Advanced Shamanic Practices

A 4-Saturday Series of Advanced Work
2nd Saturday of April, May, June and July
(April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9)

Pre-requisite Artist Shaman Healer Sage course with Katherine Skaggs.

Advanced Shamanic Practices Training is a series of classes focused on more in-depth shamanic practices for your personal work, and for working with others.

The Shamanic Body Map

Walking a shamanic lifestyle is one of finding and following maps that reveal wisdom and truth, and the way of waking up as Spirit within a dream. The Shamanic Body Map will help you better understand the wisdom of the body and what it has to teach you in waking up.

The Shamanic Body Map reveals the symbol system of the body, and how it can teach you what you are trying to learn when it is out of balance. This understanding alone can help you restore your center and release distorted patterns. What happens if you break a bone? The significance of where you break it? What is it trying to show you, teach you? We’ll take a look at the organs too and what they can teach you about where you are on the road of the soul.

This information can give insights and support to you and your life path, as well as to how you work with clients if you are a healer practitioner.

Shamanic Healer Practitioner

Explore shamanic healing practices such as the following:

Who are you as Shamanic Practitioner?

Shamanic practitioner healer as “Hollow Bone”

Calling your allies for support and putting them to work

Setting Space - Your outer environment, your personal energy body space, and client space

Seeing your client as whole (beyond illness and problems)

Listening/sensing with all your awareness

Use of your tools (feathers, mesa, tobacco, prayer, your voice - song, sound instruments, vibration, clicking sticks, rattle, drum)

Energy cleanliness with your tools and space

Developing and trusting your intuition

Extracting/transmuting hucha without taking it on

Putting energy in/filling up

Sealing your client up

Clearing old vows, contracts and statements that keep someone stuck

Soul retrieval and remembering

Clearing attachments and cords

Practice on one another

Land Healing

We will take a day and go to into nature where there is a need for a land healing. We may drive up the Poudre or stay closer to my house, but we will go out and spend a day working with the Spirits of the land. There are several options I am working on now.

Within our time together we will connect to the core essence of the land, identify its power spot, and any trauma that has been left upon it… tune into any messages we get from the land to share within the group and with owners (if we aren't on public land) and then follow any further guidance needed.

We’ll take our tools and work with the land as an ally, and support any shift in frequency through clearing hucha and trauma.

We will do an Andean dispacho ceremony to honor the land, to bring healing, to bring blessings and to bring balance. This is a powerful healing ceremony that clears energy and imbues powerful shift.

Long Distance Healing

We will spend a day working with the long distance healing process, its basics, what is the same or similar to working in person and what you might find different.

This will be another extension of trusting your intuition and developing it in the healing process.

We’ll address use of altars in long distance healing, calling in your allies, use of photos, use of names, etc. How to shift the frequency of the situation…

This process can be used with anyone and anything. It can be with one on one human clients, animal clients, land healing, as well as much bigger situations such as wars and chaos going on in lands far away. Nothing is too big to address.

We’ll go over the holographic process of working long distance, as well as do long distance healing with some volunteers we will have in the afternoon.

Other Stuff to Expect

We will discuss the etiquette of being a shamanic practitioner healer, the spiritual boundaries to develop and work with for yourself, matching pictures and the need to take 100% responsibility for yourself, keeping ego in check and showing up in humility. We will go back over shamanic core principles and keeping yourself fully engaged in the moment. Being a shamanic practitioner is a path of integrity and accountability. It is a path of balance and service.

How do you stay on track and what do you need to ask for so you can show up 100% clean and clear with each person you meet?

What is your state of inner balance and health?


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