"Many clients have received soul portraits, soul reflections and spirit blessings in their personal journey of spiritual growth to healing, joy and happiness. Below you will find a few testimonials of the many words of gratitude for Katherine and her ability to reflect beauty, love and truth to each person she paints or teaches."

"Katherine's experience is that she is here to be a mirror of each person's divinity, helping each of us to more greatly embrace our own personal power and sense of Self. She knows that when love is mirrored to us, when we are witnessed as divine, spiritual beings, that we are able to more easily step into loving ourselves more greatly. And from that place of self love, we are able to radiate love into the world more expansiviely.May you each be blessed upon your journey to love."


"Dear Katherine,

The Soul Painting you did for our mother was very well received. She loves it!! She hung it on the wall next to her side of the bed in her bedroom and talks to it daily. We were concerned that there was something physically wrong with our mom, but as far as I know it's nothing serious. She has been very depressed but now that she sees how beautiful her soul is and how powerful and purposeful it is, she says she realizes she has a lot more to give this world before she moves on. She's talking about becoming a hospice volunteer.

Thank you again for sharing your visionary gift with us. I'm sure Deb will have more to tell you when she brings her friends up in a couple of weeks. Take care and we'll see you soon again."


"Thank you for a wonderful hour this morning. It went by too quickly! The painting is powerful and intriguing for me. I've hung it on the wall unframed in my living room since I don't feel it needs a frame it has an energy-message that really shouldn't be confined."


"A HUGE Thank you for the time, the energy and the work. I was buzzing all the way home from being with my painting. It is incredble. I stopped at my brother's house on my way home to show him. He thought it was the best one yet. We talked for a long time about all that you and I talked about and how I can create a new life bringing in this work. I have some ideas and yet I am working on opening to recieve guidance on how to do it gracefully. I came home and slept with my painting at my bedside. At first I was vibrating so fast it was hard to settle into sleep. I tried as you suggested to open my heart and just recieve, unconditional love and this energy that is all around me, to really have it fill my physical self more fully. It filled me and I drifted off to sleep in the arms of my angels. This morning I am not buzzing anymore and I still feel grounded, but full and energized. It is great I feel more integrated."


"Hi Katherine,

I wanted to thank you again for my magnificent soul painting you did for me at Entanglements last week. I haven't had another experience that made me feel so immediately connected to the divine. I went to your website today and was drawn to the inspired writings link and the piece copied below. It is so similar to the information you gave me during my painting that it moved me to tears. I look forward to our next meeting."


"Dear Katherine,

Thank you again for my daughter's Soul Portrait session Friday afternoon.
Although she hasn't said much to me about it I can tell she enjoyed it very much. There was a change in her general attitude, and a confidence and clarity about her after her session. I am very grateful to you! I sometimes feel at a loss as a parent, even with "knowing" my children through their astrological charts, and understanding my challenges in relationship to them. It helps so much to have another adult see them for who they really are, and acknowledge their gifts.

Since my session with you in January, I am really tuned in to the yellow in my portrait. I experienced a "Yellow Lady" and her energy that weekend, and it has stayed with me ever since. I LOVE the vibrational painting you showed me. I am very intrigued by them and hope you will eventually have some prints of them available.

Before my next trip to Colorado I will contact you and see if I can arrange another session with you! I think I would be as much a "junkie" as Debra if I lived closer to you!"


"This is James the Indigo Buddhist Mystic!! I am so grateful for my hawk, african and buddhist guides leading me to you this past sunday for my soul portrait. You have given me the best gift that anyone has given me. You have captured a timeless portrait of my karma and it is just beautiful!!! I never realized that I had that strong of a essence. You have given me so much self-esteem with this painting. You have captured what I always saw myself but was unable to explain to others. Now I have a visual representation to show people.

You have inspired me to take up painting again. However, after remeeting you I have taken off with it and the energy coming into me from African guides is just overwhelmingly beautiful. I have placed my soul painting above and near my Buddha altar where I meditate and I look upon it for long periods of time before meditating. This has allowed me to not feel so depressed about things that have gotten me down lately. It has also helped me realize more fully my role as a bodhisattva when I look up on it before meditation. I have fully come to realize that I am motivated by compassion and seek enlightenment for others and myself. I want to embrace all of existence and I often stretch my arms out and can almost feel just that. Energy shooting straight out of my hands out into the universe creating a ring that comes back and blesses me as well. I just can not stop looking at my pure essence and not have it bring tears to my eyes. You are so talented and full of love and I just want you to know that I have forever loved you with all that I have. You are such a beautiful soul and I am so happy to have found you again!!!

I send you all of my love and compassion. May you always be free from suffering and be filled with love."


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