Intuitive Painting: Journey with the Goddess

Intuitive Painting: Journey with the Goddess

Five Wednesdays
May 14 - June 11

with Visionary Artist Katherine Skaggs

held in Katherine's Studio at 3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins, CO 80526

Awaken to the Divine Feminine through Creativity and the Intuitive Painting process with Katherine Skaggs. For a series of five weeks you will explore the Divine Feminine within through the story of the Mythical Goddesses. Each week you will receive teachings on the goddess of that week, meditate and journey with her, then move into the intuitive painting process to bring her messages and gifts to you through form and color.

No painting experience necessary. All materials supplied.

Course Outline:

14_brigid_-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowaySession 1 - Wednesday, May 14th
Brigid - The Great Mother Goddess of Ireland, and Celtic Goddess of Fire

We begin with Introductions; and the Intuitive Painting Process demonstration; Meet Brigid, the Great Mother Goddess of Ireland, the Celtic Goddess of Fire.

She is the Divine Creative Spark and perfect synergy and alchemy of ideas to bring art and beauty into every aspect of life.

01_morgan-le-fay-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowaySession 2 - Wednesday,  May 21st
Morgan le Fay - the Celtic Great Queen of the Fairies and Ruler of Avalon

Meet Morgan le Fay, the Celtic Queen of the Fairies, the one who shape shifts between the dimensions with ease.

She is hear to help you transform your circumstances into what you desire and choose, reminding you are the creator of your reality.

04_lilith-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowaySession 3 - Wednesday,  May 28th
Lilith - the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Power & Equality

Meet Lilith, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of pure power and source energy.

She teaches you to trust your own core power and to take the lead in your life so you can GO for IT!

07_athena-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowaySession 4 - Wednesday,  June 4th
Athena - The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War

Meet Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War.

Invite her into to guide you with her lunar force and solar light to awaken your power and ability to move forward on your goals and dreams, finding your perfect balance of receptivity and action.

08_crow_woman-mythical-goddess-tarot-katherine-skaggs-sage-hollowaySession 5 - Wednesday,  June 11th
Crow Woman - the Native American Great Mother and Guardian of Sacred Law

Meet Crow Woman, can call upon her wisdom and shape shifter abilities to call forth what is divinely yours into your life. She is pure objectivity and balance, bringing the highest understanding of sacred truth into your awareness, so you can live in sync with your own true, divine nature.

Cost: $195
Deposit of $100 holds your place in class.

Commitment to the series is required, and expected. May not take individual classes.

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