as physical with it as possible. Your body needs the release as much as your mind. Use color, symbol, pictures, and story to tell the old story you no longer want to imprison your life. The release in such a manner is cathartic in and of itself. Also, gather any organic items that represent the pain of the past, or the limitations that have held you stagnant. If you are letting go of a job, it may be related paperwork or contracts that have held you. If it is a relationship you are releasing it may be cards, letters, and photographs you want to let go of that hold past promises that can no longer come to fruition. Whatever you gather take it to the fire. 

Throw everything into the fire with conviction of letting the past go in all forms. Speak out loud what you are letting go as you desire. Then acknowledge it is done. This is an important piece of completion that sets you free. Be done with it. No more. And so it is. 

Then stand close enough to the fire to feel its heat. The fire energy purifies your auric field of dense energies. In the process it raises your vibration and fills you with chi, prana, life force. This fortifies you for your next steps to create your desires.

In the Studio - Intentional Release with Painting and Creativity

Use a canvas that is either new or old and art supplies that you are not attached to. Your supplies are completely up to you. Focus your intention to let go of the old energy, the negative thoughts, and emotions through the paint, brushes, hands, and tools onto canvas. This is a very physical, somatic experience beyond your intellect. FEEL into the energy of the limited life experiences. Anger, rage, sadness, and any emotions that are connected to the old life all want to come out of you into the paint and onto the canvas. Let go with all the veracity and emotion possible. 

As you release notice the shifts you will begin to experience that free you. You should begin to feel lighter and more free. Keep going until you feel the shift. I literally went into a trance the first times I let go with great emotion. I became very calm after I released betrayal, rage, and fright. Naturally I began to bring in a new vision, clarity of message and imagery, that was my freedom.

Once you feel done with the releasing, shift into painting your healing, your healing, your new energy. Be open to the flow of love, of healing, and new direction to come into the canvas in color, symbol, and messages that you not only see but feel. You may well open up your psychic senses as a result of this exercise. So pay attention to the messages. If they are born of love they are from your higher self. 

6. Focus

Once you let go of the old story and fear that keeps you stuck, you will be able to focus on what you truly desire. Your focus, along with your mental, emotional, and physical energy and actions will direct your life. Whether you want to shift the composition and color of a painting, or you want to leave a relationship, you must be able to focus toward what you desire rather than what you fear.

Use your art, writing, imagination, and curiosity to lean toward what you want to experience in your life. If you still have doubt, depression, or hopelessness, go back to the releasing exercise with sacred destruction to get clear before you move forward. Clearing the fear is essential to getting to a place of moving forward. Taking action toward your true heart’s desires won’t work if you are still harboring fear and limiting beliefs. If you keep doing your best to move forward and are repeating the old patterns, step back in the step by step process until you begin to feel free and safe in your body, emotions, and thought process.

In mystery school in my 20s I came to understand a universal law and truth about focus. It goes something like this: Whatever you focus on expands. This seemingly simple truth is not always easy to act out, yet it is important we learn to do so. 

Notice where you are focused. Turn off the bad news, walk away from negative conversations and nay sayers. Find supportive friends and loved ones. Create an environment in your life where you are more and more easily focused in the power of positivity and potentiation. If you want change yet life in a negative environment you will be like a fish swimming up stream. Toxic energy will sabotage your movement forward, cause stagnation in your growth, and not only slow you down but most likely stop you all together. 

When you imagine your new life, what does it look like and feel like? Who surrounds you and cheers you on? If you can’t think of any one person, then work with reference points of people you know who have good support systems. How does it feel when you think of them and their relationships? Study the energy of their relations and then see what it feels like when you imagine them. Take a walk in nature and feel into the peace and harmony. Winter has one feel. Often quiet and more still. Spring another feel, with new life, birds chirping, and green coming out. What are the sensations in your body that bring peace when you move into environments that are harmonious. Let them be your guide to focus into peace, harmony, and joy. As you notice these sensations they will give way to restoration of your own inner peace. From this place you can focus and choose more harmoniously the life you desire.

Synchronicity - When you begin to focus on your true desires the Universe will send you the support needed to create change. Synchronicity, coincidences, signs, symbols, and messages will begin to appear before you. You may have a dream that reveals something that is important in your journey to new life. Something will stream across your devices with a message that is profound and important. A friend will start a conversation focused exactly on what you need to know. Suffice it to say if you have become curious and focused toward what you want to live, the world will begin to give you the breadcrumbs and clues you need to follow.

7 - Protect Your Dreams

As you imagine and begin to seed new life it is important to protect your dreams. Imagine how an embryo in a womb, or a newborn infant needs nurturance and protection from harmful elements, your dreams too need protection, nurturance, and support. Share your hopes and dreams with those who love and respect you. Avoid the nay sayers and negative nellies. Anyone and anything toxic can down play your potential, playing into old fears and doubts. There are times to keep things to yourself and only the most trusted individuals. There is a time to announce your new life to the world. Be discerning of who to share with, and when to share. Avoid the need for approval from people who may never ever approve of your choices. Your dreams of a new life are precious and need you to be a fierce, loving, and protective parent. Weed out your doubts and fears as you dream anew. Weed out the people and environments that carry those same doubts and fears along the way. You will be happy that you did.

8 - Effortless Action - Teachings of the Jaguar

Deep in the jungles of South America you will find the black puma and the black jaguars who come to sit at the waters edge at night in the darkness. They avoid detection of all around. These big cats never chase their prey. Instead, they align with where their prey will come to drink or eat. In the darkness they sit without lifting a paw or tensing a muscle. They sit in observation and watch until what they desire is before them. At just the right time they will pounce upon their prey and get what they want without any seeming effort at all.

This teaching is an integral teaching about alignment, rest, and effortlessness. As you dream a new reality you will indeed have work to do to create what you want. And, as you relax and let go of the fear that holds you back, you will be more aligned with effortless action. Pay attention to what is before you. Is it in alignment? Does it feel good? If it doesn’t, most likely you are not at the right watering hold where your desires exist. Follow the plan here and you will indeed be more and more in the place where life gives you what you enjoy and what you desire.

Love, wisdom, and teachings with Katherine Skaggs

Download a PDF of the 8 Secrets to Create the Life You Love

Teachings, Practices, and Rituals to Set Sacred Space

Intentionally bring in the spiritual medicine of Sacred Space to transform all areas of your life. The energy we live in is either medicine that helps us thrive or can be toxic and deadening. Learning how to set and keep high-vibrational energy in our outer environment helps us more greatly keep it in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. We are spiritual energies moving through time, space, and a world of duality. Staying grounded and centered in our heart and soul spaces in our modern world can be challenging to say the least. Keeping our home and work environments clean and beautiful is a physical and spiritual adventure.

Join award-winning artist and author Katherine Skaggs to learn more about the spiritual medicine of creating sacred space in all areas of your life. This 33 minute video guides you through clearing with smoke and smudge; how to work with smokeless options of flower waters and essential oils to clear energy and to raise the vibration; how to set and work with an altar to bring in energy and connect to spirit guides and helpers; how to work with prayer and intention to set your space and to invoke positive energy; how to honor your spirit guides and helpers and get them to assist you in intentional ways to heal and to bless; how to bring in crystals to ground, clear, and expand energy; the importance of flowers to invoke higher-dimensional spirit helpers, and set a high-frequency energy; and the importance of having spiritual, sacred art and beauty in your space to create reverence, sacredness, and power through love and wisdom. If you love this video make sure to get Katherine Skaggs' award-winning book Artist Shaman Healer Sage; Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. 

To work with art and creativity to heal is to claim your birthright! You create with every thought, every emotion, every word, and every action you take. Creative energy is the same energy as healing energy. How you focus your creativity determines how you direct your healing energy and its effect on you and the world around you. I once asked an astrologer friend to look at my chart to give me some insights. She said, "Katherine, you are sooooo creative! You know you create all your shit, right?" Oh, the truth is so hard sometimes. Yes, I can create beautiful paintings, write a multi-award-winning book, and do many things well. And I also am the one who makes all my messes if I choose and act from hurt, fear, trauma, or unconsciousness. Good news: I am also the one who can rewrite the script of my life, let go of the tough stuff, and transform it into greater love and wisdom. I am here to help you to create with greater love and harmony as you let go of the difficult stuff.

You are the Artist and the Healer of Your Life

You may or may not believe you are a creative, an artist, or a healer. Yet, in my experience, everyone has amazing creative energy and artistry within themselves. Suppose you learn to connect to and unleash the energy of your creative Self? In the process you will discover healing and empowerment at core levels. (I speak more in-depth about cultivating the inner Artist and the inner Healer in my book Artist Shaman Healer Sage through various practices, ceremonies, and rituals beyond this article.) As the Artist and the Healer of your life you have an innate knowing of how to work with art and creativity to heal. 

You don't have to know how to paint or draw to connect to your creativity. You may love to write, dance, cook, or garden. You may be a fantastic problem solver. It is an unlimited process that offers excellent alchemy.

Alchemy and Earth School - The Grand Adventure of the Soul

Life on earth is a school for the soul. It can be amazingly wonderful. And it can be messy, challenging, filled with grief, and downright complicated! It is a mixture of dark and light, good and bad, and all the in-between. There are always cycles, no matter the journey. The great question is how do you handle the cycles? Do you know how to create intentionally? Do you know how to alchemize the challenges? Can you access your creative self to more positively navigate your Earth journey?

Here's what I have learned about working with Art to HealKatherine Skaggs Dakini Kundalini Mama in How to Work with Art and Creativity to Heal

As an artisan and mystic, I naturally use art and creativity as my healing tool for transformation. Many years ago, I discovered I could go to my canvas and dump all my painful emotions and thoughts onto a canvas with paint. In doing so, I began to release the pain in my emotional body through a bodily, sensory process. I was not 'thinking' what to do. I intuitively, and energetically put red paint and black paint onto canvas. It was abstract. It was freeing. And it opened me up to a mystical experience where I went into Samadhi. I had an ecstatic experience of release and illumination where I was completely calm and at peace. When a face came onto the canvas I asked, "Who is this?" I heard, "Dakini Kundalini Mama." Dakini is Sanskrit for sky dancer. It also means the free, illuminated mind. 

This process not only brought me peace, but allowed me the change I needed to navigate a difficult situation with a business partner break-up and end of business. It helped me to heal rage and come to center so I could find my way to new life.

You Can Work with Art and Creativity to Heal too!

I have taught this process many times and continue to encourage it through painting, writing, dancing, throwing clay, or any form of creative flow where you can somatically release the old and bring in the new energy that heals. Below I describe the working with art and creativity process to heal again through a personal experience. It is my perfect process to let go, to alchemize, and to heal.

Healing with Art and Creativity - The Process.

Black and white process painting Stage 1 over the old for healing with Katherine SkaggsMost recently, I had an experience of grief and loss that I was having a hard time processing. I returned to my studio to paint out the grief onto canvas in a process painting. My only goal was to clear this and to heal. In the process, my guides came through and helped me return to harmony.

I got an old canvas out of the closet that I had never finished, nor did it seem I ever would. I got white gesso out and ceremonially focused my angst, grief, and emotions onto canvas. With each stroke, I spoke out loud what I was letting go of. I sent my emotion into the paint to release what could never be and what was out of harmony. 

Over the white came black—the black mixed with the white where it had not dried, creating grays. There were lighter and darker areas, faces, crosses, and patterns of energy flow. All strokes and variations in color were symbolic of the journey through the void, the unknown, and the pain of letting go. The faces spoke to me as if to say, "You are not alone. We are here with you. Let go and come home to the love awaiting you. It is already inside of you. And we are holding you."

Stage 2 in Healing with art and Creativity painting by Katherine SkaggsWith each stroke, another layer peeled away, and a new vision came to speak to me. I added color and clarity to the faces, whirling energy patterns, and crosses. 

One face in particular came into focus with healing and love that was very apparent. I sat with her and felt into her love and support. More greens, blues, and pink hues came onto the canvas in glazes, bringing healing frequencies. Everything was still very abstract, yet with emerging form. 

Letting Go Again and Again... Stay LooseIntuitive Painting, Intentional Creativity and another stage in using Art and Creativity to Heal with Katherine Skaggs

Then, complete abstraction again, painting over the faces in more glazes until they disappeared and another layer began. Often symbolic of our journey - letting go, new form, experience, then releasing again, getting messages, and new awareness creating a new form.

Emergence of the Starwalker, Mother Mary, Divine Guide

Emergence of Mother Mary StarGoddess, Starwalker, Pleiadian Goddess and Priestess energy with Katherine Skaggs - in How to Heal with Art and CreativityEmergence of Mother Mary StarGoddess, Starwalker, Pleiadian Goddess and Priestess energy with Katherine Skaggs - in How to Heal with Art and Creativity 2nd renditionI sat with my dogs and took a break. In the process, I opened up William Henry's site online, where he talks of the Starwalker, Mother Mary, and Pleiadian Goddess energy. Immediately, I recognized that the energy coming onto my canvas was in the form of Mother Mary. She is one of my main guides. And she is the Starwalker coming to help me restore and come home to my true essence. I knew the stars were speaking to me. I knew there was clear guidance and love to help me heal trauma from its origins.

Let this process be your process for moving energy, using creativity to let go of painful old patterns, and to bring in healing energy. 

The process applies, whether it be to paint or to dance, to garden or to cook. 

Where to begin with Art and Creativity to Heal 

  1. Set a safe, clean, and clear space for your experience. Your space is your sacred container for ceremony and healing. 
  2. If you live with others, tell them to leave you alone while you are in your process. Good boundaries are essential. Cultivate safety to be authentic and to go deep with your process.
  3. Have an open time frame. Part of setting your healing container is the ability to go outside of time. You want freedom to explore. If you have limited time, set an intention you have all the time needed to do what you desire. 
  4. Have all the art supplies and tools necessary for your experience: paints, canvas, art supplies, an area large enough to dance in without fear of bumping into something, a journal with colored pens and pencils to write in, etc.
  5. Set your intentions for what you desire to heal, to let go, and to transform. Say prayers if you desire, before, during, and after.
  6. Be curious. Curiosity opens the quantum field, and the invisible world of spirit. From this place you are supported in your creativity.
  7. Commence! Call forth courage, honesty, and release.
  8. Make your Mark! Let go into your art form with abandon. Let your body inform you with the energy it wants to let go with.
  9. Once you have released, call in your healing. You may experience this as a second thing, or it may naturally flow from one state of experience into another. 
  10. Record your process. When possible take photos through your process. I like to photograph stages of my painting. Reflect and write the messages and symbols of your journey into a journal. This can help you to reflect and integrate your process. 
  11. When you are complete make sure to rest and regenerate. Take a nap if you need in the middle of the process. Follow your body rhythms. You are letting go of a lot of energy most likely. Honor your body and your guidance. 
  12. Integrate your experience. Your process may be an afternoon, a day, a night, your dreamstate, and days and months to come. 

I hope this is a helpful process to support you in healing and coming to harmony in yourself. Let me know how you approach the process and your breakthroughs. 

Additional Support for your creativity and healing process:

The Art of Journey 6-month Course

Work with shamanic journey, intentional creativity, and intention to open your creativity and healing.

Sacred Heart of Sananda

I recently had a student ask my definition of love. Is love all the feeling of attraction? Is it how a mother feels toward a child? Can it be much more than an emotion?

Mystics, shamans, and scientists alike will tell you that everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates. Thought and emotion create. If you think, feel, speak, and act in love, you create your world with love. If you think, speak, feel, and act out of judgement, anger, fear, and trauma, you create your reality with these vibrations.

"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Love is the Universal force or frequency that gives life. It heals, restores, and creates miracles. The ancient Solfeggio tone measurement of love is 528 HZ. This frequency vibrates within the cells of our bodies as well all around us. The love frequency is within all natural life forms, from the chlorophyll of plant life to the DNA of human and animal life. It is the energy of "good vibes" we feel when we enter the forest or into a sacred ceremonial space or the divine connection experienced between two open-hearted individuals.

Sacred art of Saints and Masters often depicts a radiant, illuminating heart indicative of the power of love expressing through the loving masters and guides. Writings on Archangels, Ascended Masters, Monks, Saints, Priests and Priestesses reveal the power of the heart as one that gives healing, creates miracles, and guides the soul upon their sacred path. Following one's heart's desires is associated with the true direction of the soul.

Current-day scientists' are proving what ancient mystics and healers have understood about the frequency of love as a healing, harmonizing, vital energy. American neuroscientist Dr. Candice Pert discovered that 528HZ opens our chromosomes and exposes the DNA. Biochemist Steve Chemiski states in the book The Fork in the Road that the basic structure of organic chemistry, the carbon-6 hexagonal ring reflects the sacred geometry of the 528 HZ frequency. Dr. Joseph Puleo describes it as an extraordinary force that priests and healers of ancient civilizations used to heal and manifest miracles.

Dr. Len Horowitz discovered that the frequency of 528 HZ is the energy that brings spiritual signals and activating frequencies to higher consciousness. He educates us to understand that 528 HZ comes directly from the sun into all of our earth. The vibrations of this love frequency feeds the botanical world, which gives us oxygen and chlorophyll vibrating at 528 HZ.

The frequency of Love is of course associated with our heart spaces. 528HZ is heard in the heart of everything. When our hearts vibrate at 528HZ we are more positive in our outlook, happy, and at peace. When we worry, are skeptical, and basically in a bad mood, the frequency of our heart is affected and vibrates in a dissonant way. Closed-heartedness and depression are symptoms of a heart out of sync. Bathing in the 528HZ frequency transforms and lifts our mood, and helps to heal our bodies.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, pioneer in the field of "micro-cluster crystallography," conducted years of research sending positive intentions and 528 Hz frequency vibrations into water. Dr. Emoto experimented with the Love frequency on polluted water and witnessed incredible results. He filmed the molecular structure of water changing from disorganized arrays of crystals in polluted water into beautiful snowflake designs. According to Dr. Emoto, the snowflake designs include visible "messages" as if the water was actually "conscious." His results are published in his New York Times best-selling book "The Hidden Messages in Water" (2005). — — — Information from Gaia Meditation article.

Suffice it to say that LOVE is the master healing energy of everything.

Check out the 528HZ meditation music by Idyllic Melody:




HAPPY Feb. 1st - Imbolc, the New Moon, AND the Lunar New Year!!

Imbolc is the Celtic celebration of the Irish Goddess Brigid, corresponding to the Gaelic Fire Festivals to celebrate the coming of Spring (the day falling halfway between the Spring equinox and Winter solstice.)

This year Imbolc falls on the New Moon AND the Lunar New Year! It is the perfect time to set intentions for new, and expansive ways of being, new life! What projects do you want to bring to life? What energies do you desire to give light to?

As Imbolc traditionally signals the end of the worst of winter and the beginning of spring, it is a wonderful time to relax, let go, and focus love and excitement for the potent new life coming to you now.

Call upon the goddess Brigid today, the great Irish goddess of the hearth, healing, poetry, artistry, and blacksmithing. In the Mythical Goddess Tarot Brigid is the 14th Major Arcana Card, Alchemy (inspired by the ART card in the Thoth tarot deck.) Here Brigid inspires you to find your own creative spark of inspiration, letting it blend with the alchemical powers of the Divine Creative Force to manifest the power of beauty in your life.

Welcome the Goddess Brigid to assist you/all of us in transforming our world through your Divine creative spark. May she bring the illumination of her fire and artistry to support each of us as we leave the challenges of winter behind and welcome the promise of spring, and the light returning into our lives.

With the combined energies of Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year know that change is upon us. The light is returning and we are budding into a new time. Join me in the light with love.

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Blessings and Inspiration from the upcoming
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid-2022.

As part of my offering for February 1st, Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year — BIG ENERGY—from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid 2022, I invite the medicine of Alchemy and Archangel Uriel to work with Brigid. Let us light the fires of our hearts, that we may purify and make sacred the life we have lived so far. Let this sacred fire break open the seeds of the new that we may be abundant in our new cycles unfolding. Abundant in love, in community, in joy, in good health, in all our relations, and in all we create.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom, Divine light, and fire that purifies. Expect life to be fully transformed as Uriel brings the alchemical, purifying powers of the Phoenix Rising into every part of your being.

Be not afraid, for Archangel Uriel brings light into the darkness, the mystery, and the unknown. It is time to put your fears, and old ways of life into the fire that purifies and transforms. It is time to let go.

Uriel’s fire and light are born from the highest, most Divine energies of unconditional love. Let this intense light and love clean and purify your heart from sorrow and distress. This will restore the peace within yourself as you are then able to reconnect to your own Divinity.

Out of the ashes of old dreams comes new life. Trust in the process. Connect to the Light and be reassured in your healing process.

It is time for great change. What is in need of purification in your life? What is dull, lacking light, mundane, and void of magic?
Archangel Uriel offers all you need to shapeshift and alchemize your life. Call upon him now to assist you in bringing new life through the release of the old.

Refocus in this fiery light and you will find the wisdom and love needed to bring new life. As your heart let’s this purifying light in, you will discover the most beautiful blessings that come from the ashes of the greatest disappointments.You are on the spiritual path to enlightenment as you move out of the darkness into the light.

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Fire Ceremony

With Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year coinciding, it is a great time for a fire ceremony. Call upon Brigid and Archangel Uriel to assist you in bringing the light into all areas of your life, birthing new realities as you transform and release what has been. With this there is a great expansion of Divine, creative energy, that purifies and gives birth to new realities.

#ArtistShamanHealerSage book

With much love, Katherine Skaggs

Join author Katherine Skaggs as she opens her initial shipment of ten books of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage. These first ten books give her the actual experience of the book to review and approve, so the large shipment can get upon its way to Katherine's storage and shipping location, so YOU can get your book in hand after the first of May. Experience the excitement and the beauty of a foundational guidebook on shamanism, with amazing spiritual wisdom and mapping systems that will assist you in living a better life.

Shamans, shamanic cultures, and ancient mystical cultures all know the secrets to a happy and healthy life. Now more than ever in a time when life is full of chaos and confusion, many are returning to foundational and timeless principles and practices that restore harmony, peace, and well-being, personally, and for the good of the whole. The times we live in have been prophesied for generation after generation, from the Hindu teachings on the Kali Yuga, to the Christian teachings on the end times, to the prophesies of the Hopi, the Maya, the Navajo, and the Aztec (to name just a few) telling us major change is upon us. We must shift consciously, and willingly, that we may clear away suffering and hardship, and return to a time of peace and well-being. It needs all of us to participate consciously and willingly as best as possible. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a wise map that assists you in choosing a better reality for yourself.

Let's do this together, to dream a better world for ourselves, and the generations to come. You truly are the blessing when you begin to center in your heart and become present to the blessings within you and all around you.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage

Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Author and Artist Katherine Skaggs

Shipping May 2021 – 264-Page Full Color Shamanic Guidebook

Check out Katherine’s new book, Artist Shaman Healer Sage to learn more about shamanism and how its wisdom, practices, rituals, and ceremonies can bring greater balance and harmony to your life. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is filled with wisdom teachings and stories, “How to” guidance for working with shamanic tools, ceremony, ritual, prayer, altar work and much more. This shamanic guidebook is a life map for the soul on their earth walk. It provides insights into the spiritual working of the earthly world, and how to live in balance with the ancient woven truths that bring flow, harmony, and balance to life.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage is a foundational guide for igniting your creativity and passion as the conscious dreamer of your life. Great Spirit gives us many clues to living a life of joy, abundance, and harmony. However, as humans, we often walk around in the dark, confused as we chase linear goals, disguised and separate from our true nature as spirit. Artist Shaman Healer Sage shines a light upon the workings of Great Mystery, and to the eternal truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, souls upon a spiritually purpose-filled Earth walk. It also gives you timeless shamanic teachings, practices, and tools for living in balance, empowered to live in harmony and joy once again.”
-Excerpt from the Introduction of Artist Shaman Healer Sage

Ra-Mona, Pleiadian Star Mother of Light and Sound Healing brings healing to each of us as we traverse chaotic times, navigating fear emerging from our base instinctual centers. She brings compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. She encourages us to look deep into her eyes to awaken our own light and knowing, to awaken our hearts and our abilities to “see” beyond the fear, to transform into more loving and connected beings.

Take time to sit and gaze into her eyes. Gaze upon her as an open eyed meditation. Be bathed in her compassion and unconditional love and acceptance. Let her take you on a ride to the spaces of infinite soul on a grand adventure of discovery and wonderment. What does she whisper to your heart? How does she inspire and illuminate your preciousness?

Her name Mona, or Madre Mona came to me during the live painting session. Yet, I knew there was more. As I sat with her she told me it was Mona, and her full name was Ra-Mona. This brings the vibrations of Mona to us, which means Desire, or Wish from the Arabic origins. This is PERFECT, as her healing she offers us to that of moving to our heart spaces to our true heart desires and wishes. As we connect with our soul’s true desires through the heart, we will connect to the vibrations that illuminate us individually and collectively. Our heart knows the way! It is the place of the Light and Sound that she offers in her unconditional love and compassion.

Ra is the name of the Ancient Egyptian God who is the Sun, the solar influence that gives life, that lights up the world. No mistake she told me her full name is Ra-Mona… bringing both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine influences of Light and Illumination with Desire and Wish. Ra-Mona offers us the light of the Divine to illuminate our hearts, to illuminate our true soul desires and to assist in bringing them to earth through our own experience as human.

May her presence flood you with good vibes, that you may feel the shift upwards into the light of love. Many blessings and vast love upon you, Katherine

March 21st, 2020 Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading to give guidance on our current circumstances we are faced with during the COVID-19 scare.

Join me, Katherine Skaggs, in taking a look at the energy of our times. Face the fear and clear it as you gain insights, guidance and support in healing the fear, and in moving your attention to the light.

We are in a profound time of shift. The structures as we have known them are falling apart. This is actually a natural part of the death of the old, the death of our egos and suffering, and the death of patterns that no long support us. We are conversely in a birth. We are here to birth a new way of life, a new way of being in relationship with one another in all of humanity, a birth of a potential that is filled with more love, not less.

Be inspired and lifted up with the guidance of the Goddesses, our angels and guides and the wisdom of our Divine. The cycle and appearance of our reality serves a great purpose to transform our world through mass soul transformation. Individually and collectively it is time to lift our focus upwards and inwards.

Join me and do your best to engage yourself and your world in compassion and generosity. Together we are able to transform and transmute fear.

As you sit with this reading open to the healing light and energies transmitted. Know you are loved. You are blessed. And the blessings are streaming to support you now.

With much love, respect and deep gratitude,


Dear Friends

I am reaching out to support you during these chaotic times, full of fright and fear in our collective, as well as a time of great opportunity, of great focus on the light by those of us willing to turn our attention to greater possibilities unfolding beyond the fear. How shall we hold the light, be in support and supported, and take practical steps to move through these experiences with power, strength and love?

I am holding space for healing each day at my altar. I am lighting a candle, sage, palo santo, copal, sacred tobacco and other powerful plant medicines to clear the fear energies and trauma vibrations that are emerging so we may heal individually and collectively. I am calling all angels, divine beings of light, helpers and masters of light to assist us now. In the big picture, this collective purge is an important part of our transformation as a species. 

Please join me in setting a space each day to light a candle, to pray, to meditate, to walk in nature, to go inward into the light of possibility and alchemy, to transform your own fears, through a shift of focus, through a shift of intention and attention. You can do this. We can do this.

Let's come together for a powerful shift, shifting our focus upward and inward.

Clear yourself and your space daily by burning sage, palo santo, sacred tobacco, etc. Use essential oils such as frankincense, tea tree, thieves, lemon, peppermint, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, chamomile, clove, cinnamon, pine, juniper and rosemary on your body and in your field. Diffuse oils in your home and place of work. 

Anti viral plants you can add to your diet are oregano, echinacea, garlic, elderberry, astragalus, olive leaf, ginger, cats claw, chaga mushroom, calendula, pau d’arch, siberian ginseng, reishi, sangre de drago, and st. johns ward. Eat lots of garlic!!!

Colloidal silver is also excellent to take to support your immune system.

Take care of your gut to support your immune system. Stay away from sugar, grains and dairy to support a shift in gut health if you are willing, while adding probiotics and prebiotics. This will assist in your energy as well. Your immune system needs good food, organics food, so you can navigate this world well in a body! Stay away from GMOs and foods that have been sprayed with glycophosphates. Organic only is a good way to go, to insure your immune system is optimal.

Over the next month I will be setting up some remote group healing opportunities to join, as well as some live channeled paintings on FB to clear the fear. Most events will be free, or very low cost to join remotely. It is time to support, to vibe up and to thrive regardless of the circumstances. 

Several key teachings in shamanism to ponder at this time:

1. You are the Dreamer of Your Reality — (How shall you dream your life regardless of the circumstances you are amidst?)

2. All is Well regardless of the appearances of things.

3. Everything is Energy. Everything is connected. (Do your part in shifting upwards, through your focus, your thoughts and emotions, your intentions, your actions. Choose love as best as possible. Choose kindness. Choose to bless yourself and others. Look for the magic and the beauty. Be the blessing.)

Use this most amazing, free, great tool - Your Imagination! Connect to your childlike nature of innocence, curiosity and wonderment. When you still your mind, your heart and your focus, use your imagination and curiosity to reach to greater possibilities unfolding. What is the amazing shift coming as we are in the change? How good can all of this get? How much better might it be as we transform? What if we are moving into greater harmony as we clear the fear? What is it like to feel, sense, see, act and be from a greater sense of harmony and love? 

Move your focus and attention into this world of energy and be emboldened for magical shift!

With much love, honor, respect and blessings!


Katherine Skaggs

By Katherine Skaggs,
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

For thousands of years, in ancient temples and every day homes, sacred art has been used to shift one’s focus upwards to the Divine, to bring healing, and to create sacred space. Priests, priestesses, shamans, medicine men and women all have invoked healing through the assistance of sacred art objects, images, written text and statuary. They understood how to use sacred imagery and word to create portals to the Divine, accessing the magic and healing vibrations.

Great artists through the past 100s of years were not only trained as artists, but were also trained in mystery schools, where they understood sacred geometry, and the power of art to open energy portals, as well as to convey high frequency light to the masses. Michelangelo and Leonardo Divinci were such mystic artists. 

These artist mystic traditions continue in our current day, where the artists are the messengers to awaken the soul. If you have ever found some visionary, spiritual art calling you, you must know it spoke deeply to your being, and not just your eyes. 

I has such an experience when I saw the art of Alex Grey, Susan Sedon Boulet and Meinrad Craighead in the early 90s. I owned a metaphysical store, had been training in a mystery school for 4 years, and had also been an artist since I could pick up a pencil. When I chose their art books and calendars to sell in my store, I became very much aware that something was calling me. I felt deeply that perhaps I too was supposed to do something visionary or spiritual with my art. Over the following 10 years, it became clear to me what that union was. It ultimately directed my path in life as a mystic, visionary artist myself, finding my way as channel of the Divine, and messenger to the soul through my art.

Along the way I would say I learned many symbol systems and the power of sacred imagery, yet that is not completely true. It is more like I “remembered” how to bring in sacred imagery, not through my eyes, but through my soul, as a channel. The journey first was to heal my own soul self. Getting still and asking for guidance married with the act of making art was the beginning of the Divine coming through me in more mystical and expansive ways. Each experience of contact with a Divine Being, such as Mother Mary, or White Eagle, or Serapis Bey, or another angel or guide who revealed themselves, was an experience of opening a portal to high frequency light waves that heal, that awaken and that transcend a 2-D piece of art. Once created in the original art, it continues to open sacred spaces, transmitting light codes of love and guidance, even in small reproductions such as an altar card or small print. 

When art is created at a soul level, with intention, symbol and meaning, it has the capacity to open doorways to the Divine. It brings vibrational healing through its holographic and physical presence. It calls the soul to recall more of their Divinity through an activation of the akasha energy field, and ultimately into the personality. It breaks the mind and the heart open to love and awareness. 

We all can’t have great pieces of art in our homes or on our altars. Yet today, we have the magic of reproduction, offering the opportunity of owning beautiful artwork in more affordable versions that we can hang in our homes and place into our sacred spaces. 

What determines Sacred Art?

Not all art falls into the category of visionary sacred art. Is the art created in love? Is it high vibrational? Does it convey messages of the divine without religious constraints, rules and judgements? Is it beautiful? Does it make you smile, feel more love, or curiosity of the invisible realm of Spirit?

I have found that the artists engaged in conveying Divine messages through their art, bring healing to others. An astrologer 30 years ago told me it would be the artisans in the New Age who would be the true Healers. For these would be the conduits dancing with the Divine, bringing expression of it's high frequency energies to Earth via inspired visual art, movies, dance, song, music, etc. 

Sacred Art and Altar Spaces

Creating beauty in your home and sanctuary spaces brings peace, calm, vision, hope and healing. The color, pattern, geometries, symbols, Divine Beings and vibration create a focused energy, both physically and spiritually. The feel good beauty of sacred art immediately begins to shift any space. When the high vibrations come into your space, your attention is moved to a higher awareness in your conscious mind, as well as on a subconscious or soul level. 

Your aura, or quantum field begins to vibrate upwards, as well as the space where the altar sits. Through prayer and meditation at your altar with your sacred imagery and objects, you begin deepening your spiritual energies and awarenesses. This is the journey of cultivating greater peace, beauty and grace, where you are less and less apt to fall into the lower energies of judgment and separation. 

These beautiful images are spiritual tools that work, even when you aren’t consciously doing anything. They hold space for you, whether you can or can’t.

The Call to Share Sacred Art as Altar Cards

Katherine Skaggs Textures of Mary

Many years ago, when I began to channel Divine Beings through my art (Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus, Archangel Michael and other angels to name a few), I became aware that I needed to share the images on a larger scale, and not just sell one painting at a time. The guidance was most strong when I was awakened one night by Mother Mary, and I had to get up to paint her. This particular experience was one of receiving a transmission of unconditional love that came into the art. At this time it was clear the importance of sharing the imagery as a way to bring light to awaken others heart and souls through compassion and love.

Soon after the images were made into small 5x7” cards, with a message on the back, to inspire and to uplift. (See all altar cards here.)

Create Altar Spaces for Inspiration and Healing

When in need of making one’s life for sacred, for healing and for being lifted up, it is a great idea of set aside a small space in your home for an altar. Altars are physical places where you focus your attention to prayer, meditation, worship, and calling forth your Divine Guides and Helpers. The space doesn’t have to be big, yet it might be. 

Personal altars are a great way to stay connected to the sacredness of all life, especially yours! They become containers that hold your prayers, intentions and desires in the most sacred ways. They help ground the higher energies of the Divine into the physical world.

Creating and working with an altar is as essential to a mystic, shaman or priestess, as brushing one’s teeth is to good oral health. 

To make your own personal altar, it is a great idea to keep out of the attention of others. Choose a private space where you can put down an altar cloth, or something beautiful as the base to hold your items and prayers. A candle is often added to represent the light, fire and illumination. If you would like to include all the elemental energies, place some item representing the Earth, Water and Air on the altar. Some dirt from a sacred or special place, water you have blessed or from a sacred well, and a feather or something clearly representing the air. Add fresh flowers to bring in beauty, and to open a portal to the Divine. (Angels and Ascended Masters LOVE the color, beauty and fragrance of flowers!) 

Add Divine Art Altar Cards to focus bringing in the guidance of any specific guides, angels, or ascended masters you would love to invoke through your altar. With time, you will become more and more clear when they are present, and that you have clear communication anytime you desire it or need it. The more you work with their imagery and essence, the more sensitive you are to their vibration energy and how it reaches you.

Other Places for Altar Cards

Altar cards are also great for your desk at work, to carry in your car or in your purse, hung near your bed, on on your bathroom mirror. They create space wherever they are! If you need a reminder of the Divine and want inspiration, incorporate this sacred imagery where you want to bring their energy and inspiration. 

Choose Your Altar Cards and Sacred Imagery

Redemption altar card by katherine skaggs

There are many images of Sacred Ones you may incorporate, who will absolutely visit you as you begin to say “hello” by honoring them through your focused attention, gratitude and physical presence through sacred art. 

To connect, what is your need for guidance, your hope or your intention?

Hold your intention, prayer, need or desire strong in your heart and mind when asking who to connect to. Cultivate reflection and stillness. Ask for your spirit helpers to come to you in any way you can recognize their energy. 

Then open to the imagery you find at a local metaphysical store card or calendar section, or art books, or online sacred art. Ask for the image and the presence of the Divine Helper to be revealed. Synchronicity will unfold and you will be directed to the energy of your helper. It may come in song, art, written word, statuary, movie references, etc. Your Divine Helper may well be a Marvel character, or an angel, ascended master, goddess or an animal. Don’t be surprised!

Notice who are you drawn to by image. If you don’t have a specific idea or knowledge of who you would like to put on your altar, peruse the images to see who attracts you. Move beyond your intellect to your intuitive senses. The image will call you. The message will follow.

Here are a few of the Divine Helpers you might want to check out: Archangel Michael for protection and guidance; Mother Mary for unconditional love; Kuan Yin for compassion; Lakshmi for abundance; Jesus for forgiveness, love and healing; Buddha for compassion and peace; White Eagle for awakening your DNA and connection to guidance from all the ascended masters, and so on and so forth. There are an infinite number of Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Illuminated Ones to work with. They may or may not be familiar. So trust who you are drawn to in the moment you choose.

(See all Katherine Skaggs altar cards here.)

How to Work with the Sacred Ones through work with the Altar Cards

Once you have chosen your altar cards, now what? 

Enjoy their beauty!

Say “hello” and “thank you”. Be specific if you can, and name the gifts and powers of that being, honoring their mastery and benevolence. Thank the Divine Being for being present to you, and assisting you in whatever manner he or she is showing up for you. Ask them to lift you up, into their awakened vibrations, that you too might align with their blessings.

Sit with the Divine Being via your altar card and gaze softly upon it. Feel into its energy. As you quiet your mind, and still your body, you will connect deeply through the image. 

Journal with the essence of the Divine One, reflecting, asking questions, feeling into the responses, opening your intuition and knowing.

Invoke through prayer and ritual. Sing praise of gratitude and blessings. 

As you sit with the sacred imagery of your Divine Beings of Light, you will know what to do. Trust your intuition and heart spaces. You may find yourself crying tears of joy, or laughing out loud. These beings are alive and well and are excited to meet you in this way.

Artist Author Katherine Skaggs
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Katherine Skaggs is an intuitive channel, visionary artist, painter of souls, author, shamanic practitioner and teacher. She is the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, as well as a series of Altar Cards born of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Divine Beings of Light. Each image is channeled and created as a portal, for your own direct experience of Light and Love, and the wisdom of these benevolent Light Beings. Katherine is dedicated to bringing in light, love and wisdom to awaken each soul through love. 

Estrella la luz, pleaiadian angel of new life by katherine skaggsEstrella de la Luz is the Pleiadian Angel of the Stars who brings the light and star codes to assist humanity in a new life, a new reality, a new frequency that holds great possibility and potentiation of the Golden Age.

Estrella came to me in 2014, expanding onto canvas with great beauty and energy. Then it seems I had to wait, and wait before it was time to finish her. As much as I wanted to sit and paint on her, it seems I could not.

With that I understand that she teaches patience in a time of change and transformation. She asks us to trust timing, and the ever present flow of how all is in perfect timing. She tells me there is no hurry, just the capacity to be present to know when to sit and when to act. In this way she works with both the North and the East energies of the Medicine Wheel. The North is the time of rest, as well as great activity in the unseen or underground. It is a time of regeneration and learning right timing. The East is the Great Void, and the place of new beginnings. It is the place where the seeds of all dreams are placed and born from. It is the Cosmic Womb where all is held, where all is nourished and from which all life is born.

My first experience of Estrella was that she heralds a new beginning, a new way of life, as with the East. Her energy and imagery is all about the potentiation and possibility of New Life that is more enlightened, not only for Self, but for Other... and most importantly for the evolution of the species of humans. She brings a promise through her high frequency energy that activates the potentiation within each one who views her and desires to open to this illumination.

It was also apparent that she is deeply connected to the Tree of Life, and to the evolution of the soul, offered through a time/space experience. The Tree of Life is a symbol of all things that come from a seed and grow into fullness, the Tree of Life is a symbol all of humankind can connect to, to understand more greatly their own soul growth, and the soul growth of Mama Gaia, or the soul of Earth and all her creatures. This is also connected to all life through the Universe, an existence full of potential, full of birth, death and rebirth.

Estrella de la Luz is an angel of higher dimensional realities, born of Pleiadian wisdom and light. She offers the light frequencies of wisdom and growth that comes through love and nurturance. Her heart center is that of a blue lotus exploding with rings of lotus petals in green, pink and blue to symbolize an illuminated active heart. The blue lotus itself is a sacred visionary plant known well in Egypt during the times of Mystery Schools. It was used to assist the seers in keeping an open, illuminated heart and soul. This symbol radiates the remembering of what it is to be open and seeing through the soul's heart.

The Raven is a symbol of flight between ordinary reality as human and non-ordinary reality as multi-dimensional soul self. Raven flies between the realms, reminding us we can do the same as soul. Raven is here to assist in an easier transition with the use of magic, through intention and knowing that Spirit guides all things. Raven too beckons rebirth and renewal and is here to assist in our evolution.

The equilateral cross symbol at the throat with the eye in it radiates light codes to each of us to wake up within this realm of Earth and human. It is a symbol of marriage between the material and the ethereal, bringing the inner and outer worlds together in sacred union. The eye within this indicates the ability to see between the worlds, to understand and express at the deepest levels this marriage from within the self to the exterior reality.

At the crown of this beautiful angel is a nest with a Robin and her babies, with the Tree of Life behind, and an orange yellow solar halo, surrounded in a pink moon. The Robin and her babies, is the symbol of birth and Spring. The Robin is a symbol of divine service and is connected to the Christ energy. Being at the Crown with the symbol of the tree and the solar halo, expect this is the message that it is time for us to wake up as a species, into our Christ light, into our true heritage as awakened beings. The solar Christ energy grows us into new beginnings as a wiser soul species, held in the lunar strawberry moon energy of unconditional love.

Gaze upon this beautiful Pleiadian Angel of Light and wake up now. Bathe in her high frequency light codes and symbols that emanate into your field and very consciousness. Remember who you are and why you are here now. She has come to gently and firmly remind you who you are, and fill you with light. She is here to activate your consciousness to great potential and pure, unconditional love.

To purchase a print, click here.

Lady Nada Ascended Master by Katherine SkaggsFocusing Through the Heart

Guidance and Tips for Chaotic Times

Regularly life reminds me of the importance of focus and where I put my attention each day, each hour and each breath.

In the world around us with so many challenges, from the news of floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, human tragedy, to the tenuous political environment, we are each faced with how we will react, respond and show up each day. There is a greater polarity of experiences, points of views and responses.

Do you focus your response through criticism, fear, intellect, denial, ignoring or do you find your compassionate heart along the way? Are you being bombarded by pain and suffering, or are you thriving in your world? Are you crushed by the human issues around you, or are you living in happiness and joy?

Learning to be more masterful with the power of your focus and the power of choice can change everything for you in a positive way. The world climate of fear is an energy leak. If we give our attention to it and let it rock our world negatively, it creates energy loss. This in turn creates a loss of power, draining your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources.

With practice, we can close up the energy leak and open to the life giving forces of Spirit found in the Cosmos, the Universe, Mother Earth, the Stars, the Sun, the Moon... Focusing through the heart, rather than the head, brings compassion and a path of possibility, a path of hope and healing.

Focus through the heart, through the energy of love, and shift everything experienced as pain and fear. The quality and energy of love forgives the mistakes and hardships, and brings us into the center of Spirit, into the presence of wellness. It allows us to flow, rather than to be stuck in fear, lack or stubbornness for what has been created in our world. It offers a place of flexibility and possibility where we can dream anew with support.

Creating an Altar to Focus Your Heart Spaces

Use an altar to help you focus on love, on possibility and the power of Spirit. Click here to read more about how to do build an altar and use it as part of your spiritual practices.

During these times it is equally important to call in support, to ask for help from a more powerful energy (such as a teacher, a healer, or Mother Earth and Father Sky).

Tree of Life Visualization

To work with the energies of the Cosmos and Mother Earth, click here to read more about a Tree of Life visualization that will assist you.

I was reminded this weekend of a buddhist teaching that is most appropriate when speaking of these human journeys. "Pain is part of the human experience. Suffering is optional."

Be well, be kind to yourself and others, drop down into your heart, and know that you are the blessing that changes your world and the larger landscape of all life as you simple love.

Be still, be love, be blessed and be the blessing wherever you go.

Create an Altar for Awakening Your Spiritual Self!

Creating an altar is a spiritual activity of intention as much as it is a physical endeavor. Altars can be communal, public or absolutely personal and tucked away from others’ curious minds. 

When created ceremoniously and in ritual your altar is a place for sanctuary, prayer, meditation and ritual. It is a place to hold your prayers and intentions, as well as to focus your love and connection to Spirit. An altar is a place of non-ordinary reality held within ordinary reality. Altars are for your spiritual mind and soul heart to merge with your personality. Whether communal or personal, altars help to anchor your focus on Spirit, love, faith and possibility. 

The Qer’o people of the Andes (an indigenous people in the lineage of the ancient Incans) know an altar creates a portal to the heavenly realms. With prayers, intention and attention to honor the ancestors, the elementals and spirit helpers with the altar as the focal point, a column of light emanates from the heavens downward into the center of Mother Earth via the altar space. This column of light is called a canali, and acts as a gateway for angels, guides and masters from the heavenly realms to come into your place of prayer and ceremony. They come to answer your prayers and bring blessings from the supernatural worlds of Spirit.

Altars are created and used by many peoples around the world, indigenous, religious, and vastly spiritually oriented. There is a common experience of creating sacred spaces for prayers to be focused, sent and received to and from the Divine. Native Americans, Peruvians, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, protestants, Celtic Druids, and on and on and on, find sacred objects, for sacred spaces, to set an altar to speak to Great Spirit, God, Goddess, the Divine. 

Altars can be large or small, they can be permanent or traveling. What they have in common is that they are a dedicated space which honors Spirit, your guides, helpers and allies. It is a place to pray. It is a place to recognize as you are in a sacred ceremony. It is a place to say hello to your ancestors and allies. It is a place to listen and gain guidance. Commonalities of altars are a sacred cloth as the mesa, and ground for the sacred items. Flowers, candles, sacred objects from stones and crystals to statuary may fill your altar. Statues or pictures of saints, the Buddha, the Christ, statues of animal totems are excellent to have on your altar to honor and call forth these helpers and guides. Sage, sacred tobacco, incense, corn meal, and other sacred plants are also good to have on the altar. During prayer these may be lit, allow the smoke to send your prayers to Spirit in ritual.

Pictures of your self or family members and loved ones may go on a personal altar or an altar dedicated to the support and protection of your family.  When I teach ongoing classes we make an altar in my teaching space for the group, with pictures of each participant for that six month class. Each day I go to that altar and pray for that group, for each person, for support, for healing, for blessings and such. I light sacred tobacco and send to each person, calling in help from their allies and the allies of the group. This is an example of the power of prayer and an altar to hold the space for an individual or for a group of people. 

Creating Your Own Personal Altar

Set aside a place in your home that is private where you can set up your personal altar. It doesn’t have to be large. It can be as small as your bedside table, or even the drawer of your bedside table. Clear it of all clutter. Find a cloth or covering that is beautiful and feels sacred to you. This will help set the space. 

Next, place a small statuette, piece of art, a crystal, flowers or an item representing Spirit at the center of the altar. Place a candle on the altar. Use your intuition as to where it belongs. You can place other items in on the altar such as flowers, crystals, a small container of water, feathers, sand, etc. The items you place on the altar should bring love, beauty and honor to Spirit and integrate with your intentions. 

Smudge your altar with tobacco, sage, cedar, sweet grass, or whatever combination of herbs you are called to use and keep it as clean energetically as you do by dusting it physically. 

Preparing for Your Altar Work

Take some time each day to sit at your altar, putting your attention on Spirit, through your heart, your prayers, gratitude and intentions. When you sit you can burn incense and play music to assist you in going inward to connect to your intuition and to Spirit. When you are quiet and focused, you begin to open to the messages and healing energies Spirit has for you. 

Prayer and Invocation

Enter into prayer mindfully, centered in your heart with gratitude. Light your candle, and send your prayers to Spirit in your mind, in your heart, and in your words. Pray gratefully with an earnest heart, opening to the love and gifts available to you. Visualize your prayers as not only heard, but answered. 

Let go of outcomes and open to the larger vision Spirit has for you and your life. Open to greater possibilities expressing from Great Mystery, answering your prayers in love beyond what your human mind can grasp. Spirit works in the mystery, and ultimately weaves a path of awakening when you will surrender and trust the Greater Spirit and inter-connectedness of life. 

Making an altar and having a mindful practice of prayer, ritual and gratitude can heal your life beyond anything you can imagine. It brings peace with focus through the heart. This ancient practice of prayer and altar work anchors your prayers from earth to heaven and heaven to earth in a tapestry of woven intentions that are your heart song. Try it and discover more about yourself as a sacred creator dreaming your world through greater love and heart centered intentions. 

What you ask and what you bless, shall be given. 

© 2016 Katherine Skaggs. You may copy or share this information, without changing the text, and with giving credit to the author please.

1156.Soul Essence RA-web-by-katherine_skaggsRadiant RA Essence of Solar Activation
and Light

The Radiant RA Essence of Solar Activation and Light came into my awareness when I was asked to flow two different Soul Essence paintings and portals into form for a chiropractor and his offices in Boulder area, Colorado. He set his intentions for each office, to bring in energy and a portal of reflecting wisdom, to support him in fulfilling his purpose, as well as to feel the state of flowing gratitude, relaxation, spaciousness, prosperity, passion and connection to self and others. As I reflected upon his words and focused heart desires, I began to feel the Golden Light of Consciousness penetrate my auric field and consciousness, lighting up my inner vision and perception.

Radiant RA essence was the second painting to come in, though I thought his energy would penetrate the canvas first. (See blog on Soul Star KA essence to learn more about the first painting and to enjoy it's portal imagery).

The golden light continued to illuminate my mind’s eye as I asked for the energy and imagery of the second soul essence painting. I asked how does this come in, and all I could see was golden light coming onto the canvas with magenta pink energies at the bottom of the canvas.

As I took the pigment and flowed it to the canvas, I could feel incredible joy, love and benevolence. Kindness. Protection. Peace. All is Well. I smiled as the flow expanded with this great being of light coming forth and opening another portal of the Golden Octave of Light.

La Luz de Oro, the light of gold, poured forth, with a wing of gold, coming from the throat and heart area, representing flight, movement of the Solar Octave of Golden Light and the ability to move that frequency through heart and word, and action. Active in principle, yet illuminating havingness, openness, healing, and receiving.

The radiant light emanating from the third eye, and as the halo around the head, is encoded with light language patterns and codes to awaken one's inner light at expanded levels, activating one's own talents and gifts as knower, as healer, as shape shifter and one who transmutes the shadows of life through light.

This Cosmic Christ light eradicates the darkest areas of soul illusion, bringing awakening and illumination of true Divine Self to light. Solar glyphs of circles with dots in the center, open numerous portals to this luminous frequency and inner dimension for easy access, through simply being.

This Radiant Being RA is alikened to the Solar Flares of our sun at this time, emitting light so powerful, one’s field cannot remain the same in this light frequency. All that is not of soul essence, purity, light and joy will be burned away in the high frequencies. Be not afraid RA says, for this light will disappear the darkness, and refocus the soul into pure essence and light.

The glyph at the throat sits on top of a triangle of the high heart. The triangle is symbolic of the chalice, or the Divine Feminine principle, holding a space of great receiving, and great overflowing of love. This is the chalice and the Holy Grail of the Soul, to be present to this Divine Feminine principle, at the center of the Radiant Golden Light being, anchoring in light and love through all creative activities, energizing and generating only from the frequency of pure love.

The spiral at the throat is the creative active response to the chalice of love, balancing and honoring the Divine Feminine with the active principle of the Divine Masculine… putting into form the receptive energies of the heart, of the chalice.

As the light penetrates all awareness, all is truly well, all is relaxed, all is abundant and filled with growth, all is filled with love.

Gaze upon the Radiant RA essence and be filled with the Solar Logos, another expression of your Celestial self. Open to receive the frequencies of this Solar Celestial light activation within your human vessel, within the vessel of your work, within the vessel of your family, within the sacred ceremony of your life.

You are upon an evolutionary path, one filled with great awakening of your light codes and soul rememberings. Gaze upon this portal, as well as the Soul Star Ka, as healing agents you have manifested from your own soul substance, to activate complete awakening and complete shedding of human forgetfulness.

Here's a little inspiration from the painting, Soul Star KA Essence, which was actually a commission. Yet the message is Universal and timeless.

KA, is here to open a larger portal of light for your re-membering and fullness. The golden waves of light and the purple octaves in the background bring the royal frequencies of your true essence to life and to light. KA, the galactic, royal purple and gold frequencies of the heavenly realms activate the healing of any fractured dreams, of any fractured selves, bringing together the oneness of the soul star with the personality and the human experience.

Working with this portal will support your re-membering and also activate this healing within your self and all around. Gazing upon the KA will activate your heavenly light frequency within all of your human realm, with gentleness, grace, joy and peace.

The symbols and colors throughout the painting are unified in their purpose for activation, healing and re-membering true self, purpose… allowing an embodiment of this light frequency through all time and space, and most importantly in each breath you breathe in this body in this now moment.
The hands in the painting shine forth this light frequency and cosmic codes of remembering and activation. They also reflect your healing spirit that is divinely connected to your heart center, and heart light.

The symbol at the heart is a star symbol, with a spiral in the center, surrounded by an equalateral cross, with generating light expanding from this symbol. This portal opens to the depths of the great Cosmic soul light of unconditional love and creative light force. It is symbolic of the generative essence of soul, activating your desires and your dreams. Be true to your heart is the message, and all flows from this love and this space of creative light force.

This connects upward to another spiral seemingly within a collar of gold, with white symbols. This symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, light codes and the power of creativity through love and wisdom. The white symbols are light language codes, activating your power and desires in alignment with the higher purpose you have for being on earth, and for serving the whole in waking up.

Another star glyph sits at the throat area, with an ever seeing eye. This again is a portal to activate the true know, seeing and acting of the Cosmic soul self through human form. A radiant portal bringing the heart into action, into words, into listening, into Divine knowing.

It is as if wings come forth from the higher part of this glyph, representing the activation of inner flight through inner knowing… true freedom of the soul to fly through the inner dimensions, and the ability to bring that wisdom, knowledge and frequency to earth into the human experience.
The glyphs symbols continue to appear into the face cheeks and the third eye area. Again a star glyph on the cheek on the right side of the painting, which is actually the left side of the being, representing the full on expression of the Divine Feminine star light of compassion, kindness, wisdom and unconditional love reflecting into you, into your life experience, holding you from the joy and love of the Cosmic Mother.

The glyph at the center of the third eye as a diamond is another portal to honor and activate your true sight at expanded levels, bringing that energy to all you meet and touch and see. It is connected to a golden circle at the top of the diamond, with a white dot in the middle and a DNA strand moving upward to Spirit, higher Self. This is representative of the Solar logos, and the God Essence, or Universal Creator Light as pure frequency shifting Self upward into Ascended Master, into awakened DNA, into Homo Luminous.
This essence being KA, emanates deep compassionate and loving rays of light frequencies to awaken the total, whole God Self.

Engage this beautiful essence and guide, and receive the blessings you have imagined, that you have desired.

You are powerful beyond what your personality wants to believe, and yet you truly know this within. Claim this, allow this, receive this love and be en-JOY.

Soul Star Ka

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