Advanced Shamanic Practitioner Training

***Only for graduates of the ASHS program or currently enrolled ASHS students.
Deepen as a shamanic practitioner working with others.
Here are some of what you will be learning during this 3-day workshop - full schedule provide later (Most days will begin by 9am and go to 5pm)
Becoming a shamanic practitioner can be not only for your own personal journey, but can also be a place where you assist others in their journey. This workshop covers much of what any practitioner should know when working with others. It will enhance any energy worker's practices and take you deeper into your ability to sense and clear energy, trust your intuition and guidance, build your support system with your allies and helpers, and expand how to take care of your energy when working with others.

You can expect to learn the following in an experiential setting:

  • Ethics
  • Prepping space
  • Self-protection - keeping clean and objective
  • Scanning
  • Taping into your gifts and intuition - Building trust with how you receive the guidance, downloads/sense/see/hear/know
  • When and where to use your tools, smoke bath, tobacco, flower baths
  • Crystal work, setting grids, etc
  • Clearing and cuttings cords
  • Practice time
  • Coaching
  • Clearing afterwards
  • Special subject - what you need to know about “extraction” - dangers and such - do not do unless you have advanced training
  • Integration
  • Lunch included each day.

What you need to Bring:

  • Notebook and pen/pencil.
  • Shamanic Tools - Rattle, drum, bells, bowls, feathers, stones, mesa, etc.
  • Tobacco, smudge, smoke items.
  • An additional email will be sent with a full list you will need for the training.

A full schedule will be provided closer to class time.

Cost $595 (deposit of $300 to hold your space in class by Sept 15th) Balance due at class.

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