Intentional Creativity TALK

Intentional Creativity

Awakening the Power of Your True Nature
And Authentic Soul Wisdom
Thursday, April 30th
7 to 9pm
Glenview, IL

Join intuitive, visionary artist Katherine Skaggs for an informative and empowering talk on Intentional Creativity: Awakening the Power of Your True Nature and Authentic Soul Wisdom.

By nature, you are a brilliant, creative, intuitive being, capable of creating much more than you often believe, capable of greater happiness, joy, peace and prosperity. Learning to harness the power of creativity through your intention, your curiosity, and return to innocence gives you greater freedom in how you choose to live your life.

Katherine will open you to the concept of your life is a dream, and its grand symbol system that creates a map, with guide posts along the way. She also give you practical wisdom to reload your spiritual GPS device through intentionality and curiosity, to move forward on your life's adventure with experiences that reflect more love, beauty and joy that are born of your soul's fulfillment and purpose answering your beckoning call.

Over the course of the evening Katherine will illuminate you through not only words, but also the use of her art, to stimulate your own creative nature. There will also be a safe and creative container created to support an inward reflective, guided imagery and drum journey process to give you a taste of how to access your brilliant, creative inner creator self.

Life is a metaphor, a symbol system and integrated matrix of light pulsing that responds to your desires, your curiosities, your loves and even your fears. Learn to move with only love as your fuel, and awaken to greater mastery for living well.

Be the one who designs your life with purpose, power, wisdom, joy and happiness.

This event is held at Be Optimal Wellness Center at 1249 Waukegan Road, in Glenview, Illinois 60025.

Telephone 847-486-8000.

Cost is Donation Offering only.

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