Authentic Soul Self Wisdom - Creating 2015

Soul Portrait mini session
Authentic Soul Self Awakening Power

Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting

Creating 2015 from your Authentic Soul Self Wisdom
January 24th
9am to 5pm

with Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs

Held at Katherine's Studio

Often we move into a new year or new cycle from the same old perspective we had in our old cycle. Yet, it is a time to become NEW, to become DIFFERENT, to lay down the old and to shine into our own potential and originality. How do you access your future Self? Your wise woman? Your creative Genius?

Your prayerful inner, creative mystic - shaman knows the answers. Through heart centered intention and prayer all things are born. Through creative focus, dreams are impregnated and brought into form.

This day workshop will assist you in opening your creative genius, your inner wisdom and shaman mystic who brings the vibration of your dreams into form on canvas.

We will work with the creative intuitive painting process to re-invent yourself for 2015. Who is your most powerful archetypal Self? What does she/he know? What is her essence and her symbol system? What is the archetypal imagery and power that is calling you to WAKE UP and be POWERFUL? What do you desire to wake up and create in this new cycle?

• Open to your Creativity & Intuition to Create 2015

• Work with the Language of the Soul Symbol System

• Develop greater trust & confidence

• Connect to your Inner Knowing and Divine Guidance

• Move beyond fear and limitation

• Access and claim your Authentic Creative Soul Self

 You will leave the class with a finished painting of your Authentic Soul Self Wisdom Essence

Access your higher guidance through working with intentional creative flow and the intuitive painting process, drum journey and opening to your Divine Guidance. We will work with the process of intentionally creating your reality, opening to higher guidance via curiosity and question process, listening and becoming the conduit for guidance via creativity.

Katherine will demonstrate, and lead you into the Intuitive Painting process to awaken your senses and ability to perceive energy and guidance from your guides, allies, and higher Soul Self.

Cost $125
Please make a deposit or pay in full to hold your space in class — there is limited space.

All art supplies provided.

Things you will need for the day:

  • Bring a sack lunch, plenty of water and snacks if you need.
  • Bring an old towel as a rag.
  • Bring a plastic container for water – ½ gallon to gallon size best (this is for painting, not drinking!)
  • Bring several clean Styrofoam plates for your palette for mixing colors.
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