Make an 18" Horse Hide Hand Drum

Make an 18" HORSE DRUM!
Saturday, December 17th, 2022
11am to 4pm

This is a special drum making class dedicated to working with the Medicine of Horse through drum making.

Make your own 18″ Horse hide hand drum and beater in sacred ceremony and ritual the way our ancestors did. Master Drum Making Katherine Skaggs will provide all materials, demonstration, and instruction to make your drum, within the setting of sacred shamanic ceremony. Within this ceremonial drum making you will have the opportunity to infuse your drum making process and the drum itself with prayers, blessings and intentions.

The drum is a beautiful instrument of the heart. It can be used for personal pleasure, shamanic healing work, drum circle gatherings, and shamanic journey work. The melodic beat moves you into trance-like, inward, meditative states for accessing wisdom, guidance, and the place of calm of the heart center.

In shamanic healing work the drum is known to bring in a powerful vibration that clears blocks in the energy bodies as well as opens the spiritual heart center. A practitioner may assist another in journeying to meet their spirit guides and totem animals for wisdom and healing, or may journey for the them. Drumming can move one out of the linear, left brain, into the frequency of peace obtained in meditation, which is also associated with the right brain.

You will leave with a finished 18" horse hide drum and drum beater. 


The Horse Spirit Animal and Totem brings the energy of power, stamina and freedom.

COST $235 for full pay
or Deposit of $150, with balance due of $90 at class

Payment due by December 5th to insure your place in class. Class limited to 10. Register early to insure your place in class.

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