Drum Making Playshop - Sunday, May 4 - Nebraska

Shamanic Drum Making Playshop

Native Hand DrumsSunday, May 4th
Noon - 5pm

Make your own 18" elk rawhide drum, and drum beater, in sacred ceremony and ritual the way our ancestors did. Call in the spirit of your drum, and infuse your drum making with love and intention.

This playshop includes all materials to make your drum, within the practice of sacred shamanic ceremony. We will open a medicine wheel and call in the directions and all our allies, we will smudge and smoke ourselves and our drum materials while setting intention and sending prayers to Spirit.

You will leave with a completed drum and drum beater.

Deposits are due April 15th  to insure your space in the workshop and to buy the materials for your drum.

All creative materials provided: rawhide drum head and lacing, maple hoop frame; alder stick, leather, padding and sinew for drum beater.


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