Awakening Your Authentic Soul Wisdom

6 - Week Intuitive Painting and
Intentional Creativity Course

Awakening Your Authentic Soul Wisdom
March 3rd - April 7th
Tuesday Evenings - 6:30-9:30pm weekly

Join intuitive, visionary artist Katherine Skaggs for the latest Intuitive Painting and Intentional Creativity class, Awakening Your Authentic Soul Wisdom.

In this 6-week course you will work with Intentional Creativity and the Intuitive Painting process, to awaken Your Authentic Soul Self Wisdom. You will work with drum journey and guided meditation, plus reflective exercises to get in touch with your subconscious and soul symbols, energies, and visionary self.

Katherine will create a space for you to express through color, form, and symbol language to invoke your archetypal power and soul wisdom.

Themes we will explore in this process the next six weeks will include who you are as mystic, as dreamer of your life, as creative genius, as transformer and healer of your life, as fool, as shaman and seer.

We'll explore the sacred soul languages of symbol, sacred geometry, archetypal form into soul self portraiture, abstract or literal.

Even if you have never painted or drawn in your life, this class will take you beyond your limitations and open you to your powerfully creative Self. We speak in symbol and metaphor every day whether we know it or not. This class will deepen you into the journey of being a story teller and creator of your life.

•Work with the Language of the Soul Symbol System

• Develop greater trust & confidence

• Connect to your Inner Knowing and Divine Guidance

• Move beyond fear and limitation

• Access and claim your Authentic Creative Soul Self

Be the one who designs your life with purpose, power, wisdom, joy and happiness.

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