Healing with the Goddess

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Healing with the Goddess

October 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

$75 – $125
Katherine Skaggs Shakti

Healing with the Goddess

Awaken the Divine Feminine Within ...
Restore Your True Essence and Light!

Sunday, October 15th
9am to 5pm

The Power of the Divine Feminine is awakening and having a resurgence on Mother Earth. It is a time of restoring the power of our hearts, the power of compassion and cooperation, and the power of love beyond anything we have known for thousands of years.

For thousands of years we have demonized and disconnected from our Divine Mother, our Divine Feminine power that resides within each of us, whether we are male and female. We are now in a time where restoration is not only available, but is a must for reclaiming if we are find peace, balance, compassion and strength for transformation in a world that has become polarized and in many areas devoid of this sacred, loving, wise energy. We need our Divine Mother energy awakened within our consciousness to proceed forward in our wholeness and power if we want to be healthy in our bodies, our minds and our spirits.

This class is dedicated to creating a relationship with the Divine Mother that brings healing and restoration to you at all levels ... from your physical daily life, to your vast spiritual inner life. This is to heal any schism within your soul's journey where you have been disconnected from the powers of nurturing, intuition, timelessness, and unconditional love. This is a place to reset within sacred spaces, that allow your heart to awaken and illuminate your essence and sacred path.

We will use drum journey, altar work, sacred dance, prayer, ritual to heal and wake up. Within this sacred day's container, we'll find space to dream our lives anew, as we connect to the healing power of the Great Mother Goddess. We'll call the Goddesses to assist us, to illuminate our minds and hearts. We'll also draw upon the healing tools of each Goddess we call, her healing modalities, flower essences and aromatherapies to shift our energies and fill ourselves up with soothing, illuminating vibrations.

The Healing with the Goddess Day's Promise:

Katherine Skaggs Aditi

Sacred Ceremony & the Altar, The Cosmic Womb, Prayer, Intention, Boundaries
Direction - The East, New Beginnings, Dreaming Anew
Element - Ether
Goddess - Aditi, Pleiadian Star Goddess

We will gather in sacred circle and ceremony, opening the circle and setting an altar in ritual and ceremony, to call the Goddess to assist us in our journey. We'll draw Mythical Goddess tarot cards to inquire who is here to support and assist... and then draw upon their wisdom to help us.

This section will focus on creating sacred space so we may dream, so we may create, so we may heal, so we may come to know the Divine Feminine within ourselves. With this space we will focus on creating healthy boundaries for keeping our container full of good chi to grow the seeds of our dreams and intentions. We'll call the goddess Aditi, and her wisdom of the Cosmic Womb for how to open to potential and possibility. We'll call the Pleiadian Star Goddess to assist us in bringing our destiny to form.

This will be a time of healing our sacred dreamer and golden child self. What does she desire? Where has she been afraid to dream? What wants and needs to reset.

Katherine Skaggs White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Sacred Tribe, Heart Illumination, Support and Growth
Direction - The South
Element - Fire
Goddesses - White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lakshmi, Shakti

Now is time to bring in the element of fire, and the goddesses White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lakshmi and Shakti to light your heart fire, to restore your passion, to expand your abundant nature, and to make your life sacred once again. This is a place of sacred community and support, to assist you in your growth process. You are not alone. It is time to enter sacred community for support in all your dreams. You get to be supported.

We will call upon the guidance and powers of White Buffalo Calf Woman to assist us in purification, so we may remember how to live our lives as a sacred ceremony. We'll call upon Lakshmi to assist us in accessing our abundance, divine gifts and bring them to earth. And we will call Shakti, to assist in awakening our inner beloved, so we may awaken to ourselves as fulfilled within and without.

This will be a time of healing our relationship to having support in our lives on all levels, so we may grow our dreams without so much struggle and effecting. This will assist us with our relationship to money, value and manifesting what we truly desire.

Katherine Skaggs Kali

Harvest, Sacred Destruction, Death, Rebirth
Direction - The West
Element - Water
Goddesses - Kali, Pele, Uzume, Mother Mary

Now is time to harvest all the good from all your life experiences. This is a time to embrace all that is and has been. What have you gotten, what has nourished you, and what do you need to let go? With harvest comes endings, completions, and death. We'll call upon the goddesses Kali, Pele, Uzume and Mother Mary to help us let go of the ego mind struggle, so we may truly be present to the harvest as well as the deathing process.

When in right relationship to this aspect of the cycles of life, you are either in great freedom or great fear and attachment. We'll use ritual and ceremony, with drum journey to harvest and to release. We'll ask the wisdom of Kali to heal us into the sacred power of shamanic death, that we release our ego that stunts us. We'll call the power of Pele to burn away that which no longer serves, so we may expand in sacred self respect. We will call Uzume to help us move out of the grasp of illusion and desperation, so we may lighten up. We call upon Mother Mary to assist us in making sacred all that we love, so we may ascend into our heart spaces of unconditional love. We will take a new look at the power of sacred destruction, so we may have new life and greater light.

Katherine Skaggs Sophia

Wisdom, Rest, Restoration, Power
Direction - The North
Element - Earth
Goddesses - Sophia, Gaia, Isis

The North is a place of wisdom, rest, restoration and power. We have come full circle in our healing journey and now is the time to go within, to find our cave and reflect on what has been and dream what might be. It is time to receive through stillness and reflection. The power of observation and dreamtime are in the North.

Within the North we'll call upon the Divine Feminine Powers of Mama Gaia to restore and reset our biorhythms so we may be in balance as we walk this Earth life. We'll call forth Sophia to assist us in becoming wise from all our experiences. We'll invoke the healing powers of Isis to restore and rebirth ourselves as conscious dreamers.

As we come to the end of our time together we'll close our circle and seal our work into our lives and our very DNA, spiritually and physically... so we may live in the fullness of our soul's wholeness.

To join this day of Awakening the Divine Feminine will be to join in a day of restoration and healing; it will be a time of letting go of the old, worn out stories of disconnection and disempowerment to allow and awaken your true sense of Self, of fullness, deserving, and havingness.

Things you will need for class:

Water for the day
Sack lunch and water for the day
Notebook and pen
Wear loose clothing
Anything you might like to put onto the altar for blessing (jewelry, written prayers, a stone, sacred items

Highly Recommended (but you can get away without it)
Mythical Goddess Tarot (You can purchase at the class or at the studio before the workshop anytime)

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October 15, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
$75 – $125
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