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Deer Medicine Totem of the Heart

Unknown-1Deer Medicine is a powerful totem of gentleness, unconditional love and kindness. Its qualities are often seen as gentleness, grace, sensitivity, beauty, innocence and keen observation. Deer are able to see through the illusions of this world's chaos and duality. Its heart medicine is able to sense through great intuitive and instinctive skills to avoid danger and to stay in peace.

Deer as totem or spirit animal is the ally who helps you to receive and embody these energies. These energies are its "medicine" and power it has to offer you.

In the way of the Huichol Indians of Mexico, they understand deer as a great provider and healer. They see the Divine as a Blue Deer, who brings nourishment to earth and looks out after them.

Celtic traditions see deer as quite magical, and able to move between the worlds of Spirit and human life. With the stag and the antlers is the symbol of rejuvenation and rebirth. Antlers are also the symbol of telepathic communication between the heavens and earth.

Multiple other traditions honor the deer as a symbol of the light of the Sun. (The Pawnee, Cambodia and ancient China.)

And, wise woman archeologist Maria Gimbutas tells us that Deer is the symbol of the primeval Mother in pre-Christian times in ancient Europe. This symbol of deer tells us the female is the eternal bringer of life and the male with his antlers is the symbol of the Tree of Life.

To get to know deer and call it as your ally and helper, say "hello." Meet deer as you would any new friend with a greeting of sincerity, kindness and curiosity. Invite deer into to your world by saying hello, then honoring it for its gifts and powers. Thank deer for bringing its power to you now, and for sharing its wisdom. "Thank you deer, for your beauty, strength and gentleness and your wise ways of the heart. Teach me your medicine. Awaken my heart and my intuitive knowing. Help me embody your power and bring more kindness and love into all of my life and my havingness. Help me lead through your ways of sensitivity so I understand this way of love and peace."

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