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Mythical Goddess Tarot guidance and inspiration for December 3rd, 2020. This began as a 3-card pull to look the guidance from the past, present, and future. A 4th card was pulled for the healing support of the best outcomes.

Past - What is the wisdom we need to the, and what to let go of? Hindu Mother Goddess Shakti, Ecstatic Union, appears in this section of the reading, to bring us the powerful fire medicine of the Universe, Shakti connects us to our divine creative force of Kundalini, for healing and creativity. She is the Lovers card of the traditional tarot. Her message is to return home within the Self and the Divine, to unite your inner Beloved with your outer waking state. Be present with this power to create wisely in every step of your life. You have the sacred power you need to transform your world when you access this primary force of Creation.

Present - What do we need to know about our present time, and how to proceed forward? The 6 of Wind, Intention card shows up to remind us to consciously 'intend' and create our world with clear mental thought and imagery. This card reflects one dreaming, meditating, and reflecting. She is reminder that we must dream anew, we must consciously intend what we desire, rather than unconsciously living our lives without direction. What do you truly want? What are your intentions this day? For healing? For happiness? For cooperation? It is time to take full responsibility to consciously create your life. Take time today to reflect, to go within, and reconnect to what is most important to you at this time. Then admit it, write it down, and intend it will be so. Intend you will have the support you need. Intend all is well and will continue to be more bright. Intend whatever you need to manifest into form.

Future - The 9 of Wind, Criticism showed up in the place of the future, telling me the we have two possible outcomes depending on how we act today. If we work with the gifts Shakti blesses us with, and the power of Intention, we will heal the divisive energies of criticism, anger, and hatred. By consciously choosing what we want to be a part of, how we want to live in greater harmony, we will be the healing of this harsh mental energy that is rampant in our world today. If we do not take responsibility, we will continue to live in harsh, edgy, critical energies, born of separation, hatred, and anger.

Bonus Card for Support in Healing - 4 of Seas, Desire shows up as the perfect reminder to return to the heart to heal the harshness of the mind. Reflect from the true heart's desires, choose from this place, and create from this loving, harmonious energy for a more beautiful experience. Your healing lies in our heart spaces. The healing of humanity lies in our heart spaces. Return home to the power of the heart and the emotional suit aligned with the deep guidance of our intuitive, spiritual natures. This will give us the wisdom needed to neutralize mental thought forms of separation and criticism.

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