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with Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Katherine Skaggs

This 15-card Mythical Goddess Tarot spread shines light on what we need to know to consciously work with the new moon eclipse energies of Dec. 14, 2020 to create greater joy in our lives.

The Seas suit (the emotional suit) tells us it is time to claim our joy, passion and pleasure as we move forward. What brings you into your heart spaces and opens it wide into joy? Time to return to the place of the heart and to reclaim its power. Athena the Chariot card says we have all we need to get what we want, with Lilith, the Power card, helping us restore our power and belonging to move forward. Three goddesses,(major arcana), Morgan le Fey, (the Sorceress), Mary Magdalene (Initiation) and Sophia (Wise Woman) reflect incredible Divine guidance in meeting our challenges, so we may truly awaken to our Divine power and wisdom for creating our world.

Our action is to focus our minds on what we truly desire (Maiden of Wind, Clarity), purify our Spirits and wisely rise above the old (Crone of Fire, Transmutation), and transform the situation with our creativity (Brigid, Alchemy). IF we do so, we will fully realize great abundance as promised by the Wheel of Fortune (Lakshmi) in the outcome. We may have to be patient for some things to come into our reality (4 of Wind, Patience), but don't worry, as things are fully formed and about to give birth. The next 28 day cycle offers great creativity born of an open mind and illuminated spirit. Lean in, focus on your heart's desire, and go for it! Dream BIG!

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