May New Moon Women's Wisdom Circle

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May New Moon Women's Wisdom Circle

May 7 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Mojo Prayer Bag

Join the May New Moon Women's Wisdom Circle with shamanic practitioner and spiritual guide Katherine Skaggs
at 3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins, CO

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024


mesa or medicine bag, prayer bundleWomen's Wisdom Circle Prayer Bundle Manifesting Ceremony
with New Moon in Taurus

May 7th, New Moon in Taurus brings us together for the Women's Wisdom Circle dedicated to harnessing the power of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance so you may create the life you truly desire. What are your intentions, your hopes, your dreams, and your desires to live in greater love and harmony?

It is time to find true value in yourself and your heart's true desires rather than in the material things around you. What is the quality of life you desire to bring forth? The material world will never satisfy what your soul seeks for nourishment. As you love and accept yourself fully as you are, the outer material world will be a place you can navigate in peace.

Women's Wisdom Circle and
Prayer Bundle/Mojo Bag Manifesting Ceremony

Rebirth, New Beginnings, Grounding, Focus, Intention, Steadfastness, Support

Gather in a safe space of the heart for the support you need so you find the courage to focus on your heart's desires, and to make the changes you want to make in your life.

  • Join in sacred circle with other women to focus on your heart dreams and what is important.
  • Katherine will open a medicine circle, calling our allies, and create a safe space for our seeds to grow.
  • Get smudged with sage and palo santo smoke to clear dense energies that do not serve you.
  • Opening introductions and share of intentions, heart dreams, needs for support.
  • A shamanic journey will be offered to focused on the heart on your soul's true desires.
  • Prayer Bundle/Mojo Bag Manifesting Ceremony
    • Focus your intentions and prayers into prayer bundles
    • Red cloth and ribbon or twine will be provided to create heart prayer bundles.
    • Bring written prayers, cedar, sage, sacred tobacco, herbs, seeds, crystals minerals, coins, paper money, images of saints or holy deities to place inside your bundles.
    • Cloth for each bundle will measure approximately 10x10" or larger (Shipibo textiles are also available for sale at a discount of 10% off for all Women in the circle this evening if you would like to have one of these clothes instead of the red cotton cloth provided.)
    • Alternatively a small bag will be offered if you would rather have a premade mojo bag for your prayers.
    • Each woman will make one prayer bundle that folds into approximately 1/3 to half the size of the original cloth size.
    • The bundles hold your prayers and heart medicine to create your desires.
  • Each woman and her bundle will be anointed with heart essential oil.
  • Divination with the Mythical Goddess Tarot and Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle cards for guidance and support.
    • Each woman will pull their own cards for interpretation and guidance.
    • Then a group reading will be offered.
  • Integration and time to share wisdom and insights.
  • End with closing of the medicine wheel.

What to Bring

  • Slippers for the studio - please leave your shoes at the door
  • Eye Mask for Journeying
  • Altar Items that represent blessings for new beginnings, the courage you need, support requested
  • Written prayers and items for your Prayer Bundle Manifesting Ceremony.

Bring Items for the Altar to Be Blessed
Stones, crystals, written prayers, candles, family photos, small statues and items of meaning, flowers, etc.

If you like bring a rose to add to the altar.

An Overview of May's energies and how they can support us.

The last months we have been sliding through Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde and a rare alignment of Jupiter and Uranus... Suffice it to say we all have been in massive change, upheaval, and transformation as the Cosmos has been ensuring movement upward and inward, and hopefully forward. Though May seems like time to take a breath and to get some clarity on who we are and where we are in our lives... there is still great activity in the outer planets of Pluto and Uranus.

The Beginnings of Transformation

Starting May 2, Pluto throws it into reverse and begins its retrograde journey through Aquarius, the sign of innovation and revolution. This shift is like hitting the pause button on our external lives to turn inward, sparking a period of deep self-reflection and transformation. It’s all about the big stuff: technology, societal structures, and how we all fit into the bigger picture.

As Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius, it’s challenging us to really think about our roles in the world. Are we contributing to the change we hope to see? Are we engaging with our communities in meaningful ways? This is a time when the veil gets thinner, and hidden truths come to light. We might find ourselves facing issues that demand not just any change, but a radical overhaul.

And here’s a heads-up: during this retrograde cycle, Pluto will briefly revisit Capricorn from September through November, giving us one last shot to tie up loose ends from the past before it moves on. After that, Pluto won’t be back in Capricorn until 2272. So this period is crucial for making those big, transformative decisions that will stick with us for a long time. Let’s make it count and dive deep into what needs shifting in our lives and in our societies.

Work clearly with your intentions, your words, and your actions to align with your hopes and dreams as you ride the energies coming from the Cosmos. Embrace the unexpected and harness the innovative energy they bring.

Grounding Energy and New Beginnings

Get ready for some grounding energy on May 7! The new moon in Taurus isn’t just any new moon; it comes with an extra dose of Taurus power because we’ve got five luminaries hanging out in this steadfast sign. So, what’s on the cosmic agenda? It’s all about planting seeds—literally and figuratively. Kicking off at 9:21 AM MDT, this is the perfect moment to start new projects, especially those that bring more stability and comfort into your life.

Taurus is all about the senses, urging us to really soak in and appreciate our surroundings. Love nature? It’s the perfect time to pot some plants or take a leisurely walk in the park. Thinking about redecorating or whipping up some comfort food? Go for it! This energy is your ally in seeking out what feels good and solid. Let’s use this new moon to ground ourselves, set intentions that enhance our physical spaces, and find harmony in the tangible aspects of our lives.

- Thanks for your insights and guidance astrologically!

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I look forward to seeing you here!

Blessings, Katherine



Shamanic Practitioner, and the Author and Artist of the Award Winning ARTIST SHAMAN HEALER SAGE – Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

Katherine has more than 35 years experience as a spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor for the spiritual wellness and transformation of others. Katherine works with the powerful path of shamanism, its timeless practices, rituals, and ceremonies to offer healing and illumination individually and collectively. May it bless you and your life beyond imagination. Step into ceremony with Katherine to return to the sacred within yourself and all of your life.



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May 7
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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Katherine's Studio
3148 Birmingham Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526 United States
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Katherine Skaggs
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