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Dec. 7th, 2020 Mythical Goddess Tarot Inspiration is Egyptian Goddess Isis, the High Priestess

Egyptian Goddess Isis comes to us this morning, Monday, Dec. 7th, 2020 to give us inspiration and guidance for beginning our week. Isis is the High Priestess in the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Wake up and connect to the powers of ceremony, ritual, and intention to create what you desire. Move into meditation and reflection, as you set your intentions for your week. Isis is a goddess of fertility, as well as death and rebirth. Call upon her to help you let go of the old patterns that block your joy and create chaos in your life. Then open to her powers of restoration and rebirth. Create your life anew, with a renewed sense of self. Honor yourself and your life as sacred as you engage your intuition and shine your light into the world.

I have had many experiences with great mother Isis, and know she watches over me and guides me, as she does many of you. Isis had come to me many times over the past 30 some years, to guide me, to remind me of who I am, and to assist me in my healing process. She is one of my guides and blessed Divine Mothers. I would like to share a channeled message from an excerpt in a story I wrote for "On the Wings of Isis-Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset", a Girl God Anthology.

Goddess Isis

Egyptian Goddess

Of Fertility, Death, & Rebirth

Art by Katherine Skaggs, ©2007

Painted for the Mythical Goddess Tarot

“Home is always within, no matter where you are. Home is not across the stars many miles and light years away. Be present. 

These experiences are gifts, where you have opened the door to re-membering. Take these experiences and allow them to vibrate through you at all times, transcending yesterday and tomorrow. Do not be distracted by human foibles, angers, fears and differences. Go to the heart of the Great Mother within yourself, that you may give that through your expression, whether it be through your painting, your writing, or your smile and compassionate caring. When you fully embody these energies, you will fully be at “home” in yourself, and your multidimensionality, with me, with Horus, with all you love. 

You are here with me now, AND you are on Earth as this representation and projection of your soul. You are not here or there. You are much bigger than you realize. You have touched on this bigness, on this light, and on the love of who you are, of who I AM. Live your life in the fullness of that love.”

I smile, as I sense and know of this transmission of love from the Great Mother Isis. She is with me, as I with her at all times. I am never alone, as you are never alone. She hears my prayers, knows my struggles, as well as my triumphs. She guides me with her gentle yet firm loving light and love. She trusts me that I am growing into fullness and maturity through my experiences, that I am home in the light of love, in the light of wisdom. For as her daughter, she gave me the birthright to have my own adventure of self-discovery, self-empowerment, death and rebirth, and ultimately illumination where I too can shine a light into the world, giving life, giving beauty and giving love. 

My experiences and the opening of my heart tell me that this is also your birthright. If you are reading this and find your heart opening through these stories, might I suggest that my stories are also your stories? That within you there is a light awakening, and the call to your own adventures that bring you home to yourself, and to the love of the Great Mother Isis? 

  • Katherine Skaggs - "On the Wings of Isis-Reclaiming the Sovereignty of Auset", a Girl God Anthology.

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