Introduction to the Medicine Wheel

Saturday, March 9th
10am to 4:30pm 

An experiential, ceremonial class in the Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and its timeless pathway for living well.
with Katherine Skaggs
Held at Soul Inspiration Store at 8868 Federal Blvd, Unit 12A, Denver Co 80260

Learn About the Medicine Wheel

Join shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs to learn more about the core teachings of the Medicine Wheel and how they can assist you in living an empowered life born of connectivity, balance and flow. The Medicine Wheel teachings are found within many cultures and traditions around the world. They teach us the woven pathways of Spirit that exist in all Creation within the natural world. The Medicine Wheel represents the Circle of Life, and the ever living flow of Creation.

Experience the Medicine Wheel

During the course of the day, you will experience the Medicine Wheel through a ceremonial opening of space, calling in the directions, as well as the spirit allies associated with each direction. An altar will be created to assist in anchoring your prayers and intentions into a physical location for you to focus on. Ceremonial smudging will clear your energy and center you for the day. Each of the 7 directions will be presented in a teaching and story telling format, and related to your cyclical journey through life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Drum Journey

Drum journey will be used throughout the day to take you deep into the experience of the directions of the medicine wheel and how they may offer you direct knowing, healing and wisdom.
What to Bring:
Drinking water for the day
Sack Lunch
Snacks as needed
Blanket to lay upon for drum journeys
Eye mask (to block light during drum journey)
Pens/pencils to write with
Cost: $125
Contact Soul Inspirations to register at 720-420-966.


Katherine has studied shamanism the past 12 years, after her own need to heal and continue her spiritual path which began early in her early 20s. Her in-depth studies include Advanced Shamanic Studies through the Power Path School of Shamanism, along with direct study with the Huichols of Mexico, and the Shipibo tribe on the Amazon River of Peru, with a foundation in advanced metaphysical studies.. For the past 10 years Katherine has passed on the sacred shamanic teachings through her own Artist Shaman Healer Sage course annually, along with other advanced coursework and ceremonial work. Katherine is also a visionary artist, drum maker and craftswoman.

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