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by Sage Holloway

Continuing Through the Eye of the Needle: Stay in Your Passionate Heart, Keep Following Your Intuition and Find the Gifts of Beauty and Reward

Life on Earth for all of us is still about riding the tsunamis, with Pele and Kali over our heads…massive change! Yet we are coming through the squeeze of the needle’s eye, and great gifts and reward are the blessings of this cycle.

It is more important than ever to deeply trust our intuition and act on the wisdom we receive…our mental perceptions MUST continue to take a back seat and only guide us minimally. The time is upon us where guidance from our ancestral spirits and higher forces has never been stronger.

We are in Revolutionary times and we ARE the Revolutionaries! Humankind is in a challenging cycle of Initiation. Onward, Upward and Inward! This is the time to create, to let the power of your magnificence shine and lighten this world and all people in it. Our compass is our pure true hearts, relecting the Light of Spirit into our worlds by letting our Light so shine. Going with our strengths, seeking our just rewards that we so deserve will help to bring in the abundance on all levels and in all ways. We have worked hard for this, in all of our lifetimes and especially this one! Gifts of beauty are ours, as we open our hearts and our hands to receive them!

Sage is currently offering tarot readings specifically facilitating guidance for the navigation through these intense and magnificent times on Earth.. Contact her at (970) 221-3840.

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