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Solstice Tarot Reading with the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Katherine Skaggs

Enjoy a Mythical Goddess Solstice Tarot Reading with Katherine Skaggs for Solstice Thursday, Dec. 21st at 8:27pm MST.

This is a 15-Card spread with the Mythical Goddess Tarot and an esoteric look at the Solstice Cycle. It is practical too as to what is important as we end one cycle and begin a new one, both from a spiritual perspective, and what serves us as souls on Earth. Katherine will help you look at Who are We as we enter into this changing cycle, What is the Big Picture, What Lessons and Opportunities are at this time, What Action to Take, and What Outcome will follow as we act on what is best for us. In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year before the return of the light.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is Summer Solstice, being the brightest day of the year. Solstice is the still place of pause, where the Sun's daily path as seen from Earth reverses direction seasonally. Spiritually and symbolically, this is a time of ‘pause.' It is a good time to access the Void, and the place of possibility and potentiation. The void is the place between past and future, the place of all possible futures.

Master Akbal signals a time to go within. A perfect reminder for a Solstice ceremony. Master Akbal painting is by artist Katherine Skaggs and is feathered in the award-winning Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle by artist/author Katherine Skaggs.REFLECT AND LET GO

Now is a time to reflect upon what you truly desire to create and to experience as you let go of what has been. It is a great time to write down what you are letting go of onto a sheet of paper, with all the ferve and emotion you can draw forth as you place words and energy onto paper. In reflection what wisdom and gratitude can you draw forth from your journey in life? Even in the hardest of times there are lessons and teachings that offer wisdom from your experiences.


On another sheet of paper admit your blessings that have come across the last 6 months to year or more. What wisdom has come? What are you grateful for in the journey? What healing and awareness have you received along the way?


On a third sheet of paper take time to dream anew. What hopes, dreams, and desires do you wish to put your attention on now? What new seeds of life do you wish to plant and fertilize with your attention at this potent time? Pour forth your desires to create and to receive.

Solstice Fire Ceremony with Katherine SkaggsALCHEMIZE WITH FIRE CEREMONY

To alchemize your words and your experiences, take your writings to the fire and ceremonially release them. The fire is the symbol of the Sun on Earth, tangible, bright, and alchemical. Move close to the fire and release these papers, and any other offerings you would like, such as seeds for new beginnings, leaves of what has been shed, holly, twigs, etc. Place organic items into the fire to let go and to call forth anew. Then stand close enough to the fire for its energy to purify your field with its warmth and life force. With everything you release into the fire you will receive an expansion of chi, prana, and life force to revitalize your energy and all of your life.

May this Solstice bring you many blessings! May the Holidays bring great joy, and the New Year be fertile with great love, abundance, adventures, and heart. Love, Katherine

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15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, and additional guidance from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle to guide and support on this Scorpio New Moon October 25, 2022.

Who are We as



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The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a gift from the Divine, bringing vibrant beauty, inspiration, Divine guidance, and wisdom for personal empowerment in challenging times of great change.  

Hello Masters of Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light! 
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a boxed set of 44-beautifully illustrated cards and a full-color 128-page guidebook made of Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light channeled by author and artist Katherine Skaggs. Katherine created this high-frequency deck because we all need wise guidance, support, inspiration, and empowerment to change our lives personally and the world at large into a more harmonious place. The Angels, Masters, and Divine Beings have been flowing their images, messages, and higher frequency energies to form through Katherine's paintings and the words to help her and many others since 2003. 

Now is the time for us to benefit from their guidance and energy through the portal of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle. This is a deck for daily use, for types of questions of any size, situations, insight into relationships and the challenges of life as well as for continuing guidance as you move up your spiritual path. This deck is for anyone, from beginners to experienced card deck users and readers, from young to old, for anyone seeking the companionship of the Masters of Light as a part of their daily journey. If you desire higher guidance that benefits your soul's human adventure, then this is your deck! 
The Master of Light Wisdom Oracle is a high-energy spiritual technology and transformational tool that you can employ for the rest of your life.
Creating the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has been a journey filled with many ups and downs, healing, breakthrough, and ultimately joyful illumination. Many have been waiting years for this deck to come to life. Thank you everyone for your patience and complete support along the way. Now is the time for you to receive the blessings directly with your own autographed copy of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle.

The Masters of Light are a collective of supernatural, higher-dimensional beings who appear as Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Mayan Masters, and other Divine Beings of Light. Each has its unique message and frequency to assist you on your path of awakening your true and Divine Self. They hear your prayers and know your heart’s deepest desires. They are always available, if only you will call. They watch over and guide you in all ways. You are never alone. Your guides and helpers have a hand in bringing you what you need most on your evolutionary path of the soul.

 Archangels are the specialized chief angelic messengers, leading a fleet of other angels with the same mission to help humanity. Each is available to assist you through their specialty. Everyone has their own message and energy to help you understand your life situation, as well as to inspire and guide you to greater harmony.
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle has nine Archangels making their appearance to guide and assist you:  Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariels, Uriel, Azrael, Metatron (also an Ascended Master), Ramiel, and Haniel.

Ascended Masters are souls who have also walked the Earth and have attained spiritual mastery by passing many spiritual initiations to learn their lessons through many incarnations. Each has their specialty and focus to assist you in your soul's journey to mastery. They are all dedicated to your personal evolution and healing, as well as that of all of humanity. There are fourteen Ascended Masters in the deck including Masters Lord Ganesha, Sananda, St. Germain, Serapis Bey, Our Lady of Light, Our Lady of Guadalupe, White Eagle, Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha of the Heart, Lady Nada, Lord Maitraya, Divine Mother Kuan Yin, and Lord Guatama the Buddha. 

Above are a few sample images of Katherine's 44-card oracle. Who is calling to you?
There are many other Divine Beings from the higher dimensions of the spiritual planes who are part of an amazing team of Light Beings here to assist you. They may express themselves to you as angels, guides, Mayan masters, goddesses, and celestial beings. Everyone has great love and wisdom to share to guide you to healing and harmony in your life. 
The other twenty-one Divine Masters are: Mother Breath of Life, Master Kanchan, Soul Star Ka, Pleiadian Angel of Dreams, The Illuminated One, Star Mother Ra-Mona, Mother Shakti Kundalini, World Angel of Peace, Mayan Master Imix, Angel Estrella de la Luz, Mayan Master Ik, Our Lady of the Blue Light, Mother Goddess Hathor, Ancient One, Angel Horatio the Giant, Mayan Master Akbal, Mayan Master Cuauc, Star Light Amorah, Pleiadian, Angel Mag-ne-Tu, Indigo Star Child, and Mama Gaia.

The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is an Extraordinary Oracle Deck. It combines Guidance with Ceremony and RitualA True  Energy Tool for Changing Your Life.
Every Masters provides wisdom, guidance, and tangible Ceremony and Ritual to guide you so you may expand your energy and shift any negative energy upwards into the harmonious energies each Master offers. The imagery, energy, and unique guidance of each Master of Light offers tangible action through ceremony and ritual. Wisdom teachings are offered throughout the cards and pages of the guidebook and the Masters who are here to support you. 
The Masters offer transformational imagery and also ancient spiritual practices, such as Open-Eyed Gazing, guidance for altar work, creating sacred space, how to connect with each Master of Light, and so much more.
Here's a sample of the Ceremony and Ritual with Master Kanchan for Be Yourself!
  • Move into sacred space with clarity of intention to come home to your authentic self as you release negativity. Light sage or other smudges to clear your space. Light a white or gold candle. State out loud three times, “I release all negative energies, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and experiences into the light.” Imagine the candle’s flame clears the negative energies until you feel complete. Gaze upon the fire to bring the light into your body and energy bodies, illuminating your true essence in love.

Keywords and guidance with every Master.
Here's a sample of the the guidebook with key words, masterful guidance, and the ceremony and ritual for Star Light Amorahand Trust!
  • Keywords: Light Transmission • Grace • Peace
  • Key Phrase: “Trust in love, in grace, in peace. These qualities live within you and every human on this planet.”
  • Who is Star Light Amorah: Star Light Amorah is an awakened, ancient Celestial Being from our home in the Stars. As a giver of grace, she brings immeasurable blessings of love, compassion, and peace to guide humanity in its path of awakening. Her high-frequency light codes transform the heart, mind, soul, and DNA on Earth and in Heaven.
  • Wisdom and guidance: Star Light Amorah comes to you at this moment to illuminate your heart and the highest qualities that live in your spiritual and physical DNA. She wants you to TRUST that all is in Divine order — personally and for all of humanity. The Cosmos has your back, as do many advanced beings of light. You are on an evolutionary journey as soul. There are no mistakes that you are here now as humanity steps into new light to evolve.
  • Trust is an essential key energy to support you at this time. Love, compassion, peace, and all that is required to heal are within the codes of your DNA, and all of the DNA of humanity. No matter how strange life has been, or challenging it may seem, new frequencies of light are pouring forth to awaken the spiritual heart and soul of humans into greater love and harmony. If you have been dismayed and fearful for yourself or others, seek to restore trust in the power of love, compassion, and grace to heal. As you trust this within your very being, then extend it to others. Be compassionate and loving. Be the carrier of this light and expand it through your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. Be the luminary and watch the light expand into miracles in all of your world, and for that of humanity.
  • Ceremony and Ritual: Dedicate your focus to trust, to love, to hope, to grace, and to peace. Begin your day with this as your focus. Then let your life be the altar that expresses these qualities. Before you get out of bed in the morning, acknowledge that you trust the Divine and your soul’s path. Acknowledge your trust for what unfolds each day for the betterment of yourself and the world. Look for others to meet you upon this path of love and light. What you focus on will expand into your experiences and bring healing.

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  • Four Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Altar Cards (5x7")
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LIMITED SPECIAL to first 100 backers. First-edition autographed deck of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle: 44-card deck with a full-color 126-page guidebook — signed to you or a person of your choice personally by author/artist Katherine Skaggs. We’ll contact you to find out how to autograph your copy. Note quantities are limited at this introductory price.
  • Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle Autographed
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  • 1. How to expand your intuition, inspiration, wisdom, purpose, and empowerment by working with the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle. 
  • 2. How to call in the Archangels, Ascended Masters, personal guides, and all other Divine Beings for assistance and guidance. 
  • 3. Direct guidance and journey spaces with the Masters in each class. 
  • The deck will be personally signed to you and/or a person(s) of your choice personally by author/artist Katherine Skaggs. We’ll contact you to find out how to autograph your copy.
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1. Number of Cards, Size, Stock, Booklet, and Box Specs 
44 cards measuring 3.75x5.5" printed on 350 gsm stock with full color and gloss laminate on both sides. The full-color 126-page booklet also measures 3.75x5.5", with full-color cover and inside pages. The booklet cover is 230 gsm cover stock, and the inside text is 105gsm art matt paper. The beautiful box is custom-made to fit the cards and booklet, with 128 gsm gloss art over 2.0 mm boards with an uncoated liner in the box. These cards will feel great in your hands!
2. This is a 44-card Oracle Deck, NOT a Tarot Deck
The Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle is a high-frequency oracle deck of original, channeled paintings by intuitive artist Katherine Skaggs, depicting Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Masters of Light. 
These vibrant wisdom cards can be used for daily guidance, inspiration, insight, divination, and empowerment. Choose a card a day or for a situation, or you can try the three or five-card spreads in the booklet for more insights, guidance, and information, or create your own spreads! No special training is needed to connect to the Masters and their wisdom. 
3.  Published by Well-Regarded Mind*Body*Spirit Publisher Satiama Publishing
Satiama Publishing has been bringing forward internationally-awarded products, books, card decks, and more, many of which have won Industry Choice, People's Choice, and Book or Product of the Year. 

Fort Collins, CO
I am the author and artist of the multi-award-winning 2022 COVR Visionary Awards Book of the Year, Artist Shaman Healer Sage - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul, and the artist of the award-winning iconic, Mythical Goddess Tarot.
I am a visionary artist and writer, channel, shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher, and painter of souls bringing the beauty and wisdom of the soul to the human experience. The journey of life has taken me on soul-expanding adventures into metaphysics and shamanism to heal and awaken in the human experience. My greatest joy is to inspire, empower, and uplift others through art, story, and wisdom teachings.  I also created the art for the pocket deck Pocketful of Goddesses: A Blessing Oracle, the art and writing for the Pocketful of Blessings, and the art for more than 100 sacred altar cards to date. I have also painted onto canvas channeled personal soul portraits, spirit guide paintings, totem animals, and spirit helpers for thousands of people.
I appreciate your support of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, as it is time to bring this love and wisdom far and wide. Thank you for being my blessing, and for blessing others as you do so!
Stretch Goals
1.  Hit $4500  - Everyone gets THREE additional 5 x 7" altar cards
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Click on this link or the image below to listen to the podcast Wholistic Soul Podcast with Guest Katherine Skaggs and Host Ashely Tracey


In this episode, Ashley interviews award-winning visionary artist, author, spiritual teacher, and shamanic healer Katherine Skaggs about the simple tools and practices each of us can incorporate in our lives to help us connect more deeply to the artist, shaman, healer, and sage within us all.

Buy Katherine Skaggs’ Award-winning book Artist, Shaman, Healer, Sage to learn more about creating sacred ritual in your life, as you awaken your inner Artist, Shaman, Healer, and Sage that is alive and well within your very being. Katherine's vast spiritual life experiences and wild adventures have spanned the last 35 years, taking her from conservative bible-belt roots in Oklahoma, to sitting with shamans in the jungles of Peru. Personal healing has always been the goal, and has led her to write, paint, teach, and express this timeless wisdom so others may also benefit.

Connect with Katherine Skaggs' visionary guidance, wisdom, and channel to get your soul portrait, attend a class, or buy prints, books, decks, drums, and other uplifting products through her website at:

Purchase ritual and ceremonial tools at Shaman’s Market

About your host
Ashley Tracey is a Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising on a mission to demystify astrology and all things spiritual. Not only is Ashley an intuitive astrologer and past life regression guide, but her experience as a professor of nutrition and corporate wellness consultant provides her with a knack for blending science with the sacred. Making out of this world concepts more relatable to your everyday life. Helping you reconnect with your sense of wholeness. Find out more about her at


It is time for Radical Transformation, Radical Healing, Miraculous Transformation. Who can come in to guides us, to assist us in this process, in letting go and opening to receive the blessings? How can we be in the blessings and gratitudes amidst the challenges? With the eclipse cycles we have been in we are being activated to let go of deeper levels of angst, anger, grief, and self deprecation or blame of another. We are being purified and cleansed so we may return to our essence, our hearts, and a new life that is more potential for love and wisdom than possibly ever before on this planet.

The Pleiadian Star Goddess arrives in our one card pick today to bring us assurance that we are exactly where we need to be upon the path, that our soul's destiny is unfolding in perfect timing, with all the right circumstance, people and such - even if there are difficult aspects to it, it is all exactly right for your soul's journey that you may wake up into greater love and illumination. It is the initiation process for greater joy and peace, a returning home to your soul self, rather than an ego driven life. The Star Goddess is about blessings from your higher self, from the heaven's and higher dimensions, bringing in light and energy.

Open to receive the illumination and be transformed from the suffering into heart-centered joy and peace.

This sounds so woo woo and wonderful, yet it is a sacred path of releasing ego judgements and limitations mentally, emotionally, physically, th your spirit may expand within your human experience. As you release and let go, the light has room to enter into your reality in all ways. As this happens, you can trust that more balance, joy, and happiness will return to your life, to your knowing, and to your capacity to express this through you. Radical transformation is the process of miraculous manifestation. Look up, look within, open your arms, open your heart, for the energy is coming in now to move you to a greater understanding and perspective. Do you best to focus on yourself as light, as love, as deserving, as loving and lovable. This focus will be healing as you receive the energies that fuel your true essence, allowing you to be the beacon of light within a changing world. Take 11 minutes and listen up that you may be inspired for the change and the blessings that are coming now.

With the new moon on June 10th, take some time to honor the journey you have been on to now. Do any releasing you would like prior to setting your intentions to align your prayers to the greatest potential that you are calling into your life at this time. Smudge, pray, call in your guides and helpers, call upon the Pleiadian Star Goddess to assist and support you, go into ceremony. Know that you are supported no matter the appearances of the world around you. Great Spirit/God/Goddess knows your heart and your soul. Ground yourself into a positive focus as you courageously, radically release what no longer serves you, and open your arms and your heart to the blessings of a new, expanded potent reality that you are aligning with now.

May you be blessed beyond what your mind can conceive. May our loved ones, and those we are having challenges with, all be blessed to bring peace within, love within, light within, that we may harmonize in the light. May peace always prevail. May we be assured and trusting of the love and light unfolding within ourselves in this miraculous transformation. May you receive and know that you are love.

With deep love, respect, blessings and gratitude.

Katherine Skaggs

Dec 4, 2020 Mythical Goddess Tarot 1-Card Pull, the Hindu Goddess Aditi, and the Great Void, with Katherine Skaggs. Healing and Hope through curiosity and wonderment. It is time to focus upon and wonder "How Good Can it Get?"

What do we need to find greater hope in our lives right now?

Fear is rampant in our world, with humanity at odds with one another, with the fear of a pandemic, various religious and political factions and points of view.

What guidance can the goddesses give to assist us in healing and shifting to a higher frequency and greater experience of love, harmony, and joy?

Aditi, the Hindu Goddess representing the Infinite, the Great Cosmic Void, comes to us today to help us find our way into a more harmonious and beautiful reality. This great celestial Mother Goddess is here to remind you to focus your heart and mind on your curiosity on how good life can get. She is the formless mind substance, the Akasha, and the most fertile ground for planting seeds of hope, of healing, and of great harmony for self and for all of humanity.

It is time to go into the childlike wonderment that lives inside our very beings, of our inner child, and the place of purity that resides beyond the fear. What is it like to return to the place of possibility, potential, and true harmony?

If you are focused on the fear and have lost your pure, innocent child-like nature, it is time for a clearing, a smoke bath, some sage, prayer, and reflection upon the good, the Divine, and the beauty of this world, and your very being.

Refocus your mind, your heart, and all of your thoughts to wonderment and curiosity in How good can it get? You will stir the potent and fertile energies of the Great Cosmic Void, and the Quantum Field… beckoning the perfect answer from the Universe. Know that whatever you ask must be answered. So pay attention to what you ask and where your focus is.

If you will lean more and more into the possible, you will be supported in living it every day.

Mythical Goddess Tarot guidance and inspiration for December 3rd, 2020. This began as a 3-card pull to look the guidance from the past, present, and future. A 4th card was pulled for the healing support of the best outcomes.

Past - What is the wisdom we need to the, and what to let go of? Hindu Mother Goddess Shakti, Ecstatic Union, appears in this section of the reading, to bring us the powerful fire medicine of the Universe, Shakti connects us to our divine creative force of Kundalini, for healing and creativity. She is the Lovers card of the traditional tarot. Her message is to return home within the Self and the Divine, to unite your inner Beloved with your outer waking state. Be present with this power to create wisely in every step of your life. You have the sacred power you need to transform your world when you access this primary force of Creation.

Present - What do we need to know about our present time, and how to proceed forward? The 6 of Wind, Intention card shows up to remind us to consciously 'intend' and create our world with clear mental thought and imagery. This card reflects one dreaming, meditating, and reflecting. She is reminder that we must dream anew, we must consciously intend what we desire, rather than unconsciously living our lives without direction. What do you truly want? What are your intentions this day? For healing? For happiness? For cooperation? It is time to take full responsibility to consciously create your life. Take time today to reflect, to go within, and reconnect to what is most important to you at this time. Then admit it, write it down, and intend it will be so. Intend you will have the support you need. Intend all is well and will continue to be more bright. Intend whatever you need to manifest into form.

Future - The 9 of Wind, Criticism showed up in the place of the future, telling me the we have two possible outcomes depending on how we act today. If we work with the gifts Shakti blesses us with, and the power of Intention, we will heal the divisive energies of criticism, anger, and hatred. By consciously choosing what we want to be a part of, how we want to live in greater harmony, we will be the healing of this harsh mental energy that is rampant in our world today. If we do not take responsibility, we will continue to live in harsh, edgy, critical energies, born of separation, hatred, and anger.

Bonus Card for Support in Healing - 4 of Seas, Desire shows up as the perfect reminder to return to the heart to heal the harshness of the mind. Reflect from the true heart's desires, choose from this place, and create from this loving, harmonious energy for a more beautiful experience. Your healing lies in our heart spaces. The healing of humanity lies in our heart spaces. Return home to the power of the heart and the emotional suit aligned with the deep guidance of our intuitive, spiritual natures. This will give us the wisdom needed to neutralize mental thought forms of separation and criticism.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot gives us insight and guidance on navigating the pandemic of coronavirus. Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot remind us of the soul's journey, and how that guides us to moving through times of chaos in the world, that is birthing us into a new reality, an opportunity to come to greater harmony individually and collectively.

Who Are We As We Move Through This Pandemic?

The Mythical Goddess Tarot card Ace of Seas, Ecstasy reminds us that even amidst fear and chaos, we are joyful, heart-centered beings, and that now is a time to reconnect deeply to our essence. It is time to return home to the beauty of our hearts through meditation, reflection and the power of cultivating our emotional body focused through love. The Crone of Fire, Transformation, reflects that we are the ones who have the strength and capacity to move through the fires of complete destruction of old structures and ways of being, to come through transformed and illuminated. We are being purified and rising to new levels as we move through this. The 6 of Earth reflects a Pot of Gold and the energy of Success. This card tells us that even amidst incredible challenges and change, that we are abundant, that we have all the resources needed to move through the fear and challenges, and this is our foundation to draw upon.

What Is the Big Picture?

WARNING - The 9 of Wind - Criticism shows up first. The energy of harsh, critical mind is up for healing. Pay attention to your beliefs, your words and thoughts that cut, that criticize and that break or separate as you look into the world of chaos and change. Be MINDFUL. Be constructive with your words, your outlook and use your mind and mental capacity to find solutions. Yemaya, the Oracle, reminds us that now is a time of returning inward to our subconscious, intuitive, lunar nature. It is time to use our quiet time for meditation, reflection and inner knowing. This is where peace resides. The Child of Earth - Design reminds us that everything is in order, that we have the blueprint for our soul's evolution and the evolution of humanity, within us. Be in childlike wonderment about our own growth, and know that all is evolving us in growth and wisdom.

What Do We Need to Learn? Challenges to Move Through?

The 4 of Earth Boundaries - Clean up our act! Take our space energetically, psychically, emotionally and physically. Be clear what is yours and what is others. This is the time to pay attention in how to take care of yourself on ALL levels, and to respect and learn this. The Goddess Aditi reminds us that we are in a time of great potential, and opportunity. She is the Great Void, which is often great chaos, as it is the pure energy of Creation. The challenge now is to focus your mind, your emotions and your energy into what you desire to CREATE. Be clear, and plant only the seeds that grow your life as you want. Your focus creates! The Ace of Fire - Illumination is here to remind us that we are supported in our death and rebirth process, that we are here to release our anger, our fear, and our rage, so that we may lose our lower ego minds and become free. The opportunity is to clear away old patterns of fear through this experience. She offers sudden and powerful illumination in the process.

Action to Take

7 of Seas - Denial - It is time to face the places we have buried our emotions and become stagnant in our capacity to love and to move forward emotionally. Find ways to stop denying yourself, and open to healing your heart now. The Maiden of Wind shows us the importance of our mental focus. We must keep our eye on the target of what we desire, if we want to hit the mark in the change. The 10 of Seas - Purity supports the healing of the heart that is required, by expressing your own Pure soul's nature. Connect to compassion, kindness, generosity and unconditional love. It is time to clean up our act, on every level in how we relate to self and other.


WE are in a full on reset into our Divinity! Three goddesses are in the Outcome -- This is a very significant sign. IF we indeed pay attention, go within, make change, we have a new reality birthing, that brings harmony and awakening!

Mother Gaia, the World card, says despite the dismal and challenging experience of the pandemic, we are coming to a new life , to greater connection as a species, and with our planet and all its CREATION, to ALL being KIN, and to greater abundance as a result of this change. We are healing as a species, despite the appearances of things, and that blesses and heals the entire planet and all our relations. The High Priestess card, Egyptian Goddess Isis of birth, death and fertility is here to usher us into the new life, into our awakening and sacred expression. This great goddess is here to show us how to live and navigate life as we center in our intuitive knowing, rather than our linear, earthly eyes. She is a reflection of the wisdom that is birthed within us as we go deeper into greater union with our spiritual beings. The Hindu Goddess Shakti who animates the life force and creative energy of the Universe, and is the Ecstatic Union card, reflects that this experience brings us to greater Union of our soul self with our human expression, that we are moving into a greater, more enlightened way of being individually and as a species. The kundalini fire is purifying us that we may be awake, aware and in our true light.

Goddess Bless you! Love is the ONLY answer. Give fear to the fire. Pray. Meditate. Practice kindness and Generosity. Know that you are being expanded through a very expansive time. Do all you can to ground yourself, to honor the power of change, of death and rebirth, and know that you are not alone. Your guides, angels and spirit helpers are all around you. Take stock of your gifts, and reflect on how you can give from your own abundant nature. Dream anew. Focus your imaginations onto how many blessings are coming your way. Do your best, and you will be supported.

With love to you, Katherine Skaggs

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