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by Katherine Skaggs

Did you know that Curiosity is one of the keys to healing and transformation? Are you curious in your life and about what you really can create? Or do you go along with a set of beliefs that keep you in a constant struggle or fear of change?

Einstein is a great example of someone who lived a life led by curiosity. He constantly asked questions of life and his relationship with the Divine, living life as a Divine Conversation.

If you live life with curiosity, your life will reflect and flow based on the questions you are asking.... giving you more than you expected you could receive. Your curiosity opens your imagination and the world of Spirit, or the Quantum field, to respond to you. Your curiosity creates a conversation with the Divine!

It is a known fact that the Quantum Field - yes, that quantum physics word for the electromagnetic field of what creates this world - responds to curiosity. Metaphysicians might refer to it as the Akasha, or meta part of metaphysics - or what is beyond what we can see that makes this world go round. We engage a large spectrum of possibilities when we ask, "What would it be like if..."

This curiosity feeds the Law of Attraction, magnetizing the potential that the Quantum Field offers us. Our imagination is fed in this process. The Quantum Field and the Divine Void opens and begins pouring out ideas, possibilities and potential outcomes. Stay focused positively and you will open a storehouse of positive outcomes. Then you can begin to pick and choose, again even asking, "What would be the most positive and uplifting possible outcome for this situation I am asking for?

What if you could heal a disease that you were told wasn't possible (by those who can't imagine or even be curious about a miraculous healing?) What if you could open your heart and heal a relationship by simply asking yourself some questions about how to love more and forgive more? What if you were able to move into a new line of work that was more fulfilling just because you began to have a Divine Conversation asking, "What if?"

What questions do you want to ask today that will stimulate a transformation in your world? How might you be filled up with more love and joy? What if all you had to do was ask, and it was given? Hmmm, that sounds very familiar. Oh yes, some guy named Jesus taught many that all you have to do is ask, and it is given!! It is a universal truth!

What if you could dream a better, more fulfilling life, filled with joy, love and .... What do you want to dream?

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