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As we begin the week, with a full moon tomorrow, I am going to take a look at the cards to see what we need to know as we enter this week as we end 2020. What can we do to enter into a brighter day with more possibility and joy? How do we face the challenges and all the rumblings and fears of our times?

We must let go of the fear so we can lean into our creativity and solutions for a better experience. So today's focus is creativity, so we can meet our challenges with greater hope, greater light, solutions, and possibility.

Be inspired to reclaim your innocence (Child of Seas-Innocence), and your magic (Morgan le Fay-Sorceress) as you lift up from the ashes of 2020 (Crone of Fire - Transmutation).

This inspiring three card spread is here to remind us to come home to the purity of our heart spaces amidst the storms of humanity's chaos-filled growth. Don't be hardened by life's challenges. Return home to the pure childlike wonderment within and know you are protected and safe no matter the outer world's harshness. Call upon Morgan le Fay, the Queen of the Fairies, to 'source' to the Divine within and all around, wielding the powers of Spirit in all you desire to create. Shapeshift your reality as you go within to Source the magic, and create from true creative energy and heart's desires. Trust in the transformation as you embody your purity and magic. The Crone of Fire - the card of transmutation, to show us we are coming out of the fire into our wisdom and true light as we leave 2020 and resource to Spirit. Stay strong knowing the purification is happening.

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