An Intro to Dreams: Language of the Soul

Sunday, May 7th, 2 to 5 pm

Where: Be Free Healing Center

Katherine Skaggs, teacher

Cost: $55

Are you aware your dreams are messages from your soul - a symbol system to guide you upon your life path?  Learn more about this Universal symbol system and how to apply it to your everyday life for greater understanding and clarity in this introductory class to Dreams. Learn common dream symbols, how to create your personal dream dictionary, what recurring dreams reveal, the purpose of nightmares, health dreams, warning dreams, and so much more.
Common dreams and symbols include: teeth falling out, sex dreams, flying dreams, past life dreams, predictive dreams, nightmares, money dreams, falling dreams, paralysis in a dreams, animal meanings, and so much more.
Bring a dream with you that you have had that you want to decode, and questions about visions, signs, and symbols you may be receiving upon your life journey. Your inner soul spaces and subconscious is rich with guidance, messages, imagery, and synchronicity to guide you upon your path of everyday life.
Class will be held at Be Free Healing Center at 1006 Spring Creek Lane in Fort Collins, CO
To register call 970-286-4447 or email or go online to their website at
About the teacher: Katherine Skaggs began her work spiritually and metaphysically with dreams as a foundational teaching more than 35 years ago. Her work with dreams, symbol, and synchronicity continue to be foundational in her work as a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher.
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