Colorado Women's Retreat - Ceremony, Creativity, Transformation

In the Light of the Sagittarius May Moon - Phoenix Rising

A Retreat to Call Forth and Celebrate Your Self-Expression

Fort Collins, Colorado
May 27th - 30th
Thursday - Sunday
4 Day, 3 Night Retreat

A retreat to simply come as you are and be fully embraced and respected in your present state. We all have been pushed in different ways over the past year to shift, transform, adapt and change.



How are we stepping back out into the world?  Who are we now?  What is in our heart’s desire?  What has been illuminated for us that was once in the shadows? Are things that once resonated no longer in alignment?  Are you seeking to discover what is tugging at your heart but not quite clear? What does it mean to ground your essence onto Earth?

This retreat is intended to provide ceremony and creative outlets in which your higher self, guides, angels, and ancestors may connect with you to help you see more clearly the new pathways of growth and expansion before you.  A sacred container of support will be provided to allow you to explore your self-expression and reinvention process.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Hosted in the comfort of a 1920's farmhouse on 5 acres seated at the base of the foothills within walking distance of some beautiful views of the sunset over the 6 mile reservoir called Horsetooth complete with horses, ducks, chickens and pups.
  • The property owner will be sharing her passion for the earth through meals she prepares with organic foods that she has grown or locally sourced from mindful farmers in Fort Collins.
  • Visionary artist, teacher, healer and author, Katherine Skaggs, will be sitting with each participant to provide a 1 hour Soul Portrait session.
  • Ceremonialist, teacher, author, and healer, Holly Johnson, will be holding space, facilitating setting the container and sharing in fire ceremony each night to aid participants in their 'rebirthing'/'recalibration' expression being called forth to emerge.  Ceremonies will include: A ceremony of death, a celebration of life through her-story, and an evening of heart's expression with wings fully spread and taking flight!
  • The unique opportunity to take a journey with the beat of the buffalo drum and the presence of the horses to tap into the messages of your guides and higher-self to then be expressed on your personal blank canvas.
  • Many opportunities to creatively allow yourself to be expressed and to move through any stagnant energy or old patterns clinging to the subconscious that are seeking to be cleared and re-patterned for new growth.
  • Community hike to the ridge close by to sit with the setting sun over the mountains and the water with peace in our hearts and prayers sent into the wind for the dawning of new harmonious relationships.

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