Free Talk - Shamanism and Creativity - The Spiritual Map for Navigating Modern Day Times

Shamanism and Creativity - The Spiritual Map for Navigating Modern Day Times
Our world is amidst big change, prophesied by many for 1000s of years as the end times, the ending of the fourth world, and the kali yuga. These times are edgy, filled with extremism, collapse of the old structures we have relied on and become accustomed to, and open to unexpected change. Those of us in the world of spirituality are being called to lead others, even as we are bombarded by energies that are also impacting our lives in the very same way.
Shamanism is making a comeback as people return to earth-centered spiritual practices to find the magic of spirit in all life, on this planet and in the Cosmos. People are seeking the wisdom of the secret spiritual truths and practices of Indigenous peoples, shamanic cultures, and mystery teachings to help them find their way.
Join Author and Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs to learn more about these ancient wisdom teachings and practices, and how they can support you creating a life of greater joy, abundance, and balance in the evolutionary times we are in. Learn about the essential role of creativity as a tool, and a practice to help you make your way in this spiritually evolutionary time.
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Speaker Katherine Skaggs
Author of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage
Visionary Artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot
Shamanic Practitioner
Painter of Souls
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