Light Therapy and Shamanic Healing Clinic

Join Melody Masters, C.N. of Halcyon Health and Katherine Skaggs to receive an introductory combo session with the LED Light and Frequency Therapy and Shamanic Healing, as tools for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic healing for an introductory price of $50 for the combined 45 minute session.

Your session will include 20 minutes of LED light and frequency technology with Melody Masters, C.N.,  in addition to another 20 minutes of shamanic energy clearing with shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs. Plan on a full hour for your session.

What can you expect from your introduction?

The LED Light Therapy in clinical and home settings has been shown to relax your parasympathetic nervous system and calm the adrenals, in addition to many other potential benefits ranging from decreasing swelling, inflammation, muscle tightness, lymphatic drainage and much more.

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, "Light energy is profoundly capable of influencing the healing process and how the visual apparatus is not the only sensory organ that responds to light."

In the Shamanic Healing Session - Katherine will follow the LED Light Session with an introductory 20 minute shamanic healing session to assist you in releasing and clearing imbalances in your energy field (which are reflected as imbalances in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life).

Basic fundamental concepts of shamanism that are 1.) Everything is alive. Everything has spirit and awareness. 2.) Energy and matter are the same. Everything is vibration. Everything that exists is an energy system within a greater energy system. 3.) Everything is connected to everything else in the web of life. 4.) Unseen/inner/spiritual reality affects visible reality.

Katherine will incorporate ancient, multi-cultural shamanic healing techniques that range from prayer, drumming, song, aromatherapy, and energy extraction, to name a few. Katherine assists you with the spiritual aspect of healing imbalances of your body, mind, spirit and patterns in your life.

Katherine Skaggs has trained the past 8 years in multi-cultural shamanic traditions from the Q'ero shamans from the Andes, as well as the Shipibo shamans from the jungles of Peru, in addition to the traditions of the Huichol people of Mexico. She also brings 30 years of experience in spiritual energy healing.

Melody Masters, C.N. of Halcyon Health, LLC brings her wisdom of 30 plus years as a Certified Nutritionist, Iridologist and health practitioner.

This Clinic Event for a combined session only of the LED Light Therapy and Shamanic Healing session is by appointment only. If we fill Saturday, Feb. 7th with appointments starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm, we will open Sunday, Feb. 8th for sessions at the same introductory price.

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