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Estrella la luz, pleaiadian angel of new life by katherine skaggsEstrella de la Luz is the Pleiadian Angel of the Stars who brings the light and star codes to assist humanity in a new life, a new reality, a new frequency that holds great possibility and potentiation of the Golden Age.

Estrella came to me in 2014, expanding onto canvas with great beauty and energy. Then it seems I had to wait, and wait before it was time to finish her. As much as I wanted to sit and paint on her, it seems I could not.

With that I understand that she teaches patience in a time of change and transformation. She asks us to trust timing, and the ever present flow of how all is in perfect timing. She tells me there is no hurry, just the capacity to be present to know when to sit and when to act. In this way she works with both the North and the East energies of the Medicine Wheel. The North is the time of rest, as well as great activity in the unseen or underground. It is a time of regeneration and learning right timing. The East is the Great Void, and the place of new beginnings. It is the place where the seeds of all dreams are placed and born from. It is the Cosmic Womb where all is held, where all is nourished and from which all life is born.

My first experience of Estrella was that she heralds a new beginning, a new way of life, as with the East. Her energy and imagery is all about the potentiation and possibility of New Life that is more enlightened, not only for Self, but for Other... and most importantly for the evolution of the species of humans. She brings a promise through her high frequency energy that activates the potentiation within each one who views her and desires to open to this illumination.

It was also apparent that she is deeply connected to the Tree of Life, and to the evolution of the soul, offered through a time/space experience. The Tree of Life is a symbol of all things that come from a seed and grow into fullness, the Tree of Life is a symbol all of humankind can connect to, to understand more greatly their own soul growth, and the soul growth of Mama Gaia, or the soul of Earth and all her creatures. This is also connected to all life through the Universe, an existence full of potential, full of birth, death and rebirth.

Estrella de la Luz is an angel of higher dimensional realities, born of Pleiadian wisdom and light. She offers the light frequencies of wisdom and growth that comes through love and nurturance. Her heart center is that of a blue lotus exploding with rings of lotus petals in green, pink and blue to symbolize an illuminated active heart. The blue lotus itself is a sacred visionary plant known well in Egypt during the times of Mystery Schools. It was used to assist the seers in keeping an open, illuminated heart and soul. This symbol radiates the remembering of what it is to be open and seeing through the soul's heart.

The Raven is a symbol of flight between ordinary reality as human and non-ordinary reality as multi-dimensional soul self. Raven flies between the realms, reminding us we can do the same as soul. Raven is here to assist in an easier transition with the use of magic, through intention and knowing that Spirit guides all things. Raven too beckons rebirth and renewal and is here to assist in our evolution.

The equilateral cross symbol at the throat with the eye in it radiates light codes to each of us to wake up within this realm of Earth and human. It is a symbol of marriage between the material and the ethereal, bringing the inner and outer worlds together in sacred union. The eye within this indicates the ability to see between the worlds, to understand and express at the deepest levels this marriage from within the self to the exterior reality.

At the crown of this beautiful angel is a nest with a Robin and her babies, with the Tree of Life behind, and an orange yellow solar halo, surrounded in a pink moon. The Robin and her babies, is the symbol of birth and Spring. The Robin is a symbol of divine service and is connected to the Christ energy. Being at the Crown with the symbol of the tree and the solar halo, expect this is the message that it is time for us to wake up as a species, into our Christ light, into our true heritage as awakened beings. The solar Christ energy grows us into new beginnings as a wiser soul species, held in the lunar strawberry moon energy of unconditional love.

Gaze upon this beautiful Pleiadian Angel of Light and wake up now. Bathe in her high frequency light codes and symbols that emanate into your field and very consciousness. Remember who you are and why you are here now. She has come to gently and firmly remind you who you are, and fill you with light. She is here to activate your consciousness to great potential and pure, unconditional love.

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