Speaking Engagements

Katherine is available to bring the wisdom of the soul to your area! Popular subjects include Art as Healing, Intuition and Art, Soul Portraits, The Mythical Goddess Tarot, and Shamanism and Healing. She also offers the following on an ongoing basis:

Artist Shaman Healer Sage Coursework

An introduction to Shamanism and Creativity. A five-month course meeting one Saturday a month at Katherine’s studio in Fort Collins, CO.

This multi-cultural shamanic course is a foundation for living the ancient spiritual practices of direct revelation for transformation, and for living your life in power and unity. Each month we meet one Saturday in a ceremonial space for learning, drum journeying, remembering and creating from the heart of Spirit. The content of the course will include teachings of the Medicine Wheel and practices to incorporate it into your life as a powerful tool for balance and guidance, working with spirit guides and animal totems for support, drum journeying for direct revelation, cleansing and clearing, grounding and altar work; the power of prayer; protection; recapitulation and release; places of power and power spots.

Make shamanic tools as well as learn how to use them each gathering, such as a Medicine Staff/Wand, Medicine Bag, Death Mask, Gourd Rattle, an Inner Shaman Mask.

This is offered annually in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are also currently working on bringing this as a virtual study course online.

Drum Making Workshop

Make a 16″ deer skin drum or 18″ elk hide drum in ancient style in a half day workshop. This class is a sacred and ancient, indigenous, ceremonial approach to making a personal, hand held drum, and drum beater. A medicine wheel is opened, allies and the directions are called in, and prayers are imbued into the materials. This is a mindful way to create in a shamanic art tradition. Sacred smoke is also used with prayer to clear the materials and to bless them.

Conversations with Goddesses

We have heard “His-Story”, it is time now to hear “Her-Story”!

Conversations with Goddesses is a 23 session online webinar and course in awakening the power of the Divine Feminine, based on the Mythical Goddess Tarot’s 22 Goddess archetypes and their wisdom, as well as the channeled experiences of bringing their essence into form through my intuitive painting process. Each Goddess is alive and well and wanting to engage us in the next stage of our evolution and illumination.

This course is being formed right now with the intention of launching the webinar by early 2016.

Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting is the pathway of becoming the seer of one’s life. It is a painting process that forges trust within oneself, and knowing that painting is not just about the imagery, but also is about the inner conversation and guidance with one’s guides and higher Self. It is a process of drum journey, guided meditation, being present in each moment, and bringing forth one’s inner knowing with vision and movement.

I am not here to teach you to draw, but to focus. If you will learn to focus and be in stillness, you will learn to draw. If you will listen and trust your impulses, you will become a visionary artist.

This is a class of healing, expansion and intuitive development.

Bring Katherine to Your Area to Teach

If you would like to bring Katherine to your area to teach one of these classes or courses, you will need to provide a minimum size group to get her to you, along with other opportunities such as Soul Portraits. Long distance teaching is also available. Contact Katherine by email if you are interested.

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